5 Questions for Business Systems

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?
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If you want to scale quickly and effectively (without putting in 18-hour days of hustle and grind),

You NEED Systems!

Business systems should be at the heart of your business (and mindset). They should be a part of your company culture, and a top priority as the leader and CEO.

If not… you’ll stay on the ‘hamster wheel’ and WILL NOT scale from 6 to 7 figures … and you will definitely not scale from 7 to 8 figures and beyond.

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The right business systems are the key to scaling to the next level. But beyond the benefits of scale and growth, systems are what set you free from your business so you can work “on” it!

(so you can finally live a life of freedom and abundance)

Because here’s the reality for most entrepreneurs…. YOU are your biggest bottleneck!

  • You only have so much TIME (and it feels like you never have enough) …
  • You only have so much ENERGY (and you’re not using it properly) …
  • You’re growing and making decent REVENUE (but where’s the money going?) …

Don’t worry: You’re not alone. This is an issue most 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs struggle with.

And the solution you need is simple… Business Systems!

But Where To Begin … ?

This is one of the most common things we see when working with new clients at 2X.

  • Like you, they know they need business systems but they don’t know where to start …
  • They’re unsure how to build the right ones or what they even look like …
  • Plus, they don’t have the time to build them (at least this is what they tell themselve

This leads to a lot of stress and overwhelm…

And it keeps them stuck where they are…

NEVER quite implementing systems or turning their business into a Machine!

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Don’t worry. At 2X we live and breathe Systems. It’s what we’re known for (and a big key to our crazy high success rate and $60+ million in client sales in 12 months!).

We know what they look like and which ones to use.
We know how to use them the “right” way (which most people don’t).
We know how to build them in a way that guarantees quick growth.

We’ve built our entire model around business systems — they are why we’ve scaled so fast in just one year — and we help our clients do the same.

In this article, we’ll share The 7 Business Systems YOU NEED to scale quickly and effectively.

We will show you what they look like, how they work, and how to use them in your own business.

So let’s dive in and focus on the first essential business system you need: A Hiring System!

1: Hiring System

One of the biggest forms of leverage in your business is PEOPLE.

You can only do so much yourself, so if you want to scale and grow you need to build a world class team.

The problem is, most people go about this all wrong.
They think they’re a good judge of character and often hire based on their gut.

(or hire those they know, or the first people who apply)

Because of this, they often hire the wrong people, waste time and throw away money.

It becomes a huge headache!
(one the biggest we come across when working with clients)

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It’s a big issue; definitely one of the biggest factors that stops people scaling from 6 to 7 figures.

But the problem isn’t always because of the people you hire, but rather how YOU do the hiring.

You don’t have a system in place, so you have nothing to compare to. Different people go through a different process, so it’s hard to know if someone is a good fit for your culture until they’ve been part of it for a few months.

But by this time it’s too late.
You’ve hired the wrong person, wasted time and a lot of money.

Worse… you now need to go through the whole process once more!

This is why one of the first business systems you need is a Hiring one.

A hiring System vets people and helps make sure you hire the right people to begin with. Every person goes through the same steps, allowing you to measure whether they are a good fit for your culture.

But it also helps you measure and track their success during this trial period, so you can tweak their role and make sure you’re getting the best out of them.

This is how you build a world class team.
This is how you hire (and keep) A-Players.

You need a system!

So what does a business system like this look like?

No matter what role you’re filling, you need to put your candidates through the same process. This means you ask them same sort of questions, place them into a trial period and overall take them on a similar journey so you can measure them against one another.

This is how you find out if they’re a good fit for your culture.
This is how you know whether they will last the test of time.

We created a Hiring Guide that not only dives into some Hiring Systems, but is packed with tips, resources and other material to help 6 and 7 figure business owners build a world class team.

2: Numbers/Data Systems

One of the biggest differences between successful business owners and those still hustling to get there is, that successful people KNOW THEIR NUMBERS!

Data give you clarity and power. This allows you to make better decisions (quicker and easier).

Without the numbers in front of you, you make blind decisions.

  • You rely only on instinct…
  • You make assumptions …
  • You’re prone to bias …
  • You see what you want to see!
All this does is stop you from making the right decisions, which sets you back in the long term.
a broken glass with the words wasted, wasted, and wasted.

The problem is, you don’t have the time to always think about the numbers, dive into them and review them. So even though you know the numbers are important, another month passes and you still don’t know them.

Creating a system solves this!

You can automatically collect and track the KPIs you need, populate a dashboard and have it show you the health of your business in an instant. It all just happens. No human error.

No YOU being the bottleneck.

No more decisions based on what you “think” is right.

So what does a business system like this look like?

The first step is to make sure you’re tracking the right KPIs, which most people get wrong.

This is why we created an in-depth Guide that shows you the KPIs you NEED to track in your business.

This guide shows you how to build systems around these so you collect what you need, when you need it.

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3: Planning Systems

It’s one thing to have a plan, but another to follow through.

This is one of the biggest traps that keeps entrepreneurs stuck at 6 figures.

  • They know they need to have regular planning/strategy sessions…
  • They know they need to take time each week to review and reflect…
  • They know they need to take a step back and look at the business as a whole…

But you get so caught up in the day-to-day that you never do it — or do it once, but then forget about it.

I get this.
I’ve been there.

And I was stuck in that hamster wheel, too.

So like anything else, you need to build a system around the essential planning YOU need to do.

You need a planning system around each of these; they each serve a different purpose.

Whether you do this on your own or with your core team depends on you and your business (and what stage you’re at) but the point is EVERY single business owner needs to set time aside for these.

You need a system in place so all this happens (so you don’t forget).
You need templates and dashboards (so you save time and get straight to the action points).

You need to remove the excuses and make it happen!

4: Employee Management + Review Systems

Building a world-class team isn’t just about hiring A-Players…
  • You need to set them up for success from day one.
  • You need to empower them to deliver now and in the future.
  • You need to give them a progression path, so they stick around for the long term.
  • You need to bring them into your culture and encourage them to make it their own.
  • And you need to have continuous feedback loops to help make them even more successful.

A world class team doesn’t just happen, and just because you pay a lot of money to hire the best-of-the-best doesn’t mean they’ll deliver world class results.

This is on you to create, and the only way you can is to have Employee Management + Review Systems.

Having a system in place like this not only sets them up for success, but allows you to, too:

  • If they don’t cut it, you can hire and fire them quickly.
  • If there’s a gap or something missing, you can fill it.
  • If there’s opportunity to improve, you can do so in an instant.

Having an Employee Management + Review System makes things crystal clear for you, and for them.

You know where you are, and you both know where you’re heading.
Expectations get laid out for everyone to see, so it saves everyone a lot of time and stress.

You empower them to succeed, meaning you can then get the hell out of the way and let them get on with what they do best!

So what does a business system like this look like?

5: Financial Systems

It doesn’t matter what your vision for your business and life is, money NEEDS to be part of it!

We all want:

  • Freedom (the freedom to live life on our terms) …
  • Time (the time to live life, and spend it with those we love) …
  • Impact (to leave a mark and impact those we serve — family, customers, team) …
  • Wealth (not just your business, but your Personal Wealth) …

Money is a key part to get all these, but most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things at the wrong time, making it harder and harder to get any of these the more and more you scale.

Setting up financial systems solves this problem, because it becomes less about making money and more about generating wealth — this is what you really need, personally and professionally.

Everyone needs the right financial systems in place, both for their business and their personal wealth.

You NEED to review these regularly, and you need to base your decisions and goals on the back of the data it gives you. Because although money is a huge form of leverage… it only is if you’re on top of it.

If not, it can be one of the key factors that keeps you stuck inside that hamster wheel.

So what does a business system like this look like?

What’s most important here is that you create the right systems for you and your business. Your business is unique, as are your dream, goals and vision.

You need to build your financial systems around what works for you, but there are some common practices that work for all businesses, and helps all types of entrepreneur generate massive wealth.

6: Onboarding & Fulfillment Systems

One of the main reasons why we’ve scaled so quickly at 2X is because we’ve placed so much focus on creating raving fans.
  • Not followers.
  • Not customers.
  • Not leads.

All we care about is having an army of raving fans, because once you have this you can grow quickly and effectively (whatever your business). We help our clients do the same, because we know the only way to win in this game (long term) is to have raving fans.

Specifically, setting up the right Onboarding and Fulfilment Systems that ensure your customers experience BIG wins early — and an A-Class service long into the future.

In their book, ‘The Power of Moments’, Dan and Chip Heath talk about creating memorable and magical moments at certain points in your customer journey.

And one of the most important periods is the first 10-30 days.

  • What powerful moments can you make for them in their first 10 days with you?
  • How can you promise them a BIG win inside these first 10 days?

If you give them this you guarantee their loyalty, because most businesses take short cuts and focus on the sale. Everything after that is an afterthought, so the fact you make it a core focus sets you apart.

But to ensure every one of your customers get this — not just in the first 10 days, but throughout their customer journey — you need to create processes so nobody slips through the cracks; and everyone experiences the same epic service.

So, I want you to think: What can you do repeatedly for new clients that is going to make them have an amazing first impression? How can you wow them right from the start and create a raving fan without sabotaging your profit margins?

So what does a business system like this look like?

7: Marketing Systems

This is one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs get caught in (and stay stuck inside) the hustle hamster wheel.
  • They go “all in” with their marketing, and create an amazing launch that creates a sales spike.
  • Life is good, and they have enough money to survive for a while.
  • So they go “all in” on their product, ensuring they give their new customers a great service.
  • But then their program/course/whatever ends, so they have to create a bigger and better launch.
They’re thinking of short-term tactics and week-to-week instead of in the form of ongoing Systems.

It kills me to see so many six figure entrepreneurs caught in this marketing / fulfillment famine.

They are so busy working inside their business, that they never have the time to work “on” it. They are always either marketing hard on their biggest launch yet, or burning the midnight oil to give their customers what they promised.

The only way to escape it is to create a system that generates consistent, ongoing leads so there are no longer those peaks and valleys.

You can predictably know at any given time how many leads you will get each day, week and month.

No more feast or famine, and no more spending all your time ‘doing’ the work. You can finally step back and work “on” the business, and all this happens once you setup a few marketing systems.

So what does a business system like this look like?

There is no out-of-the-box solution to marketing. What works for one business won’t for another, so your marketing systems need to track the channels YOU use.

Once you start tracking your channels, you can see what works and what doesn’t.
Again, you need to check these regularly (at least once per week).

The channels that work… double down on them.
The channels that don’t… get rid!

These are the 7 Business Systems you need if you want to scale quickly and effectively.

Each one allows you to step away from your business so you can focus on the bigger picture.

This means more time, more money and more growth.
It also means less stress, less overwhelm and less focus on the “wrong” things.

It isn’t complex, but it blows my mind how few business owners have any of these business systems in place (let alone all seven).

(they are then surprised when they’re working harder and longer than ever, but getting less results from all their effort)

The sooner you start, the better. You won’t implement all these at once, but as you do one-by-one you will quickly notice the impact it has on you, your business and those around you (family and team).

We see it all the time at 2X. Clients come forward with problems they’ve had sometimes for years, but once we unpack them and focus on the systems they need right now… the problems disappear.

In fact, not only do the problems vanish, they’re replaced with massive opportunity 😉

So if you would like help figuring out which of these seven business systems you need to focus on first, I invite you to apply for a Free Business Audit.

We’ll work with you to identify which business system you will help you the most NOW, so you can get on with scaling your business past the 7 figure mark.

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