What A Business Systems Is And How To Use It To Scale Your Business

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

So, you’re ready to scale?
You’re ready to get out of the day-to-day operations and finally get the freedom, money, and growth that you know is possible?

Well, meet your new best friend:

Business Systems

You know you need them…
You’ve probably heard about them for years…

So why is it most business owners don’t have them?

You know how important they are, and you plan to create them. Yet another month passes and you’re still where you were. WHY? Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start, or maybe you don’t know what a business system actually is.

If so, you’re not alone. It blows my mind how many talented and successful entrepreneurs I speak to who don’t understand how systems work (let alone which ones to use and where to start).

I’ve made it my mission to put an end to this!
To finally debunk the Business Systems myth!

Because at 2X we know how vital business systems are to your continued success. We built our entire business model around systems, and it’s what we help our clients build so they scale from 6 to 7 figures — and then from 7 to 8 figures — quickly and effectively (and then beyond this, way past $10 million).

Without the proper business systems in place, you CANNOT scale to the next level.
Without them you have:


If you don’t have the right systems, you have to hustle for every single “win” and sale.

It’s miserable. You may even find yourself resisting growth because scaling your business means YOU have to work harder and longer.

Is this why you started your empire? OF COURSE NOT!

The only way to escape this is to have the right systems in your business so you can finally work “on” it — instead of caught inside it as a glorified employee.

If this sounds like you, keep reading because not only will I define what a Business System is, but I’ll show you what they look like and how they work.

Our mission at 2X is to help more entrepreneurs escape the hustle so they can work “on” the business and have the time, money and freedom to scale past 7 figures.

Business Systems are at the heart of everything we do, and this is why …

What Is A Business System?

So… what is a business system?

You know you need them, and you’ve heard about them many times before….
But do you actually know what one is — and how they work?

Well here it is… the simple definition you’ve been waiting for:

A Business System is a repeatable, streamlined process that allows you (or anyone else on your team) to perform a task in a quick, seamless and consistent manner.

Systems NEED to be the building blocks to your business. When it’s just you doing all the work (or micromanaging your team) you can survive without them. But if you want to actually scale your business and build a team to do the work for you… you NEED Business Systems.

  • Without them, you cannot delegate to others and build a world class team.
  • Without them, you cannot expect consistent results across clients.
  • Without them, you cannot live a productive, efficient life (you or your team).
  • Without them, you cannot build a profitable, fast-scaling business.

You can systemize anything (and I mean anything).

No matter how creative, technical or complex the task may be, you can create a business system around it that ensures the same positive result each time (regardless of who on your team performs it).

I cannot stress enough that business systems are the lifeblood to all successful businesses.

I’ve yet to meet a highly successful $10 Million+ business owner or CEO who doesn’t obsess over systems, but most of our 6 and 7-figure 2X Accelerator clients start out not having their business systemized much at all.

It’s a huge barrier to the next level, and it’s one that will keep you on the “hamster wheel” forever…

WHY You Need Business Systems …

Your primary goal as a business owner is to get a lot more out of what you have (time, energy, money).

So, you want to do less of the work yourself and delegate as much as you can to others and via other sources of automation. This is how you can free up time to work “on” your business, and it’s the only way to properly strategize and ensure you push towards your vision.


It’s business systems that empower you and your team to achieve this.

They are a huge form of leverage (possibly the biggest form of leverage in your business), because they help you get more done in less time.

Beyond this, they also make sure that everything happens as it should!

This is one of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs: the fear that other people cannot do the work as well as you can.

A solid business system locks in consistency, ensuring whoever does the work does it the “right” way 😉

But the benefits of a business system goes much deeper than this.

It’s a long, transformational list:

  • A Business System creates autonomy: often, this involves a tool or piece of software doing part (or all) the work. But even if it’s a manual system, it creates an element of autonomy that ensures you achieve the same consistent results each time.
  • A Business System addresses a specific problem or issue: it takes something with a lot of moving pieces and simplifies it so you make less mistakes, create less issues and waste less time / money.
  • A Business System saves you massive time in the future: once created, a system does not require intensive thought or effort (from you or anyone else on your team). In other words, it continues to give — long after you create it.
  • A Business System empowers delegation: as soon as you have a proven system in place, you can delegate and outsource almost anything; with the confidence it will get done the “right” way.
  • A Business System empowers your team: with the right systems in place, your team has the confidence to take more and more off your plate. They help build a proactive team that uses their initiative, instead of a reactive one that waits for you to decide their every move.
  • A Business System lowers cost, energy and input: if you work from a proven system, you spend less time on the task. There are less issues and mistakes, which saves money and time. It helps you see where the bottlenecks are, which again… saves you money and time!

Business systems also make for happier customers and clients, because they get what they need quicker, more repeatedly, better.

They create a true win-win-win, and because they free you up to work “on” the business, you can scale your empire from 6 to 7 figures, and then even quicker past the 8 figure mark.


So… what do they look like?

What A Business System Looks Like …

A business system can come in several formats, and there is no right or wrong type for your business.

In time, you’ll likely implement all these into your operations…

Some systems are simple, and use just one process.
Others are complex, and involve lots of layers and processes combined together.

The key is to always keep things as simple as you can. The point isn’t to create an overly complicated system, but rather to show how something works step-by-step.

With this in mind, here are the most common business systems we use at 2X to create exceptional results

Here are the different types of business system …

Checklists: ​

These are one the simplest forms of a business system, as they create a list of necessary steps

The person doing the task simply works through it, “checking” each step as they complete them.

Here’s an example of one of the checklists we use at 2X:


This is another simple type of system that saves a lot of time and stress.

Templates can come in many forms:

Templates are effective because they ensure 80-98% of the task is already done, meaning the person managing the process only has to complete the final touches. It removes a lot of mistakes and human error, as well as saving a lot of time and energy.

In short, it allows you to easily do the same thing over and over without recreating the wheel.

(please stop recreating the wheel!)

Here’s an example of one of the templates we use at 2X


We live in an age where you can use tech to automate (at least part) of almost any process.

By using the right tools, tech and software, you minimise the amount of manual steps you need to take.

This is a huge form of leverage, because not only does it save you and your team A LOT of time… but it reduces the number of mistakes and errors that humans are prone to making.

A good example of this is that once a new client joins one of our 2X Programs, we use a Zapier automation to get them:

  • Set up with Basecamp account…
  • Sent the necessary onboarding docs…
  • Access to our training material and videos…

We still reach out to them manually, but we know certain (important) information is sent to them automatically as soon as they make payment.

This saves us time, reduces errors and gives our customers the best possible service.

Automation really is a huge form of leverage, and you can use them for email, lead generation and almost any other part of your business.

Video Process:

A video process is a great form of system, as it allows you to SHOW the other person what they need to do. This is especially useful if there’s a lot of moving pieces or layers to a task.

Writing it all down, step by step may over complicate things.
Whereas a video “showing” them what they need to do simplifies it.

Here’s an example of one of the video processes we use at 2X:

These are the most common types of business system, and in time you’ll likely use all of them. They save you time, and empower your team to take control and master their tasks.

You’ll add more and more systems the more you scale and grow; with more layers and departments…

But all this leads to the question… where should you begin?

What are the most important business systems you need in your business NOW?
AND… how should you use them?

The 7 Business Systems ALL Businesses Need!

We help ALL our clients implement the right systems into their business, helping turn their ‘hustle’ into a systemized Machine!

Each time we work with a new client, we offer a tailored solution to them.


BUT… almost without exception we start with one (or more) of these 7 Business Systems:

  1. Hiring Systems …
  2. Number Tracking Systems …
  3. Planning Systems …
  4. Employee Management & Review Systems …
  5. Financial Systems …
  6. Onboarding / Fulfillment Systems …
  7. Marketing Systems …

These are 7 Essential Business Systems EVERY business needs!

Without these you cannot scale to the next level, and you WILL continue to hustle and grind; caught working inside your business as a glorified employee.

These business systems set you free!

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