What we do is help you see the path of how a highly successful, streamlined business should look... and then help you take the simplest, and most direct path to creating the business that will drive your goals - personally and professionally.

I Wanted Growth AND Freedom. Impact AND Wealth…

I wanted it all. That was the allure of entrepreneurship…

But yet I found myself:

Working 80+ hours / week
Stressed out, frustrated, and exhausted…
And NOT growing or making much of any profits!

I was so burnt out and stressed that I started having anxiety attacks.

I couldn’t breathe or sleep…

And eventually, during an anxiety attack, I had to call 911 🚑 to make sure I was going to live.

I started in business to have it all.

Instead, here I was: overwhelmed and stuck.

After having to call 911 for the 2nd time, it hit me that I had to change.

I saw others around me succeeding and growing. They made it look easy.

So I figured:

There Has To Be A Better, Simpler Way To Run And Grow A Successful Business.

So… I went on a journey to find the answer.

After years of work, thousands of customers, and countless failures and successes later…

We’ve now got it down to a science to help ambitious entrepreneurs scale the RIGHT way.

We help entrepreneurs achieve growth AND time freedom. The impact AND the wealth and big income.

Our private 2X clients have grown by over $255 million while in our 1-on-1 coaching programs (in just three years!)… and we’ve had countless hours saved and lives changed.

It’s the coaching and support I was looking for for years, but couldn’t find. So we designed it.

I wish I could tell you our secret to success is one funnel, or one shift…

But it’s not.

It’s a process.

It’s about taking a very strategic approach to scale… working on the right things in the right order to maximize your results… so that you CAN have “it all.”

The time freedom
The big income
The impact
The growth
And LIFE you dream of!

This is what’s possible IF you do it right.

Now, we have an elite team spread across the globe to help you make this happen.

All of our coaching is hands-on, 1-on-1 to help you get free from the weeds of your business, and turn your company into a consistent, fast-growing machine.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we can help you in a big way.

And we look forward to the opportunity!

To your success,


Austin Netzley
Founder & CEO of 2X

- From -


Group / One-Size-Fits All
Focus On Tactics & Short-Term
Give You Lots of Ideas & Stuff To Do
Big Promises With Hard Sales Pitch

- To -


Hands-On 1-On-1, Custom Coaching Experience
Proven Systems & Strategies To Implement
Get You Free From Working “In” Your Business
Helping You Drive Consistent, Lasting Growth & Success


Whith Dedicated Professionals Who Are On A Mission To Forever Change The Way Business Is Done!

Austin Netzley
Founder & CEO

Austin Netzley is an author, investor, and business growth advisor.

He is the Founder and CEO of 2X, helping 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs turn their business into a consistent, fast-growing machine that thrives without them.

In less than three years, Austin and 2X have helped private clients generate over $255 Million in revenue by implementing the proven Machine Methodology, 2X’s complete system on how to run and grow a business.

Austin and the 2X team have helped countless entrepreneurs make the leap past 7-figures. He has now outlined the key steps and strategies in his book ‘From 6 to 7 Figures’ that authority Dan Martell calls “The playbook entrepreneurs NEED.”

Austin is a bestselling author and former collegiate athlete who has been featured on many of the world’s largest business websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Yahoo!, BusinessInsider, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, and more.

Patrick Bennett
Director of Sales and Partnerships

Pat has founded and scaled multiple businesses to 7-figures and firmly believes in owning a business and not a job.

Pat is a jack-of-all-trades with his experience ranging from software development & tech, to sales & marketing and business management.

He is passionate about helping other business owners achieve both financial and time freedom.

Outside of work, Pat is about to start travelling the world with his wife and 4 young kids and spend as much time on the water as possible.

Tom Sylvester
Director of Programs and Client Success

Tom set a goal to “retire” by 35. He later found out that he actually didn’t want to stop working, but instead desired to create financial freedom that would allow him to design an ideal lifestyle for his family.

After building 3 businesses to make that goal a reality, he shifted his focus to supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to scale their businesses to create time and financial freedom themselves. He does this through a focus on leadership, strategy, and systems.

When not working with business owners, Tom enjoys golfing and playing video games in his custom home theater.

Sugar Madrid-Pulgar

Sugar is the go-to jack of all trades on the 2X team. Between spending time with her kids and husband and navigating time differences from her home in Manila, Philippines, she effectively manages her day-to-day at an elite level. From social media to preparing materials for 2X clients, she completely owns the 2X Core Values as Austin’s right hand.

When she is not making sure things are humming, she heads out with her family to the mall or movies or to any number of her kids activities before unwinding with her husband.

Matthew Cooke
Matthew Cooke
Growth Advisor

Matthew T Cooke is an executive coach, speaker and facilitator. He trained at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and received a BS in Health Promotion and Wellness, Emphasis: Life Coaching. 

He combines his 10+ years of professional experience in neuroscience, marketing, sales, and coaching to help leaders master their personal performance. 

He has had the privilege of working with Snapchat, Signature Health, Iterable, Surgical Care Affiliates, and Maestro QA and has consulted with leaders from Apple, SpaceX, Google, Disney, Pixar, and teams from multiple industries, including marketing, media, and tech.

Joe Sulima
Joe Sulima
Growth Advisor
Joe Sulima is a Former Fortune 500 Corporate Executive. He started his career as an Account Executive and worked his way through the ranks to Vice President of Sales. After decades in the corporate world, Joe started his entrepreneurial journey helping business owners build and scale high-performing sales teams. When Joe isn’t helping drive sales growth at 2X, he can be found exploring the East Coast beaches.
Zerina Ibrijic
Marketing Admistrator

Zerina is the Marketing Administrator at 2X, brought on to help optimize and manage the marketing department. Her goal is to be the “glue of the team” and assist in driving results primarily through her organizational skills. She is a creative and curious person with a dynamic background, and is also interested and experienced in paid ads, copywriting, and video editing.

Zerina lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but has lived in the USA, Azerbaijan, and Czechia as well. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her husband and three (perpetually hilarious) adopted cats.

Olsi Xhaferaj
Olsi Xhaferaj
Marketing Operations Specialist Officer

Olsi considers himself a self-made growth marketer. He has acquired most of his experience through work, learning, and constant experimentation. At 2X, he has joined the role of Marketing Operations specialist. His goal is to help the company by contributing his skills and experience while keeping updated with the new trends.

When he’s not working, Olsi might be spending time with his dog and cat, swimming, digging deep into new crush courses, or playing chess.

Brian Bender
Karl Drage
2X Coach

Karl has taken three businesses to seven and eight figures and raised over $50m of venture finance for scale-up businesses. A highlight of 2018 was breakfast with Michael Bloomberg talking scale-ups and growth leadership. His first start-up was highlighted by Bill Gates in a keynote speech as an exemplar in the digital IoT sector. With a strong operations background, he has hands-on experience in tech, engineering, sales, construction, and manufacturing across Europe, the UK, and US.

Outside of business ventures, Karl enjoys time with his family, and pursuing adventure sports, having ran over 30 marathons and ultras. Karl is passionate about helping others fulfill their talents.

Dr. Kristin Kahle
2X Coach

Dr. Kristin Kahle (a/k/a “Dr. K”) is the CEO and Founder of NavigateHCR (NHCR), a full-service ACA and compliance technology company. Her team of HR and compliance specialists assists brokers and employers with the most complex requirements of healthcare law.

Dr. K has significant experience and knowledge of all things compliance and reporting, as she was a benefits broker for over twenty years, previously owned a third-party administrator, and was the first Doctoral candidate to write on ACA/Employer Compliance Complexities. In 2014 and 2015, she was awarded the “Most Influential Woman in Benefits” by Employee Benefit Advisor.

Brian Archibald
Brian Archibald
2X Coach

Brian has spent the last 20 years of his career in a variety of industries including Consumer Products, Financial Services, Hospitality, Services, and Marketing, and has worked with companies across the life-cycle spectrum: from startups to growth to multi-national.

He held the position of CEO, CFO, and COO during his career. He has worked with privately held companies, been involved with multiple private equities and strategic transactions and recapitalizations. He holds two master’s degrees in Economics and taught Finance, Statistics and Accounting at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

Tyler Lafleur
Tyler Lafleur
2X Coach

Tyler LaFleur is a performance coach, a functional medicine practitioner and is the CXO of HP3. Through his company, he offers Executive leadership and performance coaching, organizational rhythm and communication guidance, and overall lifestyle, wellness, and concierge health oversight for his clients.

His purpose is to help to transform individuals and organizations through facilitating the learning of the discipline and self-mastery required to deserve their goals and achieve outstanding levels of health and performance. Tyler earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at UL – Lafayette, is Certified as an Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, and has a Masters in Leadership Arts and Science from The Thayer Institute.

He has been in the CEO and executive coaching industry for 7 years and continues to learn while pushing his own and his clients’ boundaries, daily.

Brian Bender
Brian Bender
2X Coach

Brian shattered his spine in 2004 in a snowboarding accident. The recovery process led to an obsession with strength training and human performance.
He opened a gym several years later and was given the privilege to coach some of the best athletes in the world.

Systematizing and Scaling his gym enabled him to have the freedom to spend more time with his family and now he’s passionate about coaching others to do the same.

He is the founder of Elevated Kinetics: an online Coaching program to manage all things fitness, nutrition, biology and human performance just for entrepreneurs.

Brian lives in Arvada, CO with his wife Katie, and their twin toddlers. When not working with entrepreneurs to improve their health and their business, Brian loves fly fishing, hockey, anything in the Colorado outdoors and spending time with his family.

He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado and maintains a list of certifications in the Coaching, strength and human performance field.

Jacqui Long
Jacqui Long
2X Coach

Jacqui is a business and high performance coach. While launching her first company, she realized the importance of strategic health and wellness as a critical part of success, and has been dedicated to optimizing human potential ever since and helping others do the same.

She also created freedom through scaling her business, recognizing the power of systems and customer experience, and now works with entrepreneurs to help optimize their operations so they can build a business they enjoy and create more impact and freedom in their lives.

Jacqui lives in Denver, CO and can mostly be found outside, snowboarding, hiking and experiencing all the great things the city has to offer with her friends and family.

Benson Garner
Benson Garner
2X Coach

Benson has a knack for collaboratively designing business strategies that create incredible value for customers and incredible returns for business owners.

Benson cut his teeth in business founding and working with high growth potential startups. Since then, it’s been his honor to work with and grow some really cool startups, SMBs and a slew of Fortune 500s. He also counts himself blessed to have been directly mentored and coached by several of the top ranked business and strategy thinkers in the entire world. Their collective work and projects can be tied to over $1B dollars of new business.

Benson lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, Sarah, and four kids. His ultimate accomplishment is being able to successfully pursue and often combine his love for faith and family with his passion and excitement for business, music, the outdoors, and extreme sports.

Jessica Garceles
Jessica Garceles
Marketing Admin Assistant

Jessica is a part of 2X Virtual Assistant team. Her responsibilities are numbers tracking, client support, research, data support, and administrative duties. Her goal is to be able to help the company by contributing her skills while learning new abilities and strategies. Her passion is learning and she is always eager to achieve more.

Jessica spends her free time at the Church and she is actively participating in church activities. Music is her main interest. She loves to sing, play the guitar, and organ. She also loves watching historical or true-to-life movies.

Eldynne Evangelista
Eldynne Evangelista

Eldynne has been an accountant for 9 years. She has handled different processes from the typical accounting, bookkeeping, and even process migration and automation. She headed teams from different parts of the world such as the US, Germany and India. Having extensive experience with accounting, she makes sure that all reports and company books are accurate and updated. She has the ability to make anything she puts my heart and mind into.
A wife, a mom and an advocate of continuous improvement. She believes that an ongoing effort to tweak the way we do things can go a long way.

When not working, She loves spending time with her family, going out and doing outdoor activities. She is also fond of doing charity work.


Rex Valencia
Web Designer

Rex is a web designer who takes a wide view of the whole website. He is in charge of the creative technical design of the web pages, ensuring that pages are functioning effectively for good user experience and its stability across devices.

He is positive, motivated, and has the drive to keep his clients equipped with the most achieving results to the exceptional service to help his clients achieve exceptional results with the service he provides.

Jessica Garceles
Charine Fajardo
Client Success Assistant

Charine is a part of the virtual assistant’s team. Her responsibilities are client support, research, data support, and administrative support as well. She aspires to live a level 10 life someday. She wants to be able to help the company grow by contributing to achieve the business goals set and doing the tasks and responsibilities assigned to her properly and efficiently.

Her inspiration and motivation in life is her family, During her free time, she loves spending quality time with her kids and husband.

John Robery
John Robery

John is a Direct Response Copywriter who is dedicated to continually improving his craft. His goal is to drive the growth of 2X by writing world-class copy that motivates, inspires, and educates our audience.

When he isn’t working, John enjoys personal development, health and fitness, soccer, and dreaming of his next escape from the British weather.

Tista Wicklow
Tista Wicklow
Executive Assistant

Tista owns her role as executive assistant to CEO Austin Netzley through her high-level organization skills, creativity, and positive go-getter attitude. Kind-hearted, conscientious and hardworking, she strives for excellence in all aspects of her work to support the 2X team and drive results. 

From communications management to marketing support and more, Tista brings her best every day with a passion for helping others achieve their highest level of success.

Tista resides in Los Angeles, CA and when she’s not outdoors horseback riding, hiking or camping with her family, she can be found with her nose buried in a book. She holds a degree in English Language and Literature summa cum laude from the University of Washington, and is a passionate lifelong learner and advocate of self development.

Igor Hršak
Igor Hršak
Paid Ads Lead

Igor joined 2X as a Lead generation expert. He says he owes his marketing experience to extensive self-learning and working for reputable agencies. His goal is to help new prospects discover 2X by contributing his skills and expertise to the company’s marketing efforts.
Igor has been working in the digital marketing space since high school, managing content and running ads for local businesses in exchange for discounts on their services.

According to him, to be successful at his job, you need to be analytical and creative and not be afraid to test anything and everything.

Igor lives in Belgrade, Serbia, but you may run into him anywhere in the world as he takes every opportunity to travel. When he’s not working, he likes to go to the gym, watch sports with friends, or have fun with his German shepherd.