Top 8: Income-Producing Activities Every CEO Should Be Doing

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

I used to love telling people I was an entrepreneur. It is a cool and popular word now more than ever…I figured there was no better role, because no other could offer the freedom, ambition or kudos I was seeking. I assumed I would remain one for the rest of my life.

But today, I don’t see myself as an entrepreneur.

I’m something completely different.

I’m a CEO

I don’t know about you, but for a long time, I thought of big corporate types when I heard CEO. They worked for huge corporations that hired thousands of people, and were the epicenter of the corporate machine.

(The exact thing I didn’t want to be part of!)

Yet today I think of a CEO in a different light. Today I realize all successful business owners must evolve from an entrepreneur into a CEO. There’s a specific series of stages an entrepreneur must go through if they’re to leave the “hustle” behind and build a sustainable seven-figure business:

6 Step Ladder

This is how we serve our clients at 2X… we help them take the leap from level two, three or four… to level five (and then onto level six). We ensure they evolve from a “hustler” who works ‘in’ their business, into a CEO who works ‘on’ it.

An entrepreneur loves to get their hands dirty, break-and-fix things on a daily basis. This is fine. In the beginning, it’s needed; you need to live in the trenches and do tasks that aren’t scalable because it’s often the only way to figure out what to scale and what not to.

But you need to evolve, and there are three phases as you transition from entrepreneur to CEO:

  1. Validate Your Offer (figure out what works and what doesn’t).
  2. Create Systems (process everything that works, and build your team).
  3. Scale (become a CEO so you can scale what works, and build for the future).

Once you reach 6-figures, you NEED to go through this process and become a CEO and business owner.

Otherwise, you’ll fail to identify key income-producing activities, meaning you will:

  • Work harder and longer, never feeling like you have enough time…
  • Take on too much yourself, afraid to delegate and outsource your work…
  • Focus on the day-to-day, never having the time to strategize and plan for the future…
  • Burn yourself out, while self-sabotaging your business…
  • Be a slave to your business, and a glorified employee…

Start Working ‘On’ Your Business, Not ‘In’ It

This is the difference between a hustling entrepreneur and a business owner, which is a lesson I had to learn the hard way…

Because a few years ago I had to call 911.

It was just another normal night…

I was 25 years old, running races (half-marathons, marathon, Spartan) seemingly healthy as can be. At least that’s what the doctor was telling me…

I was with my buddies, having a few drinks and catching up.
But then I began to have trouble breathing.
I felt like my heart was going to wrench up and stop.
I had this feeling building up for a few weeks, but just thought it was a bit of stress and lack of sleep.

So I went to bed.
(I figured I just needed a good night’s sleep)

But I couldn’t.
I couldn’t sleep.
And when I did drift off…

… I would wake up again, gasping for air.

I went through this for an hour, and it was at this point I figured something was wrong. So I put my pride aside and finally had my buddy call 911, and 30 minutes later I sat with the paramedic.

I told him my story…

  • I told him how I was building my first business…
  • … how it was growing and starting to make some good money.
  • I told him about my vision for it, and how hard I was hustling…
  • … how I worked 80+ hour weeks, because “that’s what I needed to do.”

When I usually told people all this, they looked at me impressed and excited.

Not this medic.
He just looked at me.
And then I realized…

He was looking at me with pity!

Looking back, I appreciate this was a huge moment for me.
The pity in his eyes forced me to ask whether there was a better way.

… that the hustle, grind and 80+ hour work weeks were maybe not the answer.

I was embarrassed.
Gasping for breath, feeling like I was going to die, I had hit my low point.

I knew I had to change something, which may have surprised you at the time, because I was healthy, ran marathons and was in the best shape of my life. On the outside, I seemed to have it figured out.

But on the inside… my body couldn’t keep up.

And it lead to this anxiety attack, lying helpless on a bed as a medic looked at me with pity, wondering what the hell I was doing with my life and how I got to that point.

But it was also here where I began to learn about “real” business.

I realized the hustle and grind that got me here wouldn’t help me get to the next level.
I realized the level-10 life I wanted WOULD NOT happen if I continued to work as I did.
I realized my days of being an entrepreneur were over; I had to become a CEO and business owner.

Once I did this and put it into action… the feast or famine months ended. I started to grow strategically and consistently month-after-month, and I did this while working less. I identified my key incoming-producing activities and focused on them alone.

I traveled more…
I traveled more…
I created a much better strategy…
I focused on automation and systems…
I built my cash flow and set my numbers…
I improved my diet and health…
I halved my work-hours…

And I started making more money, with more control and consistency than ever before.

And today at 2X, we help people on their own income-producing activities, so you can work ‘on’ your business and live a level-10 life.

We help you become a CEO and business owner, so you no longer have to cap your ceiling by how hard you hustle.

“Hustling” gets you to 6-figures, sure… but it does not help you scale to 7-figures and beyond.

The only way to do this is to become a CEO!

So… What Is The Role Of A Modern Day CEO?

The role of a CEO in the 21st century is to be a leader who makes the right decisions.

As CEO, you need to make the right decisions that positively impact the present and the future. At first, this sounds simple enough, but considering you’re already a business owner, you know it isn’t.

  • You spin plates and juggle balls each day.
  • You have your own work to worry about.
  • You have your team to manage and lead.
  • You have customers that need some attention and response.

Take responsibility for creating, planning and implementing strategic direction, while ensuring everything in the day-to-day remains on-point. Where an entrepreneur gets his or her hands dirty each day, diving into one new idea after another, you CANNOT do this as a CEO.

Take a backseat so you can observe the big picture

Or as A.G. Lafley said while observing a meeting he had with Peter Drucker, “The challenge is to resist getting pulled into other work that is not the unique responsibility of the CEO.”

The fact is, there isn’t much direct work a CEO handles. They hire other people to do it for them.

As the business grows and departments develop, a CEO must hire managers to ensure they do not get dragged into the day-to-day chaos of working ‘in’ the business.

This is one of the most impactful ways we help our clients at 2X.

We help them figure out how to hire the right people and build the right team. We subscribe to a rule that no single member of your team should have more than five core responsibilities. More than this affects the impact they can have, and the same applies to you as a CEO.

You should have five core responsibilities (at the most).

Any more than this and you’ll remain an entrepreneur stuck in the business with no time to strategize, plan or build for the future.

You’ll continue to hustle and work harder, meaning any growth comes at the expense of you…

This leads you to burnout, which is what happened to me a few years ago. But hustling like this doesn’t only affect you and your wellbeing, it has a big effect on your business:

  • You end up losing money because you’re unable to scale and keep growing…
  • Your once-great customer service turns to a weakness, as it gets put on the back burner…
  • You’re capped at where you are, creating a low ceiling with little room to grow and scale…
  • You end up settling for less, desperate to find that new hire, new customer, new tool…

And all the while:

  • You’re stressed and tired, never feeling like you’re on top…
  • You make more money, but have less time and freedom than ever to spend it…
  • You see less and less of your family and spend no time with those you care about…
  • You feel terrible, putting on weight and taking advantage of your health…

If you’re not careful, you may end up having to call 911 just like I did…

It doesn’t matter who you are or what business you’re in, this is your reality so long as you work ‘in’ your business. As CEO, you CANNOT do this.

You need to value and protect your time, and start acting like the CEO your business needs!

This is true whether you’re just starting to make 6-figures, or own a nine-figure empire.

Take one of the world’s largest corporations, and the wealthiest man on the planet. Jeff Bezos remains Amazon’s CEO to this day; an ever-growing empire with a lot of moving parts.

But the truth is, Jeff Bezos has little idea of what’s going on inside the business on a day-to-day basis. He doesn’t know each employee. He won’t know every single department’s budget. He has no idea how every single piece of the business works.

Instead, he works ‘on’ the business and leads its strategic direction. He hires people to DO the work, so he can focus on where the business is heading next. The reality is, he will DO very little each day. I imagine most of his days involve one meeting after another, and doing only what he has to.

This is the role of a CEO!

Whether you run one of the world’s largest empires like Amazon or a fast-growing six-figure business, your job isn’t to do the work and get lost inside it… it’s to work ‘on’ it.


Which begs the question… how?

How do you know which activities you should and should not focus on to optimize income?
How can you ensure you focus on making the “right” decisions each day?
How do you find the 20% of activity that produces 80% of profit?

Read on, because I have 8 income-producing activities for you that every CEO NEEDS to do…

Top Income Producing Activities

1. You Need To Create, Maintain And Evolve The Strategic Vision & Direction Of The Business (At All Times)

As CEO, you need to focus on the “BIG” picture.

Let other people in your team take care of today’s tasks. Your role is to ensure tomorrow is bigger and better, and the only way to do this is to focus your attention on the strategic vision and direction of the business.

This is your job, every single day.

It’s your responsibility to create it… maintain and manage it… and evolve it over time.

  • What’s your business vision and purpose?
  • What’s your direction for the next two… three… five years?
  • How can you set goals this quarter that will drive you towards the bigger picture?
  • What is the overall performance of the business (financial, operational, marketing…)?
  • What’s the 20% of activity that produces 80% of your bottom line?

These are questions you need to ask on a daily basis, and have answers to at all times.


While everyone else is busy doing their job and making today run smoothly, you need to create a direction for the entire business to move towards (short term, medium term and long term).

When we work with clients at 2X, this is where we begin because we know how important it is.

We start by evaluating the entire business and creating that 30,000ft overview, so YOU can appreciate what your strategic vision and direction is.

We focus on the 80/20, so YOU can use your time effectively as a CEO.

This is something most business owners struggles with, spending all their time “doing” instead of thinking:

  • Thinking about the big picture…
  • Thinking about the strategy and vision…
  • Thinking about the overall direction…
  • Thinking about how to connect today with tomorrow (and five years from now)…
  • Thinking about the various 80/20s that exist inside your business…
    • The 20% of people who produce 80% of productivity.
    • The 20% of products that produce 80% of revenue.
    • The 20% of tasks that produce 80% of outcome.
    • The 20% of your time that produces 80% of your best work.

If you aren’t thinking about all this, you are not a CEO and you are not a business owner; you’re a hustler. You need to create and maintain your strategic vision and direction because once you do you can speak to the “right” people who will drive you towards this…

2. You Need To Network Every Single Day (Forming Strategic Partnerships With The Right Stakeholders)

I hate networking events where everyone exchanges business cards, but I LOVE networking — and I make sure I network every single day (no matter what).

Over the last twelve months I’ve:

Hosted Mastermind Dinners every week (at home, and when I travel)…
Committed to meet 10 new people each week (from my Dream 100 list)…
Hosted regular parties and events at my house…
Gone to various masterminds and events, especially when I visit a new city or country…

But it isn’t just the events you go to that are income-producing activities, because when I say you need to network every day, this includes:

  • Speaking at events…
  • Hosting (and going to) masterminds…
  • Contacting peers in your industry…
  • Grabbing phone calls with new and old connections…
  • AND… Talking with YOUR audience:
    • Hosting webinars and live streams.
    • Interacting on social media.
    • Replying to emails.
    • Asking them questions/feedback.

Look, you won’t find many successful CEOs at local “networking” events and meetups that offer zero substance, not to say they don’t place a lot of focus on networking…

You need to network and surround yourself with the right kind of people.

This is the only way to form new partnerships and collaborations (more on this soon, when we talk about the importance of mass sales), and networking is one of the best ways to come up with new ideas and turn a good product into a great one.

I can honestly say my focus on networking has contributed to most of my success over the last few years. Ever since I started to dedicate time, money and resources to hosting masterminds and dinners (and going to events other people run), I’ve met people who have helped me turn a good idea into a great one, let alone set up partnerships that have resulted in mass sales and opportunities.

We’re all in a “people business”, no matter what your company does.
As a CEO, you need to not only accept this… but embrace it!

You need to network every single day, which means you also need to become your business’ spokesperson and biggest fan…

3. You Need To Be The Spokesperson Of The Business (Leading From The Front Line Each Day)

I used to love the “hustle” and the thought of working 80-hour weeks. It felt like a badge of honor, and I have met many entrepreneurs over the years who feel the same.

But most of them — like I did when I had that panic attack — reach a point where they question if “hustle” alone is really an incoming-producing activity.

And when they do… they realize the “hustle” IS NOT the answer!

They realize working harder is not the point, and that the only way to truly scale is to lead from the front line each day — which means you have to take a step back so you can work (and see) the bigger picture.

This is what a CEO does…

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re introverted or extroverted, or what your strategic direction involves… as a CEO you need to become an authority figure and thought-leader.

You are the spokesperson of your business.
You are the person who leads from the front each day.
You are the one who sets the tone; living and breathing your values.

There are many ways you can lead from the front, such as promoting your business and growing your authority at the same time:

  • Speaking…
  • Writing for popular publications…
  • Interviews, PR and features…
  • Sharing your story on social media (or a blog)…
  • Writing a bestselling book…
It isn’t what you do that matters. It’s that you DO it!

Because Your Business Needs A Spokesperson,
And It’s Your Job To Fill It (99% Of The Time Yourself
And 1% Of The Time By Hiring Someone Else).

Elon Musk is a great example of this, an entrepreneur who leads from the front no matter what business or industry he’s in.

Through Tesla, he challenges some of the world’s largest corporations to take the environment seriously and to commit to a new method of car production.

With SpaceX, he challenges governments to innovate and think about the future, pushing the boundaries of a vision that involves living on Mars.

He speaks… he leads… he lives and breathes his businesses.

He’s the ultimate spokesperson, not only focusing his energy on new opportunities but the chance to use his ever-growing platform to spread (and evolve) his message.

You may not have the influence and reach of Elon Musk, but your role as a CEO is to use and grow your own platform to lead from the front. Your business needs you to not only expand its message, vision and purpose, but also to take advantage of new revenue streams that drive further growth…

4. Generate Income With Mass Sales Opportunities (Reaching The Masses And Optimizing Your Time)

As a hustling entrepreneur, you spend much your time “selling” in a one-to-one manner.

In the beginning, this is fine.
In fact, it’s necessary.

It’s how you validate your business and understand your audience’s needs.

However, you cannot do this as a CEO (at least, not always)…

As CEO, you need to focus on mass sales.
You need to seek mass sales opportunities.
You need to drive sales in a one-to-many manner!

I discovered how important this is when I built one of my previous businesses, ‘Epic Launch’.

At Epic Launch, we helped authors become bestsellers, and it didn’t take us long to realize how hard this is if you focus on 1-1 sales. You need to reach the masses and partner with people who can introduce you to many people at once.

This isn’t limited to selling books.
This is true for almost EVERY business!

And as CEO… it’s vital you tap into this.

There are many ways you can do this, and so long as you reach the masses, it’s a good use of your time:

  • Keynote speaking…
  • Webinars and live streams…
  • Interviews and features…
  • Books…
  • Social media or video…

You need to stop being the person who always jumps on a call with individual customers because if you are your business’ main salesperson, you ARE NOT the CEO!

Instead, focus on mass sales opportunities.
Someone I’ve learned a lot from in this regard is my friend, Billy Gene.

Billy is CEO of Billy Gene is Marketing, and although it started with him and a small team, he’s since scaled it in a big way. Today, Billy doesn’t waste his time on 1-1 opportunities. He ALWAYS focuses on opportunities that allow him to reach many people at one time.

  • His Facebook page has 55,000+ fans…
  • His Instagram has more than 15k followers…
  • His YouTube has 20,000+ subscribers…
  • He does regular live streams and live interviews…
  • He’s a relentless keynote speaker…

Billy is the ultimate spokesperson, leading from the front each day.

I remember being part of a panel with him once, where he talked about how mass sales opportunities allowed him to not only grow his audience (and reach the masses) but then own the distribution.

This allows you to take control now and in the future, so Billy appreciates this is the best use of his time.

The same applies to YOU!

Your time as a CEO is precious.
You only have so much, and it’s never enough.

1-1 sales is often NOT worth your time.

And it once again comes down to the 80/20 rule. As CEO, you need to focus on the 20% of sales/sales opportunities that produce 80% of revenue.

This is one of the many ways we help our clients at 2X.

Often, a new client will tell us about several products, offers and services they have, insisting they’re all as important as each other. It doesn’t take us long to show them this isn’t the case.

Every single time (without fail), we’ve found one or two parts of the business that produce the vast majority of success. We help them hone in on the 80/20 of their income-producing activities so they can maximize their time by focusing on ONLY the right sales opportunities.

The impact this has on them as an individual and the business itself… HUGE!

We’re talking an increase in revenue, a decrease in costs, A LOT of saved time and stress, and all this happens practically overnight.

This ONE area has saved and made our clients millions!

But as well as improving your bottom line, this focus on mass sales also breeds a new way of working, and helps you create a culture to be proud of…

5. You Need To Build A Culture You’re Proud Of (Optimizing The People, Values And Message Within At All Times)

As a CEO and business owner, your success comes down to one thing… Your Team!

You cannot do this on your own, which makes the building of your team one of your most important income-producing activities. But before you can build a team of world-class talent, you must first create a culture for them to thrive in.

I learned how important this is from Keith Cunningham, a man who’s worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker and Robert Kiyosaki.

Keith talks about how a company’s culture is fundamental to its long-term growth and success, but how it doesn’t come down to the quirky features that the likes of Google have made popular. Instead, you define your culture through:

  • Your values.
  • Your vision.
  • Your people (from top to bottom).
  • Your message.
  • Your purpose.
  • Your unique approach and outlook.
  • Your… everything!

It’s easy to write a vision statement and create a page that says, “this is our culture.”

What isn’t easy is LIVING it every single day.

But living it is all that matters.

Your culture is what you do and how you do it.
Your culture is who you are and why you do it.

And your job as a CEO (and one of the best uses of your time) is to not only create a culture you’re proud of, but then ensure this evolves.

Personally, I consider this one of my most important roles at 2X.

While still in its infancy, I took a lot of time to consider what sort of culture I wanted 2X to have.

And oftentimes…
… it changes on its own.

As CEO, your job is to lay the foundations and decide what sort of culture you want. BUT then your job turns to observing this and letting it evolve as it needs to, always looking to optimize it.

When we work with our clients, this is one of the first things we focus on.

We dive into the current culture and whether this aligns with their vision and purpose. But we then work with our client (often the CEO / Business Owner), optimizing their own role so it allows them to optimize this culture.

You need to observe:

  • Your team, and hone in on bottlenecks, issues and potential bad apples…
  • Your audience, and whether they are the right people for this culture…
  • Your message, and whether it “speaks” to your audience in the “right” way…
  • Your values and vision, and whether they remain true or not…

Is it still working?
Is what used to be true still true?
Is your culture serving you, your team and your audience?

It isn’t just your job to create this culture, it’s managing, maintain and optimize it as your business grows. As soon as you stop doing this, you fast become one of those businesses previously known for having an innovative and progressive culture, but today is just another corporate machine.

This happened to Blackberry.

A decade ago they were “the” phone almost every business person had, considered an innovative, progressive and ‘cool’ company. They had a strong culture that attracted talented people, and a loyal customer base that included the likes of Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian.

Yet they took what they had for granted.

They assumed their current culture would remain the same. They presumed the features that initially attracted people would continue to attract them. They stood still instead of striving forward, and although there are many aspects that played into this (competitors like Apple, new software and tech, millennials and Gen-Y…), it’s the people at the top who allowed it to happen.

They didn’t optimize and evolve, and it eventually lead to their demise.

So it isn’t just about the culture you build, it’s the culture you continue to build.

It defines everything, and this begins with you. But you are never the most important piece of the puzzle, as this honor goes to your team, which is why ensuring you build the “right” team is something you should never lose sight of…

6. You Need To Build A Team (Always Looking For The Next Perfect Hire To Join Your Empire)

In their book ‘WHO’, Geoff Smart and Randy Street interviewed 20+ billionaires and 300+ CEOs about what it takes to build a successful business. When they asked these successful people what the biggest single factor to building one is, 52% said Management Talent.

Talent… as in People!

Stage Ladder

Not tools. Not products. Not marketing or sales. Not strategy or industry. PEOPLE!

When building a successful business, having a talented team around you is fundamental. It isn’t a luxury to surround yourself with world-class talent… it’s essential.

On your own, you will remain stuck in the ‘six-figure hamster wheel’. The only way to escape it is by removing yourself from the business so you can work ‘on’ it. And it’s your team that makes this possible.

I wrote about how to hire a world-class team in this article, so you may like to check that out…

The point is, it’s your responsibility as CEO to surround yourself with the “right” talent, so your business can scale to the next level with as little friction as possible.

But here’s the most important part of all…
This process NEVER ends (ever)!

I’ve seen my own role at 2X change a lot in recent months. At the time of writing this, my core focus is on the vision and building (+ optimizing) the team. I talk about this more in the video below, so if you want to learn more about how I’m personally growing as a CEO, you may like to watch…

As CEO, you must continue to evolve and embrace progress:
  • You should always hunt for your next perfect hire…
  • You should search for bottlenecks in your business, and remove/optimize them…
  • You should provide the right resources to the right people at the right time…
  • You should look for opportunities to expand your team, so you save time elsewhere…
  • You should lead your team and motivate them, keeping them aligned with your culture…

It isn’t as simple as building a world-class team and then expecting it to grow on its own. It’s a never-ending process that involves YOU at all times.

This is true whether you’re at six… seven… eight… or nine-figures!

This also happens to be one of the biggest pain-points we see when working with new clients. As I discuss in this article, almost every business owner sabotages their success with an ineffective hiring process.

Myself included!

For the first 3 years in business, I was terrible at hiring. I wasted a lot of time and energy settling for inferior talent, only keeping 20% of people who made it through my initial trial period.

1-in-5 people.

These weren’t applications. These were people who made the initial cut and who I paid to bring on our team. I had big plans for them… yet after a few weeks or months, I would part ways with 80%!

Insane, right?!?

I cannot tell you how much time and money this has cost me over the years, which is why I ALWAYS work with new clients to remove bottlenecks, grow their team and optimize it. I can say without doubt that this one aspect of our service helps every single one of our clients in a big way.

It’s essential to your success, now and in the future!

But it doesn’t end at building and optimizing your team, because you must then lead them to bigger and better things, which is easier said than done…

7. You Need To Be A Leader (Setting The Tone And Creating An Environment That Breeds Success And Progress)

As CEO, you are the person who leads from the front — every single minute of every single day.

This is a lot of pressure.
This is NOT easy to do.

And that’s why entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

But if it is for you, then this is a key responsibility you have to own, because you are the person who sets the tone for everyone else in the business (and all other stakeholders).

Talking about it is easy, but DOING it isn’t.

Just the other week I sent a video to my team talking about part of a process we were failing at, but how I was also guilty of it. This wasn’t their fault or problem… it was mine.

I had to own this and lead from the front, because how else can I expect everyone else to follow…

It’s easy to write down some core values, a strong vision, and talk about the culture you wish to have. Visit any Fortune 500 company website, and you’ll see an impressive ‘About Page’ full of great values.


  • How many of these have a happy workforce?
  • How many of them breed a successful environment?
  • How many live and die by the values they talk about?

It isn’t easy being a leader, but this is your role as a CEO and business owner. You must OWN this and lead from the front each day, whether you’re in the office or not.

I could talk about the impact a strong leader has on their business, but what’s more eye-opening is the impact a poor leader can have. Take Uber, and their old CEO, Travis Kalanick.

I like Uber.
I use Uber.
I personally see a strong future for Uber.

But the actions of their departed CEO have had a huge (negative) impact on them.

  • Sexism…
  • Harassment…
  • A party-hard lifestyle…
  • “Locker room” tactics…
  • Ego and privilege…

Travis Kalanick didn’t lead from the front. He didn’t take Uber’s values and practice them on a daily basis. He wasn’t the spokesperson Uber needed, and he wasn’t the leader his team deserved.

He set the wrong kind of tone, and he bred a toxic environment.

And although this is an extreme example, it’s one I hope you pay attention to. Because as a CEO, it’s your job to make sure this does NOT happen.

Each day, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “will I succeed or fail as a leader today?”

Your actions matter.
Your decisions count.
Your tone has consequences.

It’s not enough to do all the previous steps if you then fail as a leader. We live in a world where it’s easy to talk a good game, but it’s harder than ever to walk-the-walk (someone is always watching).

You are the leader, and it’s your job to create a learning environment for your team so they can thrive, not simply survive. You should dedicate time to this EVERY day, and give yourself the space to do so.

This brings us to our final point and the reminder that you cannot exist ‘inside’ your business…

8. Observe From The “Outside-Looking-In” (So You Can Evaluate Income-Producing Activities From All Angles)

This final point brings us full circle, once again focusing on the strategic vision and direction…

The only way you can create great values, maintain and optimize them; build a team and lead them; be the spokesperson; be the leader; be the decision-maker, and the one who defines your culture, is if you’re able to observe from the outside-looking-in.

You need to step back and remove yourself from the process.
You need to observe and lead, not DO the work yourself.

The perfect example of this is Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time.

It’s said he reads up to 1,000 pages each day, which means he spends a lot of time thinking, removing himself from the business, and making himself available for the strategic direction.

You cannot read 1,000 pages each day if you have a stacked to-do list of tasks someone else could do.

You can only do this is if you step back and observe…

Once you do, you can properly evaluate incoming-producing activities from all angles and:

  • Oversee performance…
  • Evaluate success and failure…
  • Highlight bottlenecks and opportunities…
  • Observe your team, customers and audience (asking for feedback and searching for answers)…
  • Question your values, vision and culture (and whether they remain true)…
  • Search for the next opportunity, the next perfect hire, the next big “thing”…

BE The Leader Your Team And Business Deserves!

If you spend your day ‘doing’ the work, you will not give yourself the time necessary to do any of the things we mention in this article. You will continue to work ‘in’ your business, and you will continue to go around and around the ‘six-figure hamster wheel’.

So long as you do this, you do not own your business… your business owns you.

You set yourself up for failure instead of success because you lower you and your business’ ceiling.

  • You end up losing money because you’re unable to scale and keep growing…
  • Your once great customer service turns to a weakness, as it gets put to the back burner…
  • You’re capped at where you are, creating a low ceiling with little room to grow and scale…
  • You end up settling for less, desperate to find that new hire, new customer, new tool…

And all the while:

  • You end up losing money because you’re unable to scale and keep growing…
  • Your once great customer service turns to a weakness, as it gets put to the back burner…
  • You’re capped at where you are, creating a low ceiling with little room to grow and scale…
  • You end up settling for less, desperate to find that new hire, new customer, new tool…

So if you’re stuck on the six-figure hamster wheel and struggling to take the next step, chances are it’s time for you to transition into a CEO. These eight activities WILL help you make the leap, but I also appreciate it’s hard to know where to start.

Don’t worry… this is what we specialize in at 2X.

Right now, I’d love to offer you a complimentary 1-1 Breakthrough Call where we jump on the phone with you and help identify your biggest bottlenecks.

We’ll take you through the initial process we use for our clients, so you know what, how and where to begin. If you feel this will help you and your business, apply for this complimentary 1-1 call now →

We look forward to helping you take the next step…

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And if you’re like most business owners, you’re either stuck and don’t know what to do next… or you’re just working on the wrong things.

Either way, we can show you how to claim back ownership of your business, by working on the things that will actually move the needle for you.

So if you’re looking for guidance to get on track and achieve everything you want from your business, we’ve got your back.

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