Episode 04:

How To Scale From 7 To 8 Figures FAST

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Do you find yourself getting stuck in the day-to-day in your business?

No matter how hard you try to delegate, you’re still in the trenches, spending pretty much your entire day in operations.

In this episode, we run through the exact steps to take you out of the trenches and into the CEO’s seat – and how quickly that can help you scale from 6 to 7…and even 8 figures and beyond!

  • The Vision: To scale quickly from 7 to 8 figures and beyond.
  • The Challenge: Ryan couldn’t scale because he spent 40+ hours per week on the “technician” work.
  • The Client: Ryan Pancheri, Co-Founder and CEO of REPS & Co.

The Result

His Total Revenue Went From $6.5 Million To Over $20 Million In 3 Months!

“We’ve systemized every process. We documented everything. Put them into videos. We built these processes and systems to be ready to scale.”
Ryan Pancheri
Co-Founder and CEO, REPS & Co.

Lesson #1

Start with the Vision

What kind of company do you want to create?

Do you want to be a solopreneur with a few supporting VAs? Or do you want to grow your company to become a large-scale organization?

Some want a lifestyle business and as much freedom as possible. Others want to build an empire.

There’s no right or wrong answer here, so think deeply about what your end goal is.

Action: Get out of your normal day-to-day and map out what you really want to create in your business (and life). Think 3-5 years out, what is your ideal Vision? Create this and use it as your North Star guiding your decisions…

Review this on a frequent basis to have it sink in. It’s a living document and not set in stone, so make sure to correct course if needed. We review ours on a monthly basis as a Team.


Lesson #2

Build systems to 100% in order to scale

Once you have a strong vision, and you’ve validated your offer, you need the right systems in place to scale.

Systems allow you to delegate or automate repetitive tasks.

A “100%” system consists of three things:


  1. Key metrics (KPIs) defined with proper tracking…
  2. All processes in place to support that system, and…
  3. Someone to lead the system and own the results.

Once the systems are in place, you’ll be able to consistently grow while removing yourself as the main bottleneck.

Chances are, you already have some systems in your company (and most of them stuck in people’s heads!). However, they may not yet be at 100%, which causes inefficiency and your team to not perform where they should be.

Action: Review your current systems and ensure that there are KPIs, processes, and an owner associated with them.

If not, then make the proper adjustments to get the system to 100% so you can get free from any “technician” work.


Lesson #3

Remove yourself from the day-to-day fulfillment

You might be the best at what you do, but you can always put the people and systems in place to be able to scale your fulfillment much better than you doing it all yourself.

At the end of the day, we only have 24 hours.

Let’s get yourself out of the weeds by implementing systems so that you can focus on high-level decisions to move the company forward.


Action: Each time an operations/fulfillment decision is needed from you, create a system in order to remove yourself from that decision moving forward.

Document the process, create any necessary videos, to-do lists, etc. so that your team can own that decision without your input.


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