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Breaking down the real-life principles that matter to help you join the 4% of businesses that make the leap to 7-figures…

Episode 05: The 7-Figure Entrepreneur Mindset

Episode 05: The 7-Figure Entrepreneur Mindset

Episode 05: The 7-Figure Entrepreneur Mindset

90-95% of entrepreneurs are missing the mark…

Not spending their time on the right things,

Not focusing on the key drivers of a scalable, 7-figure business…

Are you one of them?

In this episode of From 6 to 7 Figures, one of my best friends Chandler Bolt and I lay out exactly what you need to focus on EVERY DAY – so you can start to build rapid momentum towards 7 figures and beyond.

Chandler is the Founder of Self-Publishing School, taking it from 0 to over $6 million in revenue by the age of 26!

The Challenge: XXXX XX XXX XXX

The Client: Chandler Bolt, Founder of XXXX XXX


I know by the time 7:50am rolls around, I’ve done more than most people have their whole day.”

Chandler Bolt

Founder, Self-Publishing School

Lesson #1 – Focus on the Core of Your Business

In order to go from 0 to your first million in revenue, you need to focus on two things:

  1. Creating a product or service that solves a REAL problem that people have.
  2. Be world-class at marketing and selling that product/service.

That’s it.

Don’t overcomplicate this.

At the business, it’s all about creating an offer that the world needs, and then getting it out there to the people who need it.

Until you have these two things dialed in, everything else is just noise or a distraction.

Action: Dive deep into your customer avatar and really understand their his/her pain points and buyer’s journey.

What keeps them up at night? Is it painful enough for them to hand you money in exchange for solving that problem?

Then build your marketing around those pain points, leveraging your unique differentiators and urgency to acquire new customers rapidly.

This is an important exercise, as many business owners THINK they already know this…when in reality, they haven’t dug deep enough into the core of why customers should buy from them.

Lesson #2 – 90-95% Don’t Spend Enough Time on Marketing

No matter how good your product or service is, marketing is where you need to focus most of your energy when making the leap from 6 to 7 figures.

Chances are, nobody knows who you are unless you’re already established as a major player in the market.

They don’t understand why they should buy from you vs. your competitors.
They don’t understand why they need to buy from you RIGHT NOW.

And they don’t trust you yet.

To see the same growth rate that Chandler has, you need to spend time daily on marketing.

Action: Choose ONE customer acquisition channel that is currently working the best for you, and double down on that.

Block off time in your calendar each day for growth-oriented activities so that you can jumpstart your lead gen!

Lesson #3 – Expand Customer Acquisition Channels to Go Beyond 7 Figures

Once you’ve dialed in your first marketing channel, you need to move on to the next one.

At the beginning, it’s important to focus on getting ONE right…

But after that, diversifying your acquisition channels is key to protecting your business from the feast-or-famine cycles that keep most businesses in 6-figure territory.

Action: Know your business numbers inside and out…

For example, your CAC (cost to acquire a customer), CPL (cost per lead), CPQL (cost per qualified lead), etc.

Once you know these numbers, you know EXACTLY how many advertising dollars you can put into a channel, and what results you need to turn a profit.

Start small and test with a reasonable portion of your marketing budget. Then once you’re able to hit the numbers you want, you can allocate a larger portion of the budget to that channel.

This will take you to 7 figures… and then multiple 7 figures fast. 🙂

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Key Topics Discussed:

[11:12 – 12:08]

The Challenge

[12:28 – 12:50]

Austin: (Simplifying) is the hardest thing to do. Because all of them are our babies. And we know it’s a part of the vision. But the only way that we ever get there is if we make things easier. Unless you’re different, we only have 24 hours in a day, and we aren’t going to spend it all working.

[13:00 – 17:10]

The Main Lessons: Systemizing Your One Core Offer

[18:04 – 18:28]

Austin: Because if you can then be in a spot where you’ve got the advertising, JV partners, and whatnot, and you’re already profitable by the time they come through this, this is just pure growth. So what you want is a machine on the front end, through Facebook, affiliates, advertising and whatnot, that’s continually feeding this…and it’s super scalable because you’re not involved in any of this.

[18:58 – 20:14]

The Top Lessons Learned

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