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Episode 06: How to Eliminate Your Biggest Bottleneck

Episode 06: How to Eliminate Your Biggest Bottleneck

Episode 06: How to Eliminate Your Biggest Bottleneck

You’ve made it this far in your business through hustle and grit.

Your business likely still revolves a lot around you…


What got you to where you’re at WILL NOT get you to the next level.

Do you know what’s really holding you back?

In this episode, we go deep into how entrepreneur Ryan Rockwell started the process of removing HIMSELF as the bottleneck…

So he could unlock that next level of growth (and freedom!).

The Vision: To help 7,000+ yoga instructors grow their business and thrive

The Challenge: “Removing the Founder as the Biggest Bottleneck”

The Client: Ryan Rockwell, Founder of Grow Yoga Biz

“I realized that I need to be me, and the business needs to be separate. It needs to be alive and thriving without me being involved in all of it.”

Ryan Rockwell

Founder, Grow Yoga Biz

Lesson #1 – Separate Your Identity from Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you’ve put in countless hours to build your business from the ground up to where it is today.

Your business is your baby…

And nobody else could possibly care about it as much as you do.

As a result, your identity, self-esteem, and life becomes dependent on how your business is doing.

However, in order to make long-term, strategic decisions (instead of short-term emotional ones), you need to change your mindset.

Your business is a TOOL to create your dream life. That’s what it is. Use it as such, and separate your identity from it so that you can be fulfilled on the path to big growth.

Lesson #2 – Identify What You Can Cut Out

Delegating tasks can sometimes be difficult because you might feel that no one can do things as well as you.

However, your time is finite…

The more time you can free up, the better you can focus on how to drive your business forward.

At 2X, we use our proven XDS system:

  • X: Cut out
  • D: Delegate
  • S: Systemize

…in order to identify the low-level tasks and separate them from the high-level activities you should be doing.

By doing this, you’ll free up your day, one task at a time, until you’re completely free from the day-to-day weeds.

Action: On a blank piece of paper, create a 6 columns, and label them: task, time, tier, energy, XDS, and owner.

Starting from the beginning of your day, list out every business task that involves you, and note how much time it takes.

For the “Tier” category, write in either 1, 2, 3, or 4 according to the below:

  1. Admin level
  2. Technician level
  3. Managerial level
  4. Exec level

For the “Energy” category, note whether the task gives you energy or takes away energy.

Lastly, for the “Owner” category, write down who currently is responsible for the results associated with that task.

From here, it should start to become clear what tasks you need to cut out, delegate, or systemize.

Lesson #3 – Urgent vs. Important

Most entrepreneurs are stuck doing tasks that are urgent and important…

For example: putting out fires, hitting deadlines, and being stuck in the day-to-day hustle.

However, in order to achieve long-term goals, you need to shift away from the urgent and important…and move towards the non-urgent and important.

Action: Draw a 2×2 box, with “not important” and “important” on the x-axis and “urgent” and “not urgent” on the y-axis. (See minute [19:26-21:29] of this video for the overview of this.)

Starting from the beginning of your day, list out your tasks and put them into 1 out of the 4 quadrants.

Similar to XDS, the next step is to cut out, delegate, or systemize tasks one by one…so that you spend most of your time in the non-urgent and important quadrant. Those are your real money maker actions!

Mapping this out visually is the key to taking control of your time and focusing it on high-value activities.

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Key Topics Discussed:

[11:12 – 12:08]

The Challenge

[12:28 – 12:50]

Austin: (Simplifying) is the hardest thing to do. Because all of them are our babies. And we know it’s a part of the vision. But the only way that we ever get there is if we make things easier. Unless you’re different, we only have 24 hours in a day, and we aren’t going to spend it all working.

[13:00 – 17:10]

The Main Lessons: Systemizing Your One Core Offer

[18:04 – 18:28]

Austin: Because if you can then be in a spot where you’ve got the advertising, JV partners, and whatnot, and you’re already profitable by the time they come through this, this is just pure growth. So what you want is a machine on the front end, through Facebook, affiliates, advertising and whatnot, that’s continually feeding this…and it’s super scalable because you’re not involved in any of this.

[18:58 – 20:14]

The Top Lessons Learned

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