Market Positioning: The 6 Elements To Becoming “THE” Go-To Expert in Your Niche

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?
There’s one key activity that has a big impact on your…
  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing
  • And overall success in business…

Your Market Positioning!


The reason for this is simple…

You Have A Blink Of An Eye To Make A Positive Impression.

And in today’s world, more so than ever…

Perception Is Reality!

Your audience is busy. They have too many people vying for their attention.

If you want it you have to prove yourself worthy, and there’s no better way than positioning yourself as “THE” go-to expert they need.

This allows you to be much more magnetic and build the trust that you need, and it is why your market positioning is an essential element of The 2X Business Formula. And until you fix yours you will:

  • Remain stuck working “inside” your business (not “ON” it) …
  • Hustle and grind for every lead, referral and sale …
  • Waste far too much time and money on marketing …
  • Find it difficult to scale from 6 to 7 figures
Whereas once you dial-in your market positioning you enjoy:
  • Higher conversions!
  • More respect!
  • More media!
  • More referrals!
  • Overall… get more from less!

Entrepreneurs who position themselves as “the” go-to expert don’t have to work as hard for their success. So if you find yourself “hustling” for each lead and sale, chances are it’s down to your market positioning.

The Good News Is… This Is A Lot Easier To Fix Than You May Think!

There are 6 Key Elements to upgrading your market positioning, and we work with ALL our clients at 2X (without exception) to fix theirs before we even think about their sales or marketing!

If you focus on this before your market positioning, you’re straight up wasting money!

You end up competing in a small pond full of other fish, whereas strong market positioning creates a BIG Blue Ocean where you’re the only predator around.

I first saw how powerful this is when working on my first business: a personal finance blog and podcast.

In nine months, this side-hustle made just $2,200, so I created and launched a course that I thought would be my gamechanger.

  • I expected 25 sales, MINIMUM!
  • I got just THREE sales!!

Not to be defeated, I decided to write and release a book on personal finance (a final hail mary)…

Well let me tell you… This changed EVERYTHING!

It altered my entire positioning, so I decided to launch a new program (very similar to the previous one), only this time I generated six-figures in sales in JUST 30 days.

All Because I Changed My Market Positioning, And Become A “Go-To” Expert For That Particular Niche!

This opened my eyes to how important positioning is. It immediately became a focal point of my next business (Epic Launch, where we helped business leaders launch bestselling books), and continues to be one of the most important things we work on with ALL our clients at 2X

1. Get Your Messaging On-Point!

Before you can position yourself as the only solution your audience needs, you must first create a clear message that communicates with them…
  • That captures their attention …
  • That explains who you are …
  • That shows them how you can help …
  • That ensures you stand out from the crowd …

Remember, you have a blink of an eye to make an impression. Even if you do capture their attention, you have only a few seconds to leave an impact.

It’s important you have a clear, concise and transformational message for your audience.

This message will go on to define your market positioning. It’s where it all begins, so make it count!

At 2X, our clear, impactful message is:


In an instant your audience needs to know:

  • Who you are…
  • What you do…
  • How you can help…

If you get clear on this, the results are HUGE.

One of our recent clients, Willem, experienced this when, after 15+ years of trying to compete against his competitors on price, he completely changed his messaging so it focussed on Superior Service and High-End Results.

Practically overnight, he changed the market positioning of his professional cleaning service, all because he changed his message (who it was for and how it would help them).

He offered the same service and high quality as before, but because his messaging no longer focussed on price, he was able to become “THE” solution to a completely different type of customer.

That is the power of clear, impactful messaging 😉

So… how do you create yours?

Here’s a simple framework we use when guiding our clients through our 2X Formula:


Use this framework for your own business. Go for a walk, step out your bubble and think about who you help, what you help them with and the massive impact this will have on them.

This is how to get your messaging on-point, so you can then create a killer tagline!

2. Create A Killer TAGLINE.

Time is everything when it comes to attention. You have seconds — at best — to “hook” your audience, which is why you need to simplify your messaging into a simple ‘Tagline’.

  • What is your ONE thing?
  • How can you refine your messaging into a single sentence?
  • How can you “hook” your audience with what you do, who you are and how you can help?

Simplifying your entire messaging into a single tagline plays a massive role in your market positioning, as this is what you will use on your website, in PR, through your branding and marketing, and to simply get your message across at events or in meetings.

At 2X, our tagline is simple:


That’s our BIG promise. That is our ONE thing. This is who we are and this is how we help people.

Does it tell the entire story? No.

It doesn’t have to. It’s designed to “hook” your audience so they want to learn more.


I learned the power of a strong tagline by working with bestselling authors at Epic Launch.

These book titles condense the message of the book into a single sentence that serves a single purpose: to hook the audience.

The same applies to your business and market positioning.

We work with every one of our clients on this (without exception). No amount of marketing or sales matters unless you get your messaging down, and once you do… the results are HUGE!

Take Brett and Victor, who went from under $10k per month before they enrolled in our 2X Program to more than $30,000 per month (in just 90 days of working with us).

A big reason for this was because we got their market positioning on-point!

Before they targeted too broad of an audience. They didn’t stand out, and they didn’t speak to “someone”.

Once we niched down and targeted realtors who needed help generating leads through Facebook Ads, we came up with this Tagline:

This changed their entire market positioning, as they now had a clear message that spoke to a specific type of person — helping them become the go-to expert in their niche.

3. Add CREDIBILITY To Your Market Positioning.

As important as your messaging is, if you want to become “THE” go-to expert, you need to prove to your audience that you’re the real deal.

This is where CREDIBILITY comes in …

  • You need to develop authority and expertise…
  • You need to become a master of your craft…
  • You need to evolve into the BEST there is…

Without genuine credibility, you’ll never get your market positioning on-point. It doesn’t matter how good your messaging is… your audience needs to believe you are the real deal.

When we worked with authors at Epic Launch, we knew building credibility would make or break a book.

Becoming a #1 Bestselling Author builds overnight credibility.

Readers suddenly TRUST your messaging. They see your BIG promise and trust you’ll deliver.

  • Because you’re a #1 bestseller…
  • Because you have credible reviews from other bestselling authors…
  • Because you have a professional cover and copy…

The same applies with your business, which is why we work with all our clients at 2X to add credibility to their market positioning.


The great thing about this is, you have likely built a lot of credibility already — you just aren’t sharing it or positioning it properly.

When working with clients, we have them brainstorm at least 5 ways they have already built credibility.

  • What awards have you previously won?
  • Who are your biggest clients (even if it’s with a previous business)?
  • What are the greatest results you have achieved for your clients?
  • How much industry experience do you have?
  • Are you part of any industry groups or organisations?

We have yet to go through this exercise with a client at 2X where they haven’t come up with at least 5 genuine credentials that help them prove their market positioning (even those just starting out).

Once you create your own list all you have to do is consider:

  • How can I share this effectively so we can enhance our market positioning?
  • How can we add more pieces to this, so it has even greater impact?
This leads you to Social Proof, and backing up your credentials so you can hit a home run…

4. Back This Up With SOCIAL PROOF!

If you want to dial-in your market positioning you need to back your messaging and credibility up with Social Proof!
  • Reviews / Comments
  • Media features
  • Followers
  • Testimonials
  • Influencer endorsements
  • Case studies / results

So long as you are the person saying it, you will only build so much trust. Your audience are sceptical because they see so many messages and promises each day. They NEED to see other people getting the results you promise and hear it direct from their mouth.


These are just some of the ways we have added social proof to the 2X Website.

Some of it’s quick and easy to digest (‘featured in’ logos, or a short quote/testimonial), but you need to mix this up with detailed social proof that proves to your audience you are “THE” expert they need.

A great way to achieve this is through Detailed, Results-Driven Case Studies like these:

Results-driven case studies like these places your Social Proof into hyperdrive!

For your market positioning, you need a mix of the short, clear impactful social proof (like logos, features and follower numbers) with more detailed, result-driven case studies, reports and videos.

Once you get this mix down, the impact it has on your credibility is huge.

5. Share YOUR STORY With Your Audience.

This piece is so important — but far too often overlooked by business owners — because YOUR STORY is what sets you apart from your competitors.

(and is the single thing they cannot replicate)

They can copy your messaging, and they can build their own credibility and social proof… but your story is yours alone, and the most successful businesses are those who leverage theirs.

  • Be unique…
  • Be transparent…
  • Be honest …

Welcome (and involve) your audience into your story and your brand’s story. Be vulnerable and open up to them

But it’s the best way to build trust and rapport, and helps take your market positioning to the next level.

So ask yourself…

  • What’s my story?
  • Can people relate to it?
  • Can MY avatar relate to it?
  • Does it pull them in?
  • How can I open up to them…?

This is an ongoing process, and through social media and marketing you can share (and involve your audience in) your story indefinitely.

But you can take huge steps in sharing it today by completing this:


This is where your story begins, allowing you to clearly share it with your audience so you can build the trust and rapport your competitors overlook.

It blows my mind how few business owners even think about their story, let alone leverage it to take their market positioning to the next level!

6. Position Yourself On The Right PLATFORMS.

The final piece of this puzzle brings these other five elements together onto the “RIGHT” platforms.

Skip this final piece and it WILL hurt your market positioning!


Where you show up, how you show up and what you look like… it matters.

So to ensure you dial-in your market positioning and become “THE” go-to expert in your niche, be sure to show up on the right platforms (and look good while doing it).

  • Website …
  • Social media …
  • Marketing materials …
  • Office space …

It all needs to align, share the same clear message and have professional branding.

You need to think about where your audience is and then SHOW UP their consistently.

For some businesses that’s Facebook… or Instagram… or local events… or trade shows… or Linkedin… or industry publications… or [Fill in Blank] …

You need to hone in on what the “right” platforms are for you and then ensure you bring your A-Game.

These Are The 6 Elements That Come Together To Take Your Market Positioning To The Next Level.

At 2X we see far too many entrepreneurs focus all their time and money (wasting A LOT of both) on marketing and sales, and latest trends and tactics that everyone raves about.

It isn’t that your marketing or sales isn’t important. It is. It’s REALLY important.

But until you dial-in your market positioning and lay the right foundations, you face an uphill battle to build momentum and scale from 6 to 7 figures.

It’s like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it… no matter how much water you put in, it will continue to leak out until you patch it up.

This is what Market Positioning is all about…

It helps you build momentum today so you can scale MASSIVELY tomorrow!

So if you want to step off the hamster wheel, escape hustle-mode and quit getting caught “inside” your business so you can finally work “ON” it and:

  • Build a world class team that does the work for you …
  • Create systems and processes that allows for long-term scalability and growth …
  • Optimize your business model so you can generate further income streams …
  • AND finally Scale From 6 to 7 Figures

… it’s time to take your market positioning seriously and focus on these 6 elements.

We’ve helped dozens of clients do this, and the results are big…

Take one of our recent clients, Mitra!

When she first came to us, her credibility was strong, and her messaging was good…

But we still highlighted lots of areas to improve!

So we doubled down and focussed on turning her into the go-to expert in her niche, and she went from zero sales in the previous four months to $100,000 in sales in just 10 days (followed by another $100k month in month two of the 2X Program).

A huge reason for this is because we helped her become the #1 expert in her niche, which rocketed her market positioning to new heights.

And this is our mission at 2X… to double the amount of small businesses that scale past $1 million in annual revenue

At the moment, only 4% of businesses ever scale from 6 to 7 figures.

Market positioning (or a lack of) plays a large role in this, but it IS NOT the only bottleneck.

We created a guide all about this, showing you how to scale from 6 to 7 figures the “right” way.

To grab a free copy, click here so you can be part of that elusive 4% that scales from 6 to 7 figures. 🙂

The Playbook To 7+ Figures

This has been called “the business Bible for 6-figure entrepreneurs”… now you can get it with exclusive bonuses for a crazy low price!

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