Episode 02:

Get Out Of The Day-To-Day Operations

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Your Team:

They can either be your greatest source of leverage to grow your business…

Or your greatest source of frustration!

For most business owners it’s a good mix of both!

If you’ve felt like:

  • You’re often pulled in too many directions…
  • Your team is not having the full ownership…
  • And you’re still stuck working “in” the business…

Then be sure to watch this Episode #2 of ‘From 6 to 7 Figures’ with great entrepreneur Jess Chan.

  • The Goal: Get to $100k Per Month
  • The Challenge: Jess Is Stuck In Fulfillment, Being Pulled In Too Many Directions
  • The Client: Jess Chan, Founder of Longplay

The Result

On Pace To Go From 50% In Fulfillment To Less Than 10%

“The team has taken on so much more ownership over their particular roles. They are just more empowered now to figure out how they can improve the processes themselves.”
Jess Chan
Founder, Longplay

Lesson #1

If you aren’t ahead with hiring… you are behind…
And that leads to more stress, reactivity, and is not good for anyone.

It takes time to find and hire amazing people, so the more that you can plan ahead, the more proactive and in control you can be with your team.

This is game-changing for you, but also for them, and allows them to have the best chance of success.

Action: Plan ahead your key hiring and team changes at least once a month looking out the next 3-6 months.

Lesson #2

Building a world-class Team is on YOU. It’s your responsibility.

It’s so easy to often blame the team… but we as leaders have to take it as our duty to set them up for success and give them the proper systems and guidance to make their job easy.

That’s a total shift from expecting a superhero to come in and save you.

Make it your responsibility to set them up for success.

Action: Block off 1 hour in the next week to create some training/systems or provide feedback to help one of your key employees improve. This one hour will have a big effect on them and you, and show you what’s possible.

Lesson #3

We talk about the 4 key pillars of building a world-class Team that we talk about with our 2X Accelerator Program clients comes down to:

  1. Hiring
  2. Onboarding
  3. Managing
  4. Development

Most 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs are pretty bad at all of these (even though they think they’re pretty darn good at 1 and 3)…

But to really build a world-class Team, you need great systems and processes for each one of these.

Your employees/contractors can be either your greatest source of leverage and growth (and fun)… or your kryptonite that holds you back.

You choose.

Action: Review each of these four areas and see your big gaps and areas of improvement. And let us know how we can help you here!

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Key Topics Discussed:

[09:27 – 09:33]

The Challenge

[10:09 – 10:16]

Jess Chan: When I first came in, it was like 85% of my time was spent on fulfillment, and then we got in systems and became 10%. And then, now it’s back up to like, 50%.


The 4 Main Pillars of Building A World-Class Team

[19:37 – 21:04]

Austin: Big takeaway that we have here is that if you want to get out of the weeds, yes, you need great systems, but you also need somebody to run the show somebody to replace you. And you need to build a world class team. We broke down the four pillars of how to do this, but what I want you to think about is exactly who do you need to hire next? What order are you going to do this and start to build out your team system this is one of the most important forms of leverage that you can have, possibly in your business of take this very, very seriously what most people do is they look at the hiring and building a team as this overwhelming, really complex thing that they then think, Hey, I’m just going to do it myself and they keep doing it themselves and they stay on the six figure hamster wheel.

[22:25 – 22:53]

The Utilization Forecast

[24:19 – 24:31]

The Top Lessons Learned

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