6 Marketing Hacks That Will Help You 2X Your Business

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

I get it…

Marketing Is Exciting. It’s Fun.

I love coming up with new growth marketing ideas…

  • Creating new stuff,
  • Working on a new project,
  • Running the numbers of what COULD happen with a marketing campaign…

But here’s the reality… Even though I’m about to share with you some growth marketing hacks I’ve learned in multiple businesses that have helped me and others make millions of dollars, there is something important to understand:

Odds are, Marketing is not your problem.

I’ve worked directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners, and service professionals, and…


Not a single one.

In fact, I can’t think of a single business under $1 million that was ready for it. We work with a lot of successful 6-and-7-figure businesses at 2X, and we spend less than 5% of our time talking about lead generation and growth marketing.

Yet our average client more than doubles their business in less than 90 days.

Our clients come to us with already successful and growing businesses, but they:

  • Have seen their growth stall (and maybe even drop)
  • Are stuck ‘in’ their business, working too long and too hard
  • Have cash flow problems (and just know they are leaving A LOT of money on the table)

When we first talk, they always say some variation of “If I just had more leads, I’d be set!” Sound familiar?

Most entrepreneurs want to focus on marketing for business growth and lead generation, but from my experience in helping business owners grow their business, this stuff comes AFTER the foundational stuff is in place.

But none of the “experts” talk about this, because vision and strategy isn’t sexy. Whereas a list of the latest growth marketing hacks or hottest Facebook trends is… And I get it. I love thinking about that stuff too.

The problem is, if you focus on marketing like a growth hacker without a solid foundation, you may make things worse. All those awesome marketing growth strategies and examples create a dopamine kick for entrepreneurs and owners like you (and they make you feel like you’re winning and doing something productive… even though you’re not)

So in this article, I WILL NOT push the usual growth marketing hacks down your throat.

I have 6 marketing hacks that focus on the bigger picture, but even these will ONLY work if you set your foundation and business growth strategy with the right formula.

I show you what this formula is inside a special training video I’ve recorded, which guides you through the entire 2X Formula (click here to access it).


Once you’ve watched it — or if you already have an optimized vision, strategy and business model that’s making you millions — you’re ready to be a killer growth manager who can utilize the following 6 marketing hacks …

1: Focus On ONE

It’s crazy how many entrepreneurs I speak to that tell me about their different offers and products, and how they can help so many different types of people… Look, it’s easy to try and please everyone, and trick yourself into thinking you can. But the truth is, you can’t.

You need:

  • ONE Audience …
  • ONE Offer …

Get really clear on these two, make sure they’re aligned, and build your growth marketing strategy around it. Sounds simple, and that’s because it is… but the reality is most entrepreneurs struggle with this because they worry about niching down and committing to the wrong audience or offer.

This is why you need to get your strategy on-point before you start thinking about growth strategies in marketing.


Which is great if you have a GREAT offer that truly helps your audience, but this is a disaster if you don’t. (And most don’t, even though we think we do!)

So keep everything clear and simple. Give your audience one option. As soon as you offer more, you create a ”Paradox of Choice’ where your audience doesn’t know what they should choose.

So your audience does nothing because it’s easier to make no decision than trying to figure out the “right” answer.

I’ve seen countless clients and peers suffer through this, and I have been there, too. Regardless of what level of entrepreneurship they’re in, nearly everyone grapples with this issue.

In fact, I remember a launch we did not long ago where we tried to serve more than one type of person, creating multiple offers on a single product. On paper it made total sense, but in reality we didn’t even get 1/3rd of the conversions we wanted because we complicated the whole process!

It was a tough – and expensive – lesson to learn, but it’s helped us build and scale 2X in a big way by not following that same mistake.

Today… We have ONE core offering that we’re known for; our 90-day hands-on coaching program. It’s the same price for everyone, and it offers the same guarantees to all members. This keeps things simple and focused, and helps make what we’re trying to do (marketing, sales, fulfillment) way easier.

Keep it simple and focus on ONE, because once you do the rest of your growth marketing is easy.

2: Position Yourself

Once you have your ONE audience and ONE offer that helps them, you need to POSITION YOURSELF as the “go to” expert in your niche. Fail at positioning yourself and forget about scaling to the next level. (At this point, even the most basic marketing strategies will not help you.)

Because here’s the truth… We live in an amazing point in history where we can reach anyone, anywhere and at anytime. This is great, except it makes competition tough (REALLY tough!)

Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche fixes this, and once you become clear on your positioning… growth marketing as whole gets a lot easier.

So what do you need to consider about positioning?

  • Messaging: You need a clear message that communicates who you help, how you help them and why they should care. We have only the blink of an eye to capture someone’s attention, so communicating clearly what you do for your specific audience is the starting point.
  • Tagline: What is your ONE thing? How can you refine your message into a simple tagline that makes it really clear and simple about who you are, what you do and HOW you will help your audience?
  • Credibility: If you want to become the “go to” expert in your niche, you need to develop authority and expertise. Become a master at your craft. Show up at a high-level, in the right places (where your core audience will see you, often). This aligns with the next point …
  • Social Proof: The best way to sell is by having someone else sell for you. You do that through social proof. This is related to your reviews, testimonials, media features, influencer endorsements, etc. that represent what others think of you and your brand. When you combine this with results-driven case studies, you quickly position yourself as an expert.
  • Your Story: This piece is so important, because YOUR STORY is what sets you apart from all your competitors. Be unique and share your story – the good, the bad, the hero’s journey – as often as you can, and show them why you are the person they should trust and follow.
  • Platform: Then you have to put it all together. You can have all of the above five elements, but unless you have your marketing pieces congruent and professional, then it doesn’t matter. Having a professional platform, website, social media, and having all of the various pieces of your brand sync together is crucial for your positioning and success.

Align these six elements and you’ll position yourself as the “go to” expert in your niche. I’ve seen the power of this firsthand with my own business, as well as with most of our clients at 2X.

Take Brett and Victor, who have become the “go to” experts for real estate agents who want to use Facebook Ads. We helped them niche down and position their offer and marketing around a specific type of person.


Since joining the 2X Accelerator Program, they have 3.6X their growth in under 90 days, and are now at over $30,000 per month in recurring revenue.

Then there’s our client, Willem, who’s positioned now (after 15+ years) as a differentiated cleaning service in his local area, all because he changed the entire Positioning of his company to focus on service and an incredible end-result.

He stopped trying to compete on price, and instead positioned himself as the ONLY solution for those who want the best service and quality. He made a big promise and stuck to it, which leads us to our next big marketing hack …

3: Make A BIG Promise

One of the best ways to position yourself as the expert your audience needs, is to make a BIG promise to capture the attention of your ideal audience. I learned this in the book world when analyzing dozens of the top business books of the past few decades.

Take these as an example:


These three books make a clear, specific and BIG promise, and you need to do the same if you’re to capture your audience’s attention.

Of Course, Making A Big Promise Is One Thing… What Really Matters Is That You Then Back It Up And DELIVER!

This isn’t one of those types of growth strategies that tells you do one thing but then not deliver on it. You need to deliver. You need to make a big promise, and then not only do it… but surpass it. This is our aim at 2X every single day.


Hence the company name 😉

It’s a clear, specific and BIG promise that stands out to our audience, because they are at a stage where they need to scale their business (but are struggling to join-up all the dots). Doubling their business quickly is what they need, so they’re excited to take action.

Your BIG promise directs your entire messaging, and helps you align your social proof and testimonials to deliver on this.

But again… what really matters is that you deliver on this promise (every single time).

4: Be Consistent

At 2X we see too many business owners half-commit to growth marketing, worried about ‘spamming’ or upsetting their audience.

If this is you, you have to overcome this fear because you NEED to be consistent:

  • Show up, every single day …
  • Share consistent and congruent messages …
  • Get in front of front of your audience and then stay there …

Preserve, because until you do you will never get their attention. There’s just too much competition these days, so you have to become ‘top of mind’. Of course… You don’t want to become one of those annoying marketers that shares a lot of “fluff” (which is why positioning yourself and making a big promise is so important).

BUT you do need to presume that the majority of your audience won’t see your message first time around — and that even the ones that do will need some convincing before they’re ready to take action.

Just think about guys like:


They produce a lot of content, and they appear in front of their audience ALL THE TIME. They consistently turn up with relevant content, style, voice and tone.

They build presence and familiarity, and in time their audience not only grows, but becomes more loyal and engaged.

We’ve seen how powerful this is at 2X…

At least 30% of our business has come on the back of pure persistence, retargeting our audience with high-value and relevant content over many weeks and months.

In fact, most of our clients should have joined our 2X Program six months earlier, but they were:

  • Busy and distracted …
  • Didn’t have the time or money to invest…
  • Thought they could do it all themselves …
  • Unsure whether they needed our help …

So they waited and passed up on joining our program. Then, after weeks of consistent messaging that showed them what they need to know and how it works… they eventually joined our program and are off to the races in more than doubling their business.

Your audience will do the same thing, and the only way you’ll turn them into loyal customers is if you’re consistent and persistent with your company growth strategies.

5: Know Your Numbers

At 2X, our first step with a new client is to dive into their vision and help them create a successful strategy and business model. This sits at the foundation of our 2X Formula, and is fundamental to every single one of our clients (100% … without exception).

Something else that we ALWAYS focus on (with EVERY client) are the Numbers:


Unless you Know Your Numbers, you cannot build a successful strategy and make the best decisions in your business. This applies to your business as a whole, and especially to your marketing. No amount of growth marketing hacks or new trends will save you unless you Know Your Numbers!

Because without your key numbers, metrics and measurables, you have no idea what’s working. It’s just your opinion, and you’re relying on guesswork and luck.

Do not do this!

Track your key numbers, and then make objective, data-driven decisions based on these. Because when it comes down to it, the sole aim of your marketing is to get a positive ROI…


For every one dollar you put in, you need to get two… three… four… five… ten dollars back out. But this only happens if you know — and optimize — Your Numbers.

Once you do you can split-test, create adjustments and tweaks, and make the right decisions that incrementally improve your growth marketing until it runs on autopilot.

Once you know your numbers, you’re able to accurately predict how successful your growth marketing will be before you even implement it.

This is when a good business transforms into a GREAT business!

Now, we won’t go into what numbers you should track (or how) here, because we created a guide that shows you the 10 KPIs you NEED to know about at all times.

In my opinion, it’s the best guide we’ve ever created. It’s 33 pages of gold that will show you exactly what you need to know about mastering KPIs in your business, so grab your copy here.

6: Create A Strong Backend

This is possibly the most important piece of advice inside this entire article, and it loops back to strategy: and ensuring you have your Foundation set so you can enjoy long-term, scaleable success.

This is also why most of the marketing hacks you come across do not work, because most of them focus on small-term thinking — a single product, a single launch, a single campaign…

Business suicide!

There’s too much competition to build your business model around hope and luck. Whereas if you create a strong backend with a proven offer, fulfillment and service, you don’t have to worry about all those marketing hacks because you’ll continue to create consistent sales, referrals and ideas (often on auto-pilot, and driven by your best resource… your audience!)

A strong backend really is your best form of growth marketing, and in my experience it can make or break your business.

It’s something we take very seriously here at 2X, and we work with every single one of our clients (without exception) to ensure they have a strong backend that drives their marketing, sales, service and fulfillment.

Like How We’ve Helped Thomas And Cathrine…

Thomas and Cathrine run a web design company in Denmark, where they specialize in strategy and helping their clients connect the dots between their vision and their branding. This is a highly competitive industry, and they used to spend a lot of money — and time — on advertising and marketing.

But today they spend zero dollars on advertising, but have more than doubled their six-figure business over the last few months (all while travelling more than ever and tripling their prices!)

They no longer spend most their time working ‘inside’ their business, and they grow month-on-month through powerful word-of-mouth.

All because they have a solid backend that gives their audience A LOT of value!

This is what we helped them build, and we took their attention away from all those growth marketing hacks and lead generation tips they “thought” would help them scale their business, and instead focused on the foundational stuff most people gloss over.

All this comes back to what I said at the beginning of this article…

No amount of marketing hacks will save you unless you set your foundation with the right formula.

At 2X, we know what this formula is… I’ve used it myself to build several successful businesses (including 2X, which has scaled to six-figures per month within the first six months of operation).

More important, we’ve helped dozens of clients double their own businesses (at least) in 90 days or less. On average, we spend less than 5% of the time focusing on marketing, and we never talk about the standard growth marketing hacks you come across online.

In fact, marketing is element 10/10 inside our 2X Formula, meaning there are NINE ELEMENTS that come before it!

Instead, we focus on setting the foundation with a great vision and an epic strategy, and then build relevant marketing around this.

Do this and you WILL build a successful, scalable business. Don’t do this, and…. Well, good luck!

So if you want to learn what the right formula is (and the right order to do everything in), check out this 10-minute video that breaks it all down for you and will help identify exactly what you need to know about more than DOUBLING your business in the next 90 days.

Once you get this formula down, the rest of your marketing is easy 🙂

The Playbook To 7+ Figures

This has been called “the business Bible for 6-figure entrepreneurs”… now you can get it with exclusive bonuses for a crazy low price!

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