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Episode 08: How to Productize Your Service to Take It to 7 Figures

Episode 08: How to Productize Your Service to Take It to 7 Figures

Episode 08: How to Productize Your Service to Take It to 7 Figures

If you’re selling:

  • Your expertise…
  • Your knowledge…
  • Your time…

Or your specific method of doing something, YOU are the expert.

That’s great and all… but there’s only one you!

So how do you scale your expertise beyond just you?

In this episode of From 6 to 7 Figures, we help entrepreneur Perry Jeffries get out of being a one-man machine, and leverage his core offer so that the model is truly scalable…

And as a result, getting him on the fast-track to that magic million-dollar mark.

The Vision: Grow from a one-man machine to a scalable model.

The Challenge: To leverage his expertise and get out of the 1-to-1 service delivery.

The Client: Perry Jeffries, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s CFO

“I want to be able to scale my business, automate my revenue and my income…and deliver something valuable to change lives.”
Perry Jeffries

Founder, The Entrepreneur’s CFO

[09:27 – 09:33]

The Challenge

[10:09 – 10:16]

Jess Chan: When I first came in, it was like 85% of my time was spent on fulfillment, and then we got in systems and became 10%. And then, now it's back up to like, 50%.


The 4 Main Pillars of Building A World-Class Team

[19:37 – 21:04]

Austin: Big takeaway that we have here is that if you want to get out of the weeds, yes, you need great systems, but you also need somebody to run the show somebody to replace you. And you need to build a world class team. We broke down the four pillars of how to do this, but what I want you to think about is exactly who do you need to hire next? What order are you going to do this and start to build out your team system this is one of the most important forms of leverage that you can have, possibly in your business of take this very, very seriously what most people do is they look at the hiring and building a team as this overwhelming, really complex thing that they then think, Hey, I'm just going to do it myself and they keep doing it themselves and they stay on the six figure hamster wheel.

[22:25 – 22:53]

The Utilization Forecast

[24:19 – 24:31]

The Top Lessons Learned

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Lesson #1 – Create a Free Irresistible Offer

When you first engage with prospects, they don’t know how good your service is.

They don’t know if you can deliver… The bottom line is, they don’t trust you.

So one way to get your foot in the door is to create a free irresistible offer.

That way, prospects can get a taste of the value you provide…and it becomes much easier to close them after the relationship is built.

Here are examples of offers that you can give away for free:

  • Introductory Audit
  • 30-minute Consultation
  • High Value eBook or PDF Guide
  • Self-Assessment Quiz/Survey
  • In-Person Workshop

Lesson #2 – Create a Leveraged Model to Free Your Time

As a consultant, Perry’s bottleneck was the amount of time he could devote to delivering his service.

If your business depends on you for fulfillment, you’ll run into the same problem that Perry did.

Remember, you only have 24 hours in a day.

Action: In order to get out of the 1-to-1 business model, you need to build out a team that can handle service delivery WITHOUT you.

This whole process starts with documenting your fulfillment SOPs (standard operating procedures) so you can systemize everything and eventually hand things off to your team.

For more on hiring, see Episode 2, where we help Jess Chan hire a world-class team to get her out of the weeds and into 7 figures.

Lesson #3 – Focus on ONE Core Offering

Especially at the beginning, it can be easy to fall victim to SOS (shiny object syndrome).

With all the different ways to monetize your expertise, you may be tempted to have multiple offerings.

The key however, is to keep it simple.

Focus on ONE core offering. And optimize that before moving on to the next.

Doing so will allow you to scale much, much quicker than trying to test multiple offers all at once.

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