3 Tips For A Stress-Free Record-Setting Online Course Launch

Client Feature: Abbey Ashley
Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

Do you launch online courses or programs?

If so, you can likely resonate with the feelings…

  1. Starting with bliss and excitement of making it rain sales…
  2. Followed by the stress from the growing to-do list of all of the details…
  3. And the big fear of a failed launch or nobody buying…
  4. Followed by the STRESS of the urgency as it’s getting closer and you still have so much to do…
  5. And the crazy hours and grit and muscle it takes to get through the online course launch. By midway through the launch, you just “want it to be over.”

Can you relate?

I’ve been there.
(Many times, in fact.)

Until I learned it didn’t have to be that way.

We could have a big, record-setting online course launch… but without the stress, reactivity, and crazy hours.

And that’s what 7-figure entrepreneur Abbey Ashley recently discovered, as well.

Her business, The Virtual Savvy, is built off of a “launch” model where they open their signature program twice per year.

In the past, “these 2 week launches were incredibly stressful — to say the least.”

She shared, “During one of my first launches, I actually had to visit the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack (it was actually a stress-induced panic attack).”

Instead of this blissful money-making, brand establishing big launch… she ended up in the hospital!

That was before.

But now?

Now she’s:

  • Making way more revenue
  • And doing a small fraction of what she used to

“The difference is night and day. I have a team that is taking extreme ownership and completing tasks for me. I literally just have to show up a few times as the “face of the company” and the rest of the launch runs WITHOUT me.”



So how did she do it?

How did she turn her business into a now multi-million machine where she is:

  • Free from the weeds
  • Leveraging a great team running the show
  • Driving much more consistency, revenue, and profits…
  • And growing faster and faster to even higher heights!

Short answer: In the 2X Accelerator Program and our elite Machine programs — where we help ambitious entrepreneurs with our 1-on-1 coaching+implementation programs get free from the weeds, turn their business into a machine, and scale faster than ever.

If you’re a 6 or 7-figure online business owner, then stop waiting and apply right now to see if you qualify for 2X. It’s the path to a 7-figure fast-growing machine that doesn’t need you.

Abbey has followed the methodology and step-by-step guidance, and it’s making all of the difference.

I asked her for her top tips looking back on how she made this leap, from ‘hustle’ to MACHINE and more growth than ever…

Here’s what she said:


1. Follow 2X’s PPO Marketing System

“What happens in between launches is incredibly important. We had pretty well mastered Organic traffic – but 2x challenged us to not neglect the other two forms of quality traffic (paid and partners). We started Facebook ads and developed a system for obtaining affiliate partners. We have an evergreen funnel that runs in between our launches that gives us sales but also grows our list.”

PPO: Paid, Partner & Organic — that’s where we recommend our 7-figure clients get to so that you have strong, consistent leads and sales without a big risk of being dependent on ONE channel…

  • Plus, the channels compound on each other when it’s done right driving
  • Higher profit margins
  • And exponential growth…
  • Often times with some good low-hanging fruit easy wins

Start with one channel but over time, build a 7-figure machine with our PPO method.

Also, as she mentioned, what happens in between launches is where the results of the online course launch are made. Building lead gen and momentum at the right time is a big key that we recommend for our launch-based 2X clients.

2. Systems Are The Secret To An Online Course Launch

“Systems. Systems. Systems. The only way this launch could happen without me being in the weeds of it was for us to develop a system that could run without us. This meant having a solid task management system, SOPs, video trainings, and feedback loops so our team could run the launch without the help from executive leadership.”

Systems are the key to set you free.

They’re the key to repeatability, effective delegation, improved team performance, more repeatability, better margins, etc…

They are VITAL.

They’re our superpower at 2X, and should be yours too, just like Abbey and her team have leveraged them to build a sustainable, and much more scalable, fast-growing machine.

3. Invest In Growth

“Hire for the business you’re going to have. I’m not saying don’t be profitable (our business runs at about 40% profit margins). However, sometimes it’s worth it to lower your profit for a few months to bring on the RIGHT team members – especially if those team members are related to growth.

With the help of 2X, we developed a hiring system that has helped us to bring in people that are skilled AND have a cultural fit like no other. I truly believe that the ability to hire well has been one of the keys to our rapid growth.”

If you combine the right strategy… with systems… and a great team of people, it’s insane what is possible for you.

The right team is not only business-altering, it’s truly life-changing.

I checked in on Abbey a few times throughout her recent online course launch. A couple of her responses during the middle of her biggest launch ever were:

  • “I don’t have anything to do so I’m going to hang out with my husband.”
  • A few days later: “My team is doing everything, so I think I’m going to watch Disney movies with my kids and wait to see if they need me.”

It’s night and day difference…

And it’s possible for you, as well.

Take it piece by piece, starting with the right business model and strategy… turning your business into a machine with strategic systems, piece by piece… and then invest more into growth and a solid team to run the show and you too can see results like Abbey.

More time freedom. More consistency. More growth… And a much bigger impact!

That’s what we help you do at 2X.

Take the first step and get started by applying here for our one-on-one 2X Accelerator coaching+implementation program

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