How Bastián nearly tripled his 6-figure business

With A Brand-New Offering…
In Just 90 Days!

2X Results - Bastian Ernst

What got you to where you’re at…
Won’t get you to the next level of success!

Most of the time, it doesn’t require something new to help you more than double your business.

Most entrepreneurs are sitting on a gold-mine already and just need to optimize that.

But Bastián Ernst from Wild Audience found himself with a successful 6-figure business that was NOT aligned with his ultimate Vision and goals.

So, we had to help him create and launch a new offering from scratch that was much more aligned with his goals of growth and freedom…

…and his results speak for themselves.

Big Growth Moments on the 2X Growth Program:

1. Foundation

The problem with most entrepreneurs is that they have a business model that requires a ton of hours or money invested to grow, so the profit growth is gradual at best.

The 2nd problem is that most entrepreneurs create a business that really isn’t aligned with what they REALLY want.

Bastián found himself with both of these challenges, so we started out month 1 by getting clear on the plan of action to help him more than double his already successful business.

“Getting clear on a model and offering that would work to scale was big. I realize more and more how much my old plan was making it tougher than it needed to be.”

Bastian Ernst

2. Ignite Momentum

Now with a lot of things cleaned up, organized and a clear direction in place, it was time to help Bastian implement a few key Systems that would allow him to scale.

Three of the most important ones: Sales, Hiring, and Numbers Tracking Systems.

Bastian implemented these one by one so that he could not only do them well, but do them over and over again as he grew.

And the tracking of his KPIs and finances helped him make a major step towards being a successful business owner, as these alone help dramatically with decision making.

“Having Managing Dashboards to be able to make data-driven decisions and understanding what's really going on in my business has been key. I’ve made a huge mindset shift thanks to your help, and know exactly what’s up so that I can communicate this to the team.”

Bastián Ernst

3. Scale Time!

With the team and key systems in place and humming, it was time to go out and SELL.

And Bastián did exactly that.

With a great Irresistible Offer, he started selling his new high-end program in a systematic way to his audience.

The result: He took his strong business, created a new (and way better) offering and business model, and did 2.75X the revenue in just 30 days to help him more than double!

“We changed my business model and were able to 2X as a result. And not only that, I got more control and have even more freedom to choose my direction and opportunities without money being an obstacle.”

Bastián Ernst

It Wasn’t Only What Bastián Worked On… But
Also In What Order That Really Helped Him Create

More Freedom, Profits and Momentum Than
Ever In His Business

What Bastián had to say about the 2X Growth Program:

If you need business coaching to double your revenue, then get 2X as your partner. I’m now taking off most weekends and have a much stronger, better business than I did before the program.

Bastián Ernst

Wild Audience

Bastián Ernst

Wild Audience


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