How To Build A 7 Figure Machine
(And Scale By $2M+)

Client Feature: Patrick Quinn
Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

If your biggest revenue source was 100% gone…

Would you be able to build a 7-figure business and scale it by $2 Million in revenue in just 12 months?

That is what happened to Patrick Quinn after he joined the 2X Accelerator and Machine 1-on-1 coaching programs.

Here’s how it happened…

Before 2X

  • Annual Revenue: $3 Million
  • “Growth is so dependent on me.”
  • “I feel like I’m pulled in every direction.”

12 Months With 2X

  • Annual Revenue: $5 Million
  • “I can go on a 2-week vacation and not have to work.”
  • “I’m much more fun to be around as a dad and husband.”
  • “We are now growing fast with less reliance on me. The future is exciting!”

Next stop: $10 Million in revenue!

Patrick Quinn's 7 Figure Machine Chart

Patrick’s Top 4 Tips For 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

#1: Believe & Achieve

“My first tip would be to always be on the lookout for limiting beliefs. Make sure you identify them and eliminate them.

One of the most important parts of 2X for me has been helping me realize I can implement systems I didn’t think I could, hire people I think I could hire, and grow a type of sales team I didn’t think I could.”

In our 1-on-1 coaching program, no matter if you’re at $300k in revenue or $3 Million, we always start with one thing: an elite foundation.

Part of that foundation is the proper Mindset of an elite CEO. This is the starting spot of everything and the first chapter of my book From 6 To 7-Figures for a reason.

The 2X Formula Diagram - Part of the 9 keys to scaling your service business.

Your business will never far exceed your mindset and leadership as CEO.

So, start with your vision, get a killer strategy to get there, and identify the big limiting beliefs holding you back from making that vision a reality in a hurry. 

Do so, and you’ll unlock a whole new world.

#2: Build A Systemized Machine

“Apart from growing my mind and realizing more is always possible, one of the major shifts I have made as a CEO is becoming obsessed with systems.

I now know how to permanently fix problems with a solid system. I know how to create exponential growth with systems. And I know how to eliminate non-CEO work for myself by implementing systems.”

Systems are the solution. They are your secret weapon as CEO… IF you implement them correctly.

Most entrepreneurs never get here, and as a result:
Stay stuck on the hamster-wheel spinning their wheels…
And never growing with much consistency

Systems will set you free: to live, to GROW, and to profit more than ever.

Be sure to watch our deep-dive Systems Masterclass to show how Patrick and other 6 and 7-figure business entrepreneurs around the globe are systemizing their business to scale better/faster/easier.

#3: Build Your Dream Team

“The next most impactful changes in my business since starting 2X has been building and optimizing my team. The key hire has been a Chief Systems Officer who I can delegate the responsibilities of implementing and maintaining systems.

All I have to do is make sure we have the right systems in place and I no longer have to babysit the systems myself.”

Do you have the right team around you? Are they performing at a high level, or are you doing their job for them?

Getting the right team optimized and in place is life-changing, and one of our favorite sources of smart leverage here at 2X.

#4: Learn Your Numbers In & Out

“Creating a dashboard has been huge for my business as well. I am now able to track the efficiency of sales and other departments. It is really powerful to be able to easily review, analyze, and compare the performance of individuals and departments at any time.”

True CEOs lead and manage by the numbers. These are the facts. They take out the guesswork and show you what’s working, what’s not, and where to focus your efforts.

By being free from the weeds, having the systems, numbers, and people in place, you have a consistent, predictable, fast-growing machine.

And that’s what we do at 2X: help you implement the proper systems and strategies to turn your business into a 7-figure machine just like Patrick has.

Previously muscling things and relying on his pure grit to drive growth… Now he’s on the fast-track to $10 Million.

Are you ready to scale to the next level, as well?

Start here with a 1-on-1 review session to see how we can help and if you qualify for the elite 2X Accelerator.

Start scaling better/faster/easier today. We can help.

Work With Us 1-To-1 To Turn Your Business Into A 7-Figure Machine That Thrives Without You

We all need a helping hand in this lonely world of business. Gee, even Zuckerberg leaned on Steve Jobs for guidance.

And if you’re like most business owners, you’re either stuck and don’t know what to do next… or you’re just working on the wrong things.

Either way, we can show you how to claim back ownership of your business, by working on the things that will actually move the needle for you.

So if you’re looking for guidance to get on track and achieve everything you want from your business, we’ve got your back.

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