Episode 07:

Shift Your Mindset, Double Your Business

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As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to start things.

  1. New tools…
  2. New tactics…
  3. New projects…
  4. New ventures…

But it’s wayyy more difficult to drive them to completion!

The first 60-80% is where the energy is high and the enthusiasm is flowing… but that last push to get something to 100% is where the real money is!

In this episode, we help entrepreneur Liz Cox get to the core of a very common entrepreneur challenge…

So she can EXPLODE her growth into 7 figures per year!

  • The Vision: Grow from high 6 figures per year into the 7 figures (WITH freedom).
  • The Challenge: To “get to 100%” on CRITICAL fulfillment tasks so she can be even further removed from working “in” the business at all.
  • The Client: Liz Cox, Founder of Books To Go
“It’s a lot easier to be at $60k/month (in revenue) than at $30k/month…because I have a rockstar team now.”
Liz Cox
Founder, Books to Go Bookkeeping

Lesson #1 – Create a Definition of Done (DOD) for Tasks

It’s easy to start tasks.
The hard part is driving it to 100%…when you might not feel like doing it anymore.

However, not driving things to completion means you can’t move onto other tasks/projects until you finish it, which ultimately can hold you back from growth like it has with Liz.

Doing new things and starting new tasks makes us feel good in the short-term, but finishing them is what really counts.

Action: Before starting a task, it’s important to define what “done” means.

That way, you can measure your progress, and know how close you really are to completing it.

At 2X, we call it the Definition of Done (DOD). It allows us to know what “100%” means and stay focused on driving that thing to completion.

Take a few minutes now to define what success looks like in concrete terms, and put a plan of action on how to achieve it for those top tasks and projects that have been lingering for months.

Lesson #2 – Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s easy to have someone else hold us accountable…
But as an entrepreneur, who holds YOU accountable?

Who’s making sure you’re getting what you need done?

The answer for most is nobody… and that’s not a good thing.


Action: Brainstorm how can you create better accountability for yourself?

Maybe that’s in improving project management in your company. Maybe it’s in having your team hold you accountable. Maybe it’s joining the 2X Accelerator Program like Liz has so we can now hold her accountable.

Whatever it is, we all need accountability, so putting the proper systems and people in place will help you drive a lot more results as an entrepreneur.

The freedom of being ‘the boss’ is great, but you need some accountability to move as fast as you know is possible.

Lesson #3 – Change Your Mindset Around Boring and Exciting

You want EXCITEMENT in your business.
Thing is, business shouldn’t be your main source of novelty and excitement. That mindset can work fine when you’re still in hustle mode and everything seems new…

But if scaling is exciting to you, you need to embrace the “boring” side of things.

You’ve found a formula that works, and your clients love what you do.

Now it’s time to stick to consistent, repeatable processes in order to deliver that world-class service…again, and again, and again to your clients.

Focus is what separates so many 6-figure earners from 7-figures, so stay focused and start scaling better/faster than ever. 🙂

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