7 Killer Of Business Growth: What Holds You Back From Scaling To 7 Figures

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

Dear Entrepreneur,

You are your own worst enemy…

And even though you’re having some success…

Chances are YOU are the biggest bottleneck to business growth, stopping you scaling from 6 to 7 figures.

Because you’ve heard it before, right:


And when we translate this so it’s relevant to you and your business, right now…

What Got You To Your First 6-Figures,
Is What’s Stopping You From Scaling To
7-Figures And Beyond!

We see it day in and day out at 2X

6-Figure entrepreneurs with a lot of potential grinding it out, doing what they did to scale to 6-figures…

But don’t you seeThis is the exact thing holding you back!

You’re sabotaging yourself because what got you to here will NOT get you “there”: the same business model, same team, same mindset, same outlook, same tools

Clinging to all this is the exact thing that’s killing your business growth, freedom and control.

And our mission at 2X is to put an end to this: To double the amount of small businesses that scale past $1 million in annual revenue…

From a measly 4% up to 8%!

Think about that for a second… only 4% of businesses scale to 7-figures. Can you imagine the impact doubling this would have on the economy, and can you picture the impact it will have on you and your business if you join this 7-figure club?

Huge, right?!?

Well this is our mission, and we’re making it happen by:

  • Helping you optimize your business model for scale …
  • Ensuring you systemize your business so you can work “on” your business, instead of being stuck “in” it …
  • Giving you the tools you need to build a world class team and culture …
  • Making sure you double (at least) your business in under 90 days …

And most important of all… help remove YOU as the biggest bottleneck, so you’re no longer your own worst enemy.

If you’ve made it to 6-figures, we believe there’s no reason why you can’t scale to 7-figures (and beyond).

In this article, I want to show you the 7 killers of growth that’s holding you back.

This is what we’ve found after helping dozens of 6-figure entrepreneurs 2X their business in 90 days or less, and what you’re about to read is absolutely crucial to help make sure you:

  • Stop holding yourself back as your business’ biggest bottleneck!
  • Stop working longer and harder than you have to, so you can instead work “smarter”!
  • Stop going around and around the 6-figure hamster wheel, caught in “hustle mode”!
  • Stop working inside your business as a glorified employee, and instead work “on” it!

Once you overcome these 7 Killers of Business Growth, you too can scale to 7-figures and beyond.

Let’s dive in…

1. MINDSET – The Ultimate Bottleneck!

This sits at the center of all your issues, and it’s the biggest one that prevents entrepreneurs evolving into successful CEOs, Business Owners and Investors.

Seriously… Whatever Your Problem Is,
It Comes Back To Your Mindset (To Some Degree).

It’s not talked about enough in the entrepreneurial community, but until you recognise how important mindset is — and how broken your mindset is — all these other killers of business growth are pointless.

And this is something we ALL suffer through. I did for years. I brought an entire upbringing of beliefs and habits into my businesses, and most of these kept me locked at six-figures.

I only knew what I knew, and the truth is most of us don’t truly believe it’s possible to make 7-figures. We fear success more than failure, and we hold ourselves back because of this.

And I stayed this way until I hired coaches and mentors who helped me rewire my thinking and beliefs, and gradually optimize my mindset.

  • I broke through the $150-200,000 per year mindset and moved my mind and income to the $500k per year mark, seeing the impact this has…
  • I built a world class team, and realized what I was capable of when I let go…
  • I changed my outlook on money, and the role it plays in my life and found the priceless FREEDOM…
  • I reached 6-figure month after 6-figure month of revenue…

This didn’t happen overnight. I climbed the levels, and today I’m at a stage where I know I can start a new business and scale to $2 million relatively quickly. Today, I have a seven-figure mindset, but for too long I clung to a six-figure one.

Now… we could dedicate the rest of this article to mindset.
I don’t want to do that.

After working with dozens of clients at 2X, we’ve found a lot of mindset issues surround:

  • Limiting Beliefs (the views and outlooks you hold based on your upbringing)
  • Habits (what you automatically do, based on these views you hold)

Mindset plays a huge role in our 2X Formula, and it’s one of the first things we dive into when working with a new client. If you want to learn more about this, I encourage you to watch this training video …


Or if you’re ready to level up your mindset right now, schedule a free Strategy Call with us because this is one of the things we cover when we first talk to you.

2. CASH – You Cannot Grow Without Cash.

Once you get to work on your mindset, you free yourself to remove these other killers of business growth.

And the biggest has to be… CASH!

Growth sucks cash! If you don’t have cash in the bank, it’s REALLY difficult (and stressful) to grow and scale quickly (especially from 6 to 7 figures).

Because if you want to grow, you need to invest.

You need to invest $1 so you can make $2, but you cannot do this if you don’t have a dollar to invest with.

It doesn’t matter what your business or situation is, if you want to scale and grow you NEED cash in the bank. You need to invest (in people, inventory, tools, ideas, projects…), and the only way to do this is if you have CASH!

But it blows my mind how few six-figure businesses focus on this…

And it’s why it’s almost always one of the first things we focus on when working with a new client.

Take Thomas and Cathrine….

Before they enrolled in our 2X Program, this is how they worked with their own clients:

  • Charged a small fee up front…
  • A few weeks later, charged a ⅓ of the project fee…
  • And then, at the end of the project (often two months down the line) charged the rest…

They scaled to six-figures quickly, but then struggled to make the next step because they never had enough cash in the bank to invest properly.

Compare this to how we approach things at 2X…

The majority of our clients pay in full, up front …
Whereas a good portion of our team gets paid later based on results …


The result… CASH in the bank 😉

This allows us to reinvest effectively, so we can grow our team, marketing, operations and every other aspect of our business.

But again… so few entrepreneurs do this!

They remain in feast or famine, always chasing money and never having enough to invest or take the necessary risks you need to take to scale to 7-figures.

You cannot grow without cash, and it’s one of the biggests killers to your business growth.

3. DELEGATE – You Need To Let Go!

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, you have a ceiling.

On your own, you can only achieve so much, and in the beginning when you’re scaling to six-figures, this is fine. Often, you have to do most of the work yourself, and it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking nobody else can do it as well as you.

The thing is… you can’t do it all on your own.

You have to let go. The only way to scale to 7-figures is to remove yourself as the bottleneck, and build a world class team that allows you to work “on” the business (not get caught ‘inside’ it).

But this is hard, and the main reason is that entrepreneurs are afraid of being replaced. They build their business with “them” at the centre, and again… this is fine when you’re at six-figures.

But if you want to evolve into a CEO and
“real” Business Owner… YOU have to LET GO.

You have to let go of:

  • Perfection!
  • Doing everything yourself!
  • Of certain tasks you should NOT be doing yourself!
  • Micromanaging your team!

The truth is, YOU are most likely your business’ biggest bottleneck, and it’s not letting go that makes matters worse. I remember the time when I realized this, as I sat around a table with six other successful business owners.

Five of us were at a similar level, but two of the guys were way in front when it comes to business size, authority and success.

We went around the table asking questions, when one person asked: “What’s the number one thing that’s holding you back at the moment?”

One guy said cash flow and another said acquiring customers, and we all had our own excuses.

But then it got to the two most successful guys – who have made many millions of dollars – and they both said without hesitation,


They realized what most 6-figure entrepreneurs have not: That the biggest thing that kills most entrepreneurs from fast growth is themselves.

This is why we built our entire 2X Formula around removing YOU as the centre of your business. If you want to scale to 7-figures and beyond, you need to let go, delegate and build a world class team.

It’s hands down one of the biggest killers of business growth!

4. SYSTEMS – No Systems, No Business Growth.

When you’re growing to six-figures, you most likely don’t need a ton of systems.

In fact, systems and processes can set you back during these early stages, as you just need to validate the offer and figure some things out (THEN work on systems).

BUT… if you want to scale to 7-figures and beyond, you NEED systems (100%! No Exceptions!)

It’s a massive killer of business growth, and becomes a HUGE bottleneck once you start to scale quickly.

Because systems help you:

  • Repeat your successes …
  • Be consistent at all times …
  • Work with speed and efficiency
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Increase profits and reduce costs …
  • Delegate tasks to your team …
  • Build and train your team …

In short…

Systems Are What Will Set You Free.

  • They save you and your team time, optimizing workflows and processes…
  • They help you move faster as a business and provide more consistency…
  • They cut down on mistakes, and makes your whole business more efficient…
  • They allow new team members to jump into new tasks without issue…
  • They let you escape from working “in” the business and evolve into a true CEO…

Without proper systems, you cannot scale to 7-figures (at least, not without A LOT of stress and cost).

This is why it’s one of the key things we work on with our clients, as we guide them through our 2X Formula. We evaluate (and optimize) their business model, so we can identify their key bottlenecks.

One-by-one we address these, asking: how can we create a system to overcome this bottleneck, remove it altogether, and turn it into a strength?

In recent months we’ve helped our clients build:

  • Lead generation systems …
  • Hiring systems …
  • Onboarding systems for new clients (and team members) …
  • Sales systems …

A successful 7-figure business is made up of dozens of these systems, all designed to overcome these bottlenecks and optimize your business model and strategy.

If you’re still at six-figures, you will have several bottlenecks holding you back like this, and it’s important you address them one-by-one and create systems on the back of each.


An issue we see a lot of entrepreneurs go through is that they tend to focus their time on either:
  • Marketing (a.k.a. “The exciting stuff” to get leads) or
  • Fulfillment (a.k.a. “The work” we have to do to get paid)

They flip between the two, struggling to focus on both at the same time. But until you get a consistent flow of both (working on autopilot) you will struggle to scale from 6 to 7 figures.

It’s feast or famine…

  • You spend all your time marketing, so you can bring in new clients…
  • Then you get new clients, so you focus on fulfilment and service…
  • But then those projects end, so you dive back into your marketing…

Round and around the hamster wheel you go, caught “inside” your business as you hustle and grind.

Once you build a world class team and get your systems in place, you’ll get most of your fulfillment working on autopilot.

But marketing can be trickier…

The only real way to solve this is to create a consistent flow of lead generation that comes in as you sleep (whether you or your team are working or not).

The problem is you cannot solve this with a few marketing hacks or buying a course on Facebook Ads.

If you want consistent lead generation, you need to lay the proper foundation!

It isn’t about tactics… it comes down to solid strategy, which is why we focus on this early on in our 2X Formula. No amount of marketing hacks will save you unless you have your foundation in place:

  1. Focus on ONE …
  2. Position Yourself …
  3. Make a BIG Promise …
  4. Be Consistent …
  5. Know Your Numbers …
  6. Create a Strong Backend …

We won’t go into all this here, as I’ve already written an article that shows you how we create consistent leads for our 2X clients

Lead generation is a massive killer of business growth, especially when scaling from 6 to 7 figures.

But the reason it’s such a big bottleneck isn’t that it’s impossible, but rather too many entrepreneurs follow the standard marketing hacks and tactics that they find online. Please… don’t fall into this trap.

This is how to create consistent lead generation the right way, so you no longer get stuck in feast or famine as you flip-flop between marketing and fulfillment.

6. NUMBERS – You Need To Know Your Numbers.

Overcoming the killers of business growth we’ve talked about so far is great, because you begin to evolve from a hustling entrepreneur stuck “in” your business, to a successful CEO that works “on” your business.


You now have a lot of moving pieces to manage, and it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and vision.

And the ONLY way you can fix this is to … Know Your Numbers!

You need to know your numbers, all the time…

  • Financial numbers…
  • Core KPIs and measurables…
  • Key data points…
  • Income streams (and the 80/20 of each)…

You need to know what is and isn’t working. This is the only way you can make the right decisions and scale from 6 to 7figures. This is why NUMBERS play a fundamental role in the work we do at 2X


When we work with a new client, we start with their vision and goals, and focus on what they plan to accomplish. We then dive into their numbers and figure out if what they’re doing will help them achieve this or not…

I’m Afraid To Say, Most Of The Time The Numbers Don’t Add Up.

This affects cash, marketing, how you can invest into your team, fulfillment, and absolutely everything else inside your business.

So as important as all these others killers of business growth are, they mean little unless you Know Your Numbers!

We recently created a guide that shows you the 10 KPIs you NEED to know about…

In my opinion, it’s the best guide we’ve ever created, so you may want to grab your copy here >>

Entrepreneurs who don’t know their numbers will always struggle to scale up to 7-figures, whereas once you dial your numbers in… those other killers of business growth become a lot easier to overcome.

So take it seriously today, and make your life a lot easier tomorrow.


When we speak to a potential new client for 2X, we often meet a lot of resistance with this final point…

They say something along the lines of:

  • “I can help a lot of different types of people with my product / service” …
  • “We don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves in any one industry” …
  • “I’m worried if I niche too deep, I’ll leave a lot of money on the table” …

The truth is, you can make multiple 7-figures with most niches.
The problem is, too many entrepreneurs try to become everything to everyone.

It reminds me of this quote from David Allen, the author of ‘Getting Things Done’:

Generalists tend to make good 6-figure entrepreneurs, but terrible 7-figure ones. So if you want to scale and grow, you need to get clear on who you are helping and how.
  • Create one, clear call to action for them!
  • Create one core offer for them that transforms their lives.
  • Create one message that “speaks” to them.
  • Create trust and authority with THEM!

You need to become the “go to” expert, and you cannot do this with a call to action that speaks to lots of different people.

This is why we rein our 2X clients in when they want to speak about marketing or a new sales hack they read about last week. They often think these are the biggest killers of business growth, but the truth is they are almost always not.

Our 2X Formula begins at the beginning for a reason!

You need to have the right foundation, and you need to build the right business model.

You need to remove YOU as the bottleneck, and you need to build a world class team to take what you’ve created to the next level.

You need to rewire your mindset, because what got you here won’t get you “there”.

These are the seven killers of business growth we see at 2X, and as I look back on my own journey, I realize all seven have held me back in the past (costing me millions of dollars, and a lot of time).

The Good News Is… You Can Overcome (And Fix) All This Quickly!

We work with our clients to more than double their business in under 90 days, and we do this by guiding them through our 2X Formulawhich we designed to overcome these killers of business growth.

It works, too…

We helped Mitra fix her mindset…

Within the first 8 days of joining our 2X Program, she generated $62,000 of sales — after she had very little sales before coming into the program. We honed in on her biggest bottlenecks, and it wasn’t her marketing or offer or anything like that.

It was her mindset, and once she addressed this her business growth boomed!

With another client, we helped fix his cash flow issues…

He had the same cash flow issues for over a decade, and it had a huge effect on him, his business and everyone involved. We helped him addresses these “cash” issues straight away, and he now always has the cash he needs to make the necessary investments to grow.

Then there’s Alex, who tripled his six-figure business…

Practically overnight, Alex tripled his business because we helped him address his delegation and hiring bottlenecks. These had held him back for a long time, but we focussed on the team he needed (and the tasks he should not be doing), and his business growth took off straight away.

You can have the same results as these…

You may not scale from 6 to 7 figures over the next 90 days, but maybe that shouldn’t be your goal. If you’re currently at $20k per month, scale to $40-50k per month over the next 90 days.

Don’t hope for miracles… commit to realistic growth!

This is what we do at 2X… we don’t give false-hopes or empty promises. We focus on real results that our clients can achieve right now.

If you would like some help doing this, schedule a free strategy call with us.

We’ll figure out where your current level is, dive deeper into your mindset, and figure out which killers of business growth you need to overcome right now.

You can join the likes of Mitra and Alex over the next 90 days, and it all begins with a free strategy call.

So schedule yours, and let’s see how we can help you 2X your business over the next 90 days…

The Playbook To 7+ Figures

This has been called “the business Bible for 6-figure entrepreneurs”… now you can get it with exclusive bonuses for a crazy low price!

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