It Takes 12 Months To Triple Your Revenue And Break From The Day-To-Day

Client Feature: Jordan Gill
Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

Do you feel like your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential? If you’re making the right choices, your company can triple your revenue. However, scaling a business to seven figures can feel impossible, especially if you’ve never done it before.

You soon discover that the tools that got you to 6-figures won’t get you to 7-figures. At least not in a way that’s sustainable.

So you have two options.

Option #1: Figure out everything for yourself through trial and error.

Option #2: Seek the help of someone who can guide you to the simplest and most direct path

Most entrepreneurs stick with Option #1, which is why only 4% ever join the 7-figure club.

2X client Jordan Gill is an example of someone who battled away trying to find the answers alone.

She instinctively knew that she would have to remove herself from fulfillment and step up to become a strategic, forward-thinking CEO.

All the ingredients were there. She has great skills, and the potential for the business is huge.

But every time she tried to break free by growing her team, something would go wrong and pull her back into the weeds.

As Jordan explained,

“I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. When am I gonna finally get out of this? When am I gonna be able to truly be the CEO and be more in the strategy and less than the execution?”

After one frustration too many, it was recommended to Jordan that she speak to 2X. And following a few modifications, her business exploded!

After working with 2X, Jordan TRIPLED her business from $400k to $1.2M (and killing it!).

She also removed herself from the day-to-day delivery,

“I am more in the sales generating activities which feels really great. I am out of the details which feels amazing.”

And whilst business success stories are always amazing to hear, there’s one part of this story that makes it all worth it to us…

Jordan bought her family’s dream house!

“I really wanted to be able to buy our dream house. And at the time I have no idea if that’s actually going to be possible. But at the very end in December of 2021 I was able to purchase a dream house on my own. That was so rewarding. Being able to contribute to my family that much was just such an honor.”

So to recap:

In just 12 months, after working with 2X, Jordan Gill has managed to:

  • Grow her revenue from $400k to $1.2M
  • Remove herself from the day-to-day running of the business
  • Provide for her family by purchasing their dream home

So the question is… How did she do it?

Here are three big takeaways from her experience with 2X:

Lesson #1: Build A World-Class Team To Get Free From The Day-To-Day

You need to let go if you want to grow your business. So that means building a team and relying on them to handle things day-to-day..

But building a team isn’t just a case of hiring talented people and letting them get on with things.

You need to have a repeatable systems in place to:

  • Integrate your hire into the business quickly
  • Give them the power to thrive in their role
  • Keep momentum if you need to replace them

This is especially important when you’re getting ready to scale your business. Because you’re going to hire people regularly. So this process needs to be effective or it’ll cost you too much time.

Here’s what Jordan had to say:

“We worked on creating a structured onboarding for coaches, because I was going to be hiring for this position multiple times because our program was growing. We’ve created it to be a lot more punchy, and take up way less of my time. Working with the 2X coach was super helpful, because I think if I were trying to pull things out of my own head, it would have taken me much longer.”

Lesson #2: Systems Are The Key To Repeatable, Controlled Growth

Before you even think about growth activities you need to build your operational machine.

Systems are the glue that holds your business together and ensure that when you put your foot on the gas that your business can thrive.

The systems give you the repeatability and consistency to keep building forward-momentum.

Jordan is a system expert so knows this only too well. But even she found a huge amount of value in our approach to creating systems.

“Even though I’m a process person, I like seeing different perspectives, I like getting to understand ‘Oh, like I missed this gap, and this is how you would fill it.’

And you don’t know what you don’t know, right? I’ve never had a million dollar business before. I’m 31 and figuring it out as we go. But to be able to have the mentorship and support from 2X not only in the coaching, but with the training was super, super helpful.”

Lesson #3: Removing Yourself From The Business Is A Personal Challenge Too.

Removing yourself from the day-to-day in your business is easier said than done. It often requires more of a mindset shift that you may anticipate.

We see it all the time when entrepreneurs shift from a 6-figure hustle to a 7-figure business. There’s usually a component of the business that you love doing, which can be a challenge to give up.

“My team was like, ‘Dude, you are such a bottleneck. I get that this is like your playground and you love it. But also like we’re trying to get stuff done here. And we need to get you out of this.’

I think it’s easy to outsource stuff that you don’t enjoy, right? But when you start getting to the point in your business where you’re having to outsource the stuff that you enjoy, because you are actually holding the business back, it can be difficult.”

It was amazing to see Jordan’s growth while working with us. She now has the foundations in place to focus on growth and continue to scale.

It took just a couple critical tweaks to help her take off and make an even bigger impact than ever. She’s now leading a lot of leaders all throughout the world with a program she can be proud of

There’s a misconception that scaling your business to 7-figures has to be hard work. The reason why most find it hard work is that they’re constantly testing new ways to do it.

Imagine if you didn’t have to do that hard frustrating trial and error that has zero guarantees of success. And someone with a 30,000 ft view of your business could help you map the simplest route to achieve your vision?

This is what 2X are experts at, and our client results speak for themselves. The next step is down to you, and we’re here when you’re ready.

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So if you’re looking for guidance to get on track and achieve everything you want from your business, we’ve got your back.

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