10 Proven High-Ticket Sales Tips You Need To Know

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

“Sales” has a similar effect on entrepreneurs as Apple does on the public… you either love it or hate it.

I understand this because I didn’t grow up loving sales, high-ticket or otherwise.

But as a business owner you need to adapt and learn to LOVE it.

(it’s a huge mental block many entrepreneurs have to overcome).

If, like I used to, you resist sales, it’s time to get over it and overcome this mental barrier that’s holding you back (and will continue to do so as you scale from 6 to 7 figures).

Resisting sales like this brings you nothing but problems…

  • It stalls your growth, and makes it near impossible to scale from 6 to 7 figures
  • It keeps you working “inside” your business, caught in the “hustle and grind”…
  • It has a massive effect on cash, meaning you cannot invest in your team or business…
  • It has you subconsciously not marketing like you should because you don’t want to have to do sales calls.

The cost of bad sales is real, and at 2X we’ve found most of these issues aren’t because someone is bad at sales, but they have a negative outlook toward the entire process.

We work with our clients to overcome this mental block and set our clients up for success with a great Sales System, because we know if you improve sales performance it builds confidence across your entire business.

I recently sat down with my lead Business Development & Sales guys to discuss the best sales tips for success we could share.

We’ve all learned a lot working with our clients at 2X, so the high-ticket sales tips in this article are proven, tested and will make a huge difference in your business.

These 10 Insanely Effective Sales Tips and techniques will transform you and your business…

1. Get Clear On Your Perfect Customer

The first big sales tip all three of us decided on was to know WHO you’re selling to.

This may sound simple, but it blows my mind how many entrepreneurs get this wrong: trying to be everything to everyone.

Here’s the reality… to get more high-ticket sales, you need to turn A LOT of people away.

(Which nearly every starting and low 6-figure entrepreneur is afraid to do. I’ve been there.)

  • You need to identify your ideal client…
  • You need to know their pain, challenges and what they need…
  • You need to know who you’re speaking to, and then speak ONLY to them…

One of the main reasons business owners have such a negative outlook on sales is that they think they have to sell to everyone. They trick themselves into thinking they have to “push the sale” on every lead in the funnel.

This is NOT the case!

Good sales is about pre-qualifying your leads so you only end up working with the “right” people.

If you do this, it means most of your sales calls don’t become about manipulation or scarcity, but rather highlighting how you can help.


If you try to get as many leads from the funnel as you can and sell to anyone you come across… closing high-tick sales is hard.

I realized this with one of my previous businesses, Epic Launch…

We helped authors become bestsellers, but for too long we tried to help any author we came across: fiction, non-fiction, business, self-published or traditionally published…

We didn’t have a core avatar, but as soon we committed to helping non-fiction, business, self-published authors… our entire sales process got a lot easier (and much more profitable).

2. Know Your High-Ticket Offer Inside & Out

Once you know who your core target audience is, you need to know what they need.
  • What’s their pain?
  • What’s their problem?
  • How can you help them?
  • What solution do you offer?
  • Specifically, how does your offering make their life better?

Your product/offer needs to solve this, but even if you build the perfect solution for your avatar, every person, every sales call and every situation is different.

This means you NEED to know your offer inside and out!

Assuming you are targeting a sophisticated audience, the moment you start “guessing” it’s over.

Whether it’s me, Mike or Elran on the sales call, we know our offer inside and out.

You need to know yours inside and out, too:


One of the biggest high-ticket sales tips we can offer is to approach each sales call as though you’re pitching an investor.

Go into it KNOWING the facts, figures and everything else.

As Mike says, “people know if you make something up or guessing on a fact or data.”


Know your product inside and out, and if you don’t have the answer… be honest with your prospect.

Don’t try and kid them, whatever you do… it will only come back and haunt you.

3. Listen To Understand

A big problem we often have to overcome when we work with a new client at 2X, is they assume they have to be a smooth talker to be good at high-ticket sales.


Confident, yes…
Decisive, yes…

But the ultra-confident extrovert who can sell anything to anyone… no!

In fact, the best-sellers are the ones who don’t talk much at all.

Because the best-sellers are those who truly LISTEN.

Not listen so you can then interrupt the other person and respond to their objections, but rather Listen to Understand.

If you take anything from this article of high-ticket sales tips and techniques, let it be this: Listen to your audience!

  • Listen to them…
  • Listen to their words…
  • Listen to what they’re saying…
  • Listen and understand what they’re telling you…

They have everything you need to know as a Salesperson, so shut up and let them tell you 😉

Slow down the conversation; don’t interrupt them; listen to their emotions, problems and pain; and ask questions based on what they’re saying.

Without TRULY listening… none of these other sales tips matter.

Because this isn’t about you… it’s about them.

Each call is unique, so as long as you know your avatar and offer inside and out… and then LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND

… everything else will click into place.

4. Be Personal And Relatable (Not A Salesperson)

It’s one thing to listen to the other person on your high-ticket sales call, but another to show them you’re listening.

The best way to prove this is to:

  1. Be Personal…
  2. Be a Chameleon (more on this next)…

It’s important to remember YOU are having a conversation with another human, and just because it’s a sales call doesn’t change this.

You are two people talking… that’s it.

Never forget this.
Speak with them.
Be personal at all times.

Whether it’s Mike, Elran or me on the call, you can guarantee we’ll listen and personalize our approach…

  1. I’m hearing what you’re saying…
  2. You and I have something in common…
  3. I love the passion you are showing on this call…
  4. Tell me if I’m hearing you right…

It isn’t about “we” or “you” or your business… it’s about YOU personalizing your approach and making sure they know you’re listening to them.

We’re taking their specific information, then bringing it back to those key specific points later in the conversation. It builds another layer of trust if you do this.

Be personal, and then…

5. Be A Chameleon

This single high-ticket sales tip has changed our entire approach to sales at 2X, and it’s something ANYONE can do.

(but only if you “listen to understand”)

It centers around the science of “mirroring”, which basically means you copy the other person.

  • Use the same (or similar) words that they use…
  • Mirror their language style and tone…
  • Mimic how loud or quiet they are…
  • If in-person, copy their body language and posture…

If you want to increase your sales, you need to become adaptable (a chameleon).

Listen to the other person, observe them and HEAR what they’re saying.

Then… mirror them.

If you personalize your approach and mirror theirs, you prove you’re listening and you prove this isn’t just another sales pitch.

Instead, you build trust and rapport, breaking down the barriers between you and their objections.


6. Believe In Your High-Ticket Offer

If you want to sell more high-ticket items, you need to be confident! Yet when we work with a new client at 2X, this is one of the common objections we face.

They say something like: “I’m not a confident, extroverted person; this is why I’m not good at sales.”

Look… this is nothing but an excuse!

Mike, Elran and I all have different personalities, and we each have our own approach to high-ticket sales. But one thing we all have in common is that we are CONFIDENT!

This has nothing (NOTHING) to do with being an extrovert or anything like that.

And it is far from being cocky or arrogant.

It simply comes down to believing in your offer/product, and that it WILL solve their problem.

You need to change your outlook from:

“I’m trying to sell this person something, and get their money.”
“This person has a problem and I can help solve it.”

Back when I was an employee for a big corporation, I became the #1 high-ticket salesperson not because I was extroverted (far from it) or had the best sales pitch (even further from it)… But because I had real confidence in what I sold and how we were going to fulfill on it. I went into every sales call striving to help the other person so they didn’t have to deal with the issues they were dealing with currently.

This is “real” confidence.
This is all you need.

The best way to get here is to turn your focus away from the result, and instead focus on the EFFORT.

  • Did you listen to understand?
  • Did you add value to their day and try your best to help them?
  • Did you lay the foundation for trust and loyalty (either now or in the future)?
  • Did they leave the call motivated and inspired?
  • Did you illuminate their pain and show them there’s a solution?

Flip the script away from the end result, and instead focus on the effort and value.

Once you do, you’ll grow in confidence, and this WILL improve sales performance in a big way.

7. Create A “NEED”

The point of a high-ticket sales call is to sell.

Yes, listen.
Yes, add value.
Yes, build rapport.

But don’t forget to make the sale.

All three of us agree this begins by creating a “NEED”, and connecting their problem with your solution.

When they come into the call with you, they have pain. You need to illuminate this and get them thinking about the result (what would life look like if they solved this problem…).

This creates a GAP!

And this GAP is the “need” you need to highlight…

During your call, this may sound something like:

  • It sounds like your pain is generating consistent lead generation, and this is creating a problem for you and your business because you’re constantly flipping from a sales focus to a fulfillment focus (living in feast or famine).
  • If you could overcome this problem and get consistent leads coming into your funnel, it would free up a lot of your time to focus on new projects and work “on” the business — and also consistent income to reinvest into your team.
  • We can help you do this, because our program shows you how to overcome this exact bottleneck so you can scale your business quickly, and optimize your entire business model for future growth.

The gap between where they currently are and where they want to get to is everything.

This is their need, and it’s your job to highlight this and paint a clear, compelling picture.

8. Paint The Picture

Creating a need isn’t enough, because the person on the phone with you needs to see it in action. When selling high-ticket items:
  • You need to paint the picture.
  • You need to describe (and show) your offer in action.
  • You need to capture their attention and help them “see” the results you offer.

A great way to achieve this is through storytelling…

Share stories of other people you have helped, and the impact it’s had on their business. Make it relatable, so they can imagine the impact it will have on their own business (and life).

Don’t focus on the price.
Don’t focus on the investment.
Don’t focus on the details.

ONLY focus on the value you provide and the impact this has on them and their business.


It isn’t enough to illuminate their pain and tell them you have the solution they need.

They NEED to see it.
They NEED you to show them.

Sometimes you can literally show them, depending on your offer or service (a demo, for instance).

Use stories and comparisons to paint the picture in their mind, because once you do you can help them overcome their objections…

9. Overcome Objections

It doesn’t matter how good at high-ticket sales you are, almost every single person you speak to WILL come up with at least one sales objection.

It’s YOUR job to help them overcome these…

When I spoke to Mike and Elran about this, we all had stories that came to mind…

And you know something…. These objections are natural.

You WILL come across sales objections like these on almost every call, and in every meeting.

DO NOT empower them!

Listen to them, sure… after all, their objections play a large role in you “listening to understand”.

But do not take sales objections like these as a HARD-NO.

In fact, use your most common objections to build the perfect offer for your avatar.

This is what we did when we first began 2X…

To build our Sales System (you can learn all about the power of Systems here), we sat down and created a list of objections we thought our ideal avatar would come up with.

We then tested these by having calls with as many potential clients as possible.

One sales objection that kept coming up (and that we predicted from the offset)…?


Our ideal avatar doesn’t have enough of it, so they would say something like:

“I just don’t have the time to commit to another program. I’m too busy as it is, so I have to focus everything on my business…”

We listened to this objection, but we DID NOT empower it.

Instead, we built the 2X Formula around this objection; addressing it and SAVING our client’s time.

We removed as much video content and training as possible, only focussing on steps that would save them time and reduce their main bottlenecks (especially in the first 7-10 days of enrolling).

They quickly saw how powerful our methods were, and that the more they worked with us the more time they saved. Then we helped them create systems that would save them even more time…

Within weeks they were making more money than ever and working a whole lot less!

When we’re on sales calls now, we still hear these same sales objections, but we now have dozens of amazing case studies that prove we can save you time (not add to it like a lot of programs do).

You need to do the same with your own sales objections, flipping them around so they become positives.

Don’t empower them.

Recognize them…
Address them…
Overcome them!

10. OWN The Conversation

This final high-ticket sales tip is a big one, and ties all these other sales tips for success together….

You Need to OWN The Conversation!

Owning the conversation doesn’t mean you do all the talking. As we said earlier, listen far more than you talk.

But you need to own it.
You NEED to direct it.

When we guide a client through our 2X Formula, we suggest they use the following sales structure:

1: Build Rapport
Start the call by building a rapport and earning their trust. Listen to them. Ask them to share their current challenges and Listen To Understand. Don’t make it about you. Don’t make it about your business or your offer. Focus on them, and learn more about who they are.

2: State The Agenda
This is where you take control of the call. Tell them what they can expect. Don’t lie to them and say you have nothing to sell. Make it clear that this a sales call, but that you would like to learn if you can actually help them first. Layout the entire agenda, and then take control of it.

3: Create Interest
This is where you create a need and paint a picture, and keep asking questions to engage them and maintain their attention. This is where you close the gap between their problem and solution and show them you have what they need.

4: The Trial Close
It’s here you may often come across those initial objections, so continue to listen, question them, and overcome them. Then… take the first step in having THEM “own” their situation by asking them if they agree they have a problem (and that your solution is what they need).

5: The Close
They are almost ready to take action, but it still rests on YOU to close the deal. Ask them for a commitment to purchase. Have them invest in their problem here-and-now, and own this.

OWN The Conversation.

You cannot pass the buck to them, and you cannot presume they will hand you their money.

Own the conversation:

  1. Build Rapport
  2. State The Agenda
  3. Create Interest
  4. The Trial Close
  5. The Close

This is the sales structure we use inside our 2X Formula, and this is the process we take with our own prospects at 2X.

This process brings all these sales tips together, and as I hope you now see…

  • It does not take an extrovert to be good at high-ticket sales…
  • It’s not about charisma or flashy words…
  • It’s not even about how much you talk…
Anyone can implement these 10 high-ticket sales tips and techniques, and as a business owner who wants to:
  • Escape the hamster wheel and no longer hustle and grind…
  • Scale from 6 to 7 figures so you can finally make a real impact…
  • Take control of your cash so you’re no longer in feast or famine mode…

We’ve helped dozens of six and seven-figure entrepreneurs do this inside our 2X Program, including…

Bastián, who created a whole new offer from scratch…

Bastián has more than doubled his previous business’ revenue, simply because he implemented these high-ticket sales tips from the offset of his new offer. He has everything dialed in, and he’s growing month-on-month.


Then there’s Brett and Victor…

… who are closing more than 50% of their sales since joining the 2X Program and implementing these sales tips for success They have gone from less than $6,500 of recurring revenue per month to more than $30,000!

They have dialed in their entire high-ticket sales process, and they are set to scale from 6 to 7 figures very soon…

If you can relate to this article, and you want the results Bastien, Brett and Victor have… schedule a free strategy call so we can learn more about your business and hone in on which high-ticket sales tips you should focus on first.

Our mission at 2X is to double the number of small businesses that scale past $1 million in annual revenue…

At the moment, only 4% of businesses ever scale to 7 figures.

Sales is a big reason for this, so let’s help you take the steps you need to scale from 6 to 7 figures…

We would love to help you, so schedule your free strategy call now >>

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