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Scaling Simplified With The 2X “Machine Methodology™”

Discover the proven methodology that has helped our clients generate $255M+ in results

We doubled from $1 to $2 Million while I’m 99% removed from the business! And we’re on pace to double again without me!”
Abbey Ashley, CEO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I was finally able to take my wife on vacation to Hawaii. About two and a half weeks there, we made $170k and worked only 4-5 hours. 2X has been invaluable - it's worth 100x what I paid for it.”
Kyle McKiou, CEO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was just doing way too much. And I wasn't focused, I was just in this mindset of like, I can do it best. So I'm going to do it, I'm not going to let anybody else do it.”
Karly McFarland, CEO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why we created the “Machine Methodology™”

Early on as a business owner, I repeatedly hit a wall when I tried to grow my business. The issue wasn’t talent, desire, or hard work. The constraint to growth was my time. Every time I tried to scale, I would become the bottleneck preventing further growth.

After numerous failures that ended with my feeling burned out, I approached the problem from an engineer’s perspective. What was I trying to build, and what are the components needed to make it a reality?

So I mapped out a methodology to turn scaling into a science that helped me finally break past 7-figures.

I knew how big a problem this is for others, so over time we’ve refined it into a methodology that we help our clients to implement and scale rapidly.

What is a Machine?

We have a motto that we live by here at 2X:

“Everything you want in your life and business is on the other side of building a machine”

Because your “machine” is the layer of your business that breaks you free from time constraints and makes you scalable.

It’s made up of 4 key elements. Click on each for a description:

Strategy: This is your overarching plan for how you grow from where you are now towards your vision. And it’s also the plan within each department for how you’ll achieve the key KPIs that will move the business towards your vision.

Numbers: The key metrics within your business act as a guide and give you clarity on the highest leverage activities you should work on at all times.

Team: A world-class team is one of the best forms of leverage to ensure your business is scalable and doesn’t rely on you.

Systems: Systems are the secret to making everything in your business repeatable, scalable, and eliminate key person risk.

The elements that make up our “Machine Methodology™”

The “Machine Methodology™” is a holistic approach to building a business that has a machine at its core.

Here’s an explanation the elements our “Machine Methodology™” focuses on:


Everything starts with your vision. You first need to know what you want to achieve so you can build a business that’s in alignment. Once you have a crystal clear vision, you then work backwards to create your strategy.

Click here for a deeper breakdown on how to create your vision.


You can’t build a $5M business on a $500k foundation. You first need a level of product market fit that is scalable to the level you want to achieve in your vision. So your lead flow should be scalable to that level.


Your machine is made up of the systems, numbers, team, and strategy within each department of your business. Usually we break these down into marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

Freedom to choose

The goal of our machine methodology is to get you into a place with your business where you have choice. Whether you want to sell and start another project, scale even further, or maintain your business as a low-maintenance cash-producing vehicle.


How things get done is just as important as what gets done. So we need to ensure you and your team are executing your strategy in the most effective and efficient way.

Leadership & mindset

Your business will never grow beyond your level as a leader. So you need to continually upgrade your leadership ability and mindset to achieve your vision.

How to implement the 2X “Machine Methodology™”

If you are the bottleneck that’s preventing further growth in your business, you have two options:

  1. Take the principles from this page and implement them into your own business
  2. Get the help of our world-class coaches to implement the machine methodology into your business and achieve your vision as fast as possible.

To discover more about how we can help you achieve your vision, click the button below to learn more about our coaching program:

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