How to Scale Your Business to $10 Million in 18 Steps

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

What gets you to 6-figures isn’t what will get you to 7-figures… and what gets you there isn’t what takes you to 8-figures and beyond!

I had a reminder of this recently, when I went to a mastermind full of 7-figure entrepreneurs.

As I stepped back and reflected on this mastermind, I asked myself:

  • What are we building at 2X?
  • Where are we right now, and what do we need to do to scale to $10 million?
  • What has worked up to now, but needs to change so we can scale up?

Now… I want to build an empire at 2X and scale to $10 million as quickly as possible. Maybe this is what you want too, or maybe you have your sights on something else…

Whether you want $100k… $1 million… $10 million… $100 million is fine by me. The point is to step back and ask yourself what you want, and figure out what you need to do to get there.


In this article we’ll share the 18 Key steps we’re taking to scale 2X to $10 million.

I imagine some, if not all, will apply to you and your own business (whether you’re looking to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures, or from 7 figures and beyond…). So let’s dive in, starting with one of the most important aspects of your entire business… HIRING!

1. Hire Amazing People

I asked a mentor (who’s built a $100+ million consultancy company) what it takes to scale your business past 8-figures, and before I even finished my sentence he said… TALENT!

This mirrors the research Geoff Smart and Randy Street did for their bestselling book, ‘WHO’.

They interviewed 20+ billionaires and 300+ CEOs about what it takes to build a successful business, and 52% said TALENT (well ahead of the next item at 20%).

Building a world class team of world class people is what it’s all about.

But as you scale your business past 7-figures, you need people who aren’t only world class at execution, but from a leadership perspective. This is our focus at 2X moving forward: building a world class team from top-to-bottom of the organizational chart.

Your team is one of (if not “the”) highest forms of leverage you own, so hone in on who needs to join yours, and build hiring systems around this so you can grow from strengh-to-strengh.

2. Leverage Partnerships To Accelerate Growth

When scaling from 6 to 7 figures, it’s important to build your business model around one core offer.

This is the best way to scale your business quickly and effectively, but it then becomes one of your key bottlenecks when scaling up to the next level. To get to $10 million you need more than one offer, so it’s important to look for, and leverage, partnerships to keep momentum going.

Of course, you can build your own offers, and to an extent you should (more on this later)… but a great way to accelerate your growth is to leverage other people.

  • Find relevant people / brands you can partner with …
  • Tap into other audiences by exploring new partnerships …
  • Expand your reach by partnering with others …
When it comes to fast and efficient growth, leveraging strategic partnerships is key.

3. Be Ruthless With Your Marketing

One of the biggest mental blocks we come across when working with clients at 2X is to go “all in” on their marketing. Even when the numbers add up, business owners resist because subconsciously they don’t believe in their Back-End.

They have an amazing product and funnel, but something stops them from doubling-down!

Maybe you’ve experienced this, too… if so it’s important you overcome this fear, because you need to be ruthless with your marketing and trust your back-end.

Spend money on it… invest in it… trust in your back-end and market the hell out of it.

4. Build A “Sticky” Business Model

When we work with a new client at 2X, one of our first priorities is to optimize their Business Model.

We have yet to work with a single person who doesn’t need help with their business model, and one of the main reasons is because it isn’t “sticky” enough.

What we mean by “sticky” is, you need to turn your one-off clients into clients for life.

It’s hard to get someone to give you their credit card and buy from you, so when you get it you need a business model that gives them reason to come back again-and-again.

Whether that’s a recurring revenue model or a series of offers that gives them what they need as they grow and scale their business, you need to remain “sticky” so they stick around forever.

5. Move FAST

My aim is to become the fastest moving entrepreneur I know.

The more experience I get in business, the more I appreciate how important it is to move fast:

  • Test ideas fast…
  • Validate new offers fast…
  • Ship before you’re ready…
  • Iterate and improve, and figure it out as you go on…
You cannot get hung up on perfectionism, but this is something so many people struggle with (myself included). You have to overcome these hurdles, because unless you move faster and faster, your growth will slow to a halt.
If you’re not moving so fast it scares you, you’re not moving fast enough 😉

6. Protect Your Time (At All Costs!)

As you level-up and evolve from an Entrepreneur ⇒ CEO ⇒ Business Owner, the more you need to protect your time… and the more you need to say NO!

I’m learning this more each day, as we continue to build systems at 2X to remove me from the process.

As you grow, you need to say NO and you NEED to delegate to others.

Your time is everything, so Time Management is one of the most important skills you need to improve. It’s the only way to ensure you work “ON” your business!

And the only way to scale your business up to $10 million is to work “ON” it… not get stuck inside it.

7. Have A High-End Offer

When you’re scaling from 6 to 7 figures, less is more!

Having ONE core offer that’s highly specific to your avatar is vital, but as you scale your business past 7-figures it’s important to build other offers into your business so you can serve different types of customers.

We’re currently looking at creating an offer for $50,000+, and although it won’t help the vast majority of our audience, it will have a huge impact on some.

As you scale your business past the million-dollar mark, this is key!

You need to grow with your audience and have an offer for the BIG Player, so you can keep clients coming back for more as they grow and scale their business.

8. Test + Validate ⇒ Then Scale

It’s so important to test and validate new ideas (no matter what level you’re at) but the only way to scale up to the next level is to double down the moment you build traction.

That’s our game plan at 2X! We’re testing and validating several ideas on the front-end, and as soon as they build momentum we turn our focus to scaling them as quickly as possible.


Although make sure you aren’t the one stuck doing this.

Have a team member own an idea, and follow it through as it scales.

Test often and move quickly, and scale it up the moment it makes sense to.

9. Ride Momentum

The most successful CEOs and Business Owners I know are those who ride momentum.

Don’t let up once you build traction.


I see people scale their business from 6 to 7 figures, and then quickly up toward 8 figures practically overnight — all because they ride the momentum and don’t take their foot off the gas.

Don’t rest or take a break once the good times roll.

It’s often difficult to build momentum, so when it comes keep going and ride that wave as far as you can.

10. Master Systems & Repeatability

This should be no surprise, because at 2X we’re all about SYSTEMS!

The reason we build systems is to make something repeatable so you can:

  • Streamline the process …
  • Make it easier to do over time …
  • Make it easier to delegate to others …
  • Automate part, or all the process …

This continues to be a huge focus of ours, not just so we can help our clients build systems, but so we can scale our own business and ride the wave of momentum.

Seriously, mastering systems is key for everyone — especially those looking to scale.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re scaling from 6 to 7 figures, or from 7 to 8 figures… SYSTEMS are the key to success.

The more we work with our clients at 2X, the more we appreciate the importance of this.

11. Do What Scales

There are lots of things you could do as a CEO, and lots of things you could focus on as a business…

It’s not about what you could do, but rather what you “should” do!

What you should do is almost always what scales (the best, fastest and most effective).


Focus on what scales quickly, and build momentum on the back of this.

If you always focus on what scales, you’ll move up to the next level quicker than your competitors — as well as saving money and time.

  • So… what can you focus on right now that will drive the biggest impact?
  • What can you focus on that will have the biggest impact on your audience?

Do what scales and place all your focus here. This drives great products, which builds raving fans.

Once you get this cycle going… you do nothing but WIN!

12. Let (F**King) GO!

This is potentially the most important step in this entire piece, because as CEO you need to LET GO!
  • You need to get out of the way!
  • Stop being the bottleneck!
  • Stop micromanaging!

Let go of tasks, beliefs, fear and insecurity!

This is the only way to scale your business to the next level, because as the CEO and leader of your business, you need to STOP working “in” it and ONLY work “on” it.

You cannot do this until you… LET GO!

This is why having a vision is important, and why building epic systems is, too.

Once you have trust in where you’re going — and the people doing the work — you can move to one side.

But without a vision, or without those systems… you don’t have this trust… so you cling on.

Personally, I’ve struggled with this over the years, and it’s something I continue to work on.

It affects most entrepreneurs, so don’t feel like you’re alone. Letting go can be hard, but 100% essential to scale your business up to the next level.

Having a vision and the systems in place helps, but in the end it comes down to YOU… letting go!

13. Put In Level-10 Effort

To achieve Level 10 Results, you need to put in Level 10 effort.

Sounds obvious, right?
Sure… but so many people struggle with this.

They play victim and blame it on luck, but they don’t put in the effort they need to. Yet if you don’t commit to the cause and give it everything you have, what can you expect?

I’m committed to giving Level 10 effort at all times, so we can strive toward our vision each day.

I have it above my mirror, to remind me every day!

This vision is bigger than me, but it’s me who leads from the front. So if I want us to reach our goals and build that empire I mentioned in the beginning… it needs ME to give Level 10 effort each day.

… just like YOUR business needs YOU to put in Level 10 effort at all times!

14. Own Your Positioning

This is one of the most important pieces when scaling from 6 to 7 figures, and it’s just as important when you scale your business up toward the 8 figure mark.

Positioning… you need to own it.

  • Own the positioning in your marketplace…
  • Own the phrase that connects your audience with your vision…

When someone thinks of systems or scaling from 6 to 7 figures… we want them to think of us.

But this doesn’t just happen. Each day, we work toward owning our positioning so we can become the “go to” authority to our audience. Through our marketing, sales, content and products… everything centres around our need to OWN our marketplace and be “the” one-and-only solution they need.

15. Become A Content Leader For Your Audience

To scale your business to the next level you need to become an authority, and one of the best ways to be the “go to” authority in your industry is to OWN the content.

There are many ways you can do this:

  • Write a bestselling book…
  • Create a blog and share in-depth articles…
  • Get featured on high-authority publications like Forbes or Inc…
  • Start a Youtube Channel or Podcast…
There’s no right or wrong platform, only the one that works for you and your audience.

You have to produce great content for your audience (and lots of it).

This is a huge focus for us at 2X, as we work towards becoming a content leader for entrepreneurs looking to scale from 6 to 7 figures.

Through articles like this one, videos, guides and high-quality social media posts… we’re doubling down on content so we become ‘top of mind’ and “the” content leader that produces the best content going.

16. Network More… Network Strategically

It doesn’t matter what your level is, you need to surround yourself with those who push you to be better.

At the moment, I have an amazing network full of 7-figure business owners. I’m fortunate to know who I do, and I love my network so much.

But if I want to scale to 8-figures I need to surround myself with people already there.


If you want to scale to the next level, you need to first network with people ahead so they pull you along.

Too many people think you make the money first and the network follows…

Wrong! Your network (and mindset) proceeds this!

Surround yourself with people ahead of you and fasttrack your evolution and growth.

17. Stay Hyper-Focused

As I look back on my own entrepreneurial journey, I realize I’ve “changed” too often.

I don’t regret this because my previous businesses were tools to get to the next level, but with 2X I have a much grander vision — and a vision like this requires time and focus.

If you’re happy at six-figures, you can change from one business to another every two years. You can have multiple businesses and you can spread your focus thin.

But 7-Figure Business Owners Need FOCUS!

To get those big numbers, you have to commit.

You have to commit to the long game and build toward that vision, and that means saying NO more… changing LESS… and focussing on ONE thing!

18. Create A Community, Tribe & Movement

The easiest and fastest way to scale is to have an audience of raving fans who come back again and again (and who refer you to other people).

So… How do you build an audience or raving fans?

You make THEM the hero. You build a community that THEY own. You start a movement!

What We’re Doing At 2X Isn’t About Me Or The Business… It’s About THEM!

Everything we do centers around our clients’ success. We don’t just want to help our audience, we want to transform their business.

The success of your customers represents your own success, and as soon as you change your outlook to this… it will change the game for you!

  • You make it all about THEM.
  • You focus only on value, because value drives results.
  • You create a community (a family) people are proud of.

You start a movement that builds a tribe of raving fans who then go off and brings other people inside…

Seriously, this is the best way — hands down — to scale from 7 to 8 figures. A tribe of raving fans builds massive momentum, at a speed and intensity you cannot do on your own (even with a massive budget).

So make it about them.
Make THEM the hero.

Once you do your growth will explode!!

These Are The 18 Aspects We’re Focusing On As We Scale 2X Past The $10 Million Mark.

I came up with these after spending time reflecting on my recent mastermind with 7 and 8 figure business owners. It’s amazing what happens when you surround yourself with like-minded people, and those who are further ahead than you.

It gives you an insight like no other, and I’ve experienced this many times over the years.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at six, seven or eight figures… those you surround yourself with matter.

This is what we’re building at 2X, and WHY we’re building it. We don’t just want to help business owners like you scale to the next level quickly and effectively, but build a tribe of thought-leaders who push each other to be bigger and better.

We’re changing the world week-by-week, and it motivates us to scale up to many millions — and we’re helping a lot of clients do the same.

Want to be part of the 2X Scale program? Apply to see if you’re a good fit, because if you are we’ll welcome you into our community of fast-scaling entrepreneurs to help you (more than) double your business in just 90 days.

Let’s make it happen.

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