Episode 01:

Stop Solving The Wrong Problem, And Start Scaling

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You can work as hard as you want…
But if you aren’t solving the right problem, then you will NOT get ahead!

So many entrepreneurs think their problem is sales or marketing… when in fact it’s something else entirely.

Today in this episode of ‘From 6 to 7 Figures’, we break it all down to show you what matters and why. Check it out!

  • The Goal: To Become #1 PR Company For Influencers
  • The Challenge: “My Sales Conversions Suck”
  • The Client: Ulyses Osuna, Founder of Influencer Press

The Result

Ulyses’ Revenue Climbed 74.6% In ONE Month From His 6-Month Average!!

“You gave us that clarity… And the sales process just got entirely easier.”
Ulyses Osuna
Founder, Influencer Press

Lesson #1

Until you level-up your mindset, you cannot scale from 6 to 7 figures. But even when you become aware of your limiting beliefs, habits and the rest… you need to get your strategy on-point!

Because a six-figure strategy is built around “hustling” and “figuring it out” and validating your offer…

This is NOT how you build a seven-figure business!

A seven-figure strategy is all about figuring out how to leverage you and your team, and making sure your business model is set up to actually get above $1 million.

But hardly anyone at six-figures does this!

We see it all the time at 2X, where potential clients tell us about their plans for a multiple seven-figure business, but then we dive in and realize the numbers, business model, and strategy DOES NOT add up!

When it comes to scaling from 6 to 7 figures, mindset is ALWAYS the most important first step to take.

Lesson #2

After working with so many 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs, we’ve found to get the traction and growth that you dream of, you need to know this:

There is an order to things!

We call that order the 2X Formula and our other main frameworks within this…

Stop working hard on the wrong problem and you’ll start making growth so much easier.

Lesson #3

Getting hyper clear on WHO you are serving is a truly critical piece…
Because it has such a trickle effect on what to offer them, how to market to them, what their pains and goals are, how to price, how to position yourself, etc…

Most think they have a sales or marketing problem, but it’s often because they aren’t clear on their ideal customer. And even if they are, they’re afraid to go after that one specific avatar.

We’ve seen over and over again that this focus and understanding of WHO your ideal customer is makes all of the difference in the world and will help you get the massive traction just like it has for Ulyses.

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Key Topics Discussed:

[04:49 – 04:57]

Ulyses Osuna: Probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned is like being able to identify your bottlenecks, what’s not working, why is it not working? And then how can you fix that so you can grow?

[04:58 – 05:26]

Austin: Let’s talk about the mindset of having to get to seven figures. So as soon as we started talking about this, we initially gave you a different name. Because like the person that got you to multiple six figures is actually not only not the person that’s going to get you to seven, it’s actually probably the person is going to hold you back and those habits and that thinking and whatnot. So talk about the mindset that’s needed to get to seven figures that you’ve learned so far, and what you’re developing. And then we’ll talk about some of the challenges that you faced with the mindset

[05:26 – 05:56]

Ulyses Osuna: For sure. Yeah, that was also a big thing. Like you guys started calling me “U7”. And without doing is like if programming me to think like what would a seven-figure entrepreneur in my position do? Right? And we usually don’t think that we just do whatever works or we’re just kind of striving to get by but having that like shift in your mind where it’s like, Okay, if I were to hire or if somebody were to come into my place, what would they do to grow this company? And just having that awareness is like massive just for like deep thinking and critical thinking.

[05:57 – 06:15]

Austin: Because you just protect your time differently. You make different decisions. You stop getting in the weeds and doing everything yourself and start looking at as a true business owner. So it’s just a huge mentality shift. Well, I’m excited to break down your business in more detail, see what the challenges are that are holding us back right now and most importantly, help you get to that first seven figures.


The Problem to Solve


The Ideal Avatar

The REAL “Sales” Problem Identified
The Explanation Of the Real Problem
[15:22 – 18:49]

Austin: All right. And if we have this offer this put together and we’re communicating this offer to influencers over here who are completely different person than brick and mortar business owner over here, guess what’s going to happen? The conversions aren’t gonna happen. Right?

One of the first things that we’ve worked on and the first things that we always got to get clear on is what is the business model? And is the business model really set up? So with this, we’re looking at, are we selling the right stuff to the right people at the right price with the right positioning in a way that can scale?

We don’t talk about marketing or anything else until we’re confident in these pieces, right. So what we’ve got to do is look at offer? Is it an irresistible offer? If not, we’ve got to make it better. Who are we selling it to? And this will help us create the offer and the way that we position the offer and the way that we communicate it so that it is a painkiller.

So we’ve got to get really, really clear on this and make sure that these all lineup. So we’re good on your price. I think your price is good for now. I think that your positioning in the company’s called what it’s not called brick and mortar press, influencer press and the whole brand like who would get you fired up? Would you like to be the leader of influencers or do you like to be the leader of brick and mortar?

Right? We gotta get in flow man. And I really, really think that you’re right people are the ego-driven people that want to be celebrities for lack of a better way of saying it. And this is not a bad thing.

They should hear it and be like, Oh, man, you created this for me. If they don’t feel that, they’re going to say, Oh, yeah, that sounds cool. I’d love to have that. They’re never going to exchange their credit card information with you.

[18:51 – 19:44]

Austin: Right now, these two aren’t matching up. And then people will say, I just need more leads and sales. Team sucks. For sales conversion sucks. They’ll say these two things when it’s not a leads problem, and it’s not a sales problem. It’s we still we’re still in the business model. We’re still not having an irresistible offer for the perfect avatar that we can help serve. That’s going to be like, yeah, you made that for me. Right? And if we don’t have this, then we’re going after too many different types of avatars. We’re communicating to too many different people, and we’re not getting the proper feedback and proper information.

[19:47 – 20:28]

Austin: This is going to feel so much more natural for you so much more natural for Francis so it’s more natural for the positioning of the company. Like what we found here, guys, is as we go through things, if the initial foundational items are not in order, then we start to try to solve the wrong problem. How much time and energy have we put into these two things? Have you put into these tax sales and marketing, right? When the 80/20 is actually back here, right on the positioning setup of it. And now we can actually start to get some feedback and traction now we can know how to better market once we get this really, really know it.

[20:39 – 25:05]

The Recap of the Big Lesson

Austin: Alright, so the big takeaway here with Ulyses is that you can work your butt off. But if you’re not solving the right problem, then what’s it all for? So many times we think that it’s this one thing that’s holding us back or we think that it’s this other thing and we’ve been working hard on this thing for potentially months, but we’re just not quite getting the traction. Here’s the thing that I found working with so many businesses and this is why we’ve actually designed 2X in our 90-day program. And the way that we have is that there is an order to things. It’s not only important what you focus on, it’s what order that that matters so much is absolutely crucial. So most people are focusing on sales and marketing, I just have a leads problem. I just have a sales conversion problem, when in reality, we got to go back to the basics, we’ve got to look at what are you selling? Who are you serving? Are you filling a pain? If we can get this stuff, right? We’re going to set up the marketing for success.

So that’s the big takeaway here. Are you working on the right problems? In the right order?

[25:12 – 25:32]

30 Day Check-In Results

[25:33 – 26:20]

Ulyses Osuna: Yeah, I think you’re right. Like when when when I was there, the biggest thing was we just didn’t know who the ideal avatar was. And because of that, we didn’t know what the ideal pain points were. We just couldn’t identify who that person was. And I think now, literally, in the past 30 days, we’ve created a sales process an audit to clearly identify, okay, who’s actually qualified, you know, a definition of qualified and then once they hop on that audit. We understand their pain points so we can guide them through the entire process. And now that’s, that’s converting, which is like, you know, it’s been a lifesaver because as you know, and Chandler knows, that’s been the biggest bottleneck in the business for a long time.

It’s something that we’ve always kind of just like, brushed off. But now we took it on. And you gave us that clarity. And we’re just in a much better position now. It’s just a confidence booster, as well.

[26:31 – 26:56]

Austin: Yeah. It’s crazy. So like, once you get clear on what you’re selling into who and it’s the right thing, it has such a big triple trickle effect because it led to the marketing, it led to the improvement in the sales system, it led to the improvement in conversions that which leads to the confidence which leads to the bank account…

[26:56 – 27:58]

Ulyses Osuna: If you sell a vitamin to some to somebody, it’s only when they’re ready to optimize their life, and everybody’s ready to optimize their life. However, if you offer them a painkiller, like they’re going to take it more than you know more than they would ever take a vitamin. So once we’ve kind of identified and gotten very clear on that, the sales process just got entirely easier.

[27:59 – 28:35]

Austin: Yeah, We’ve worked with now I’ve personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and influencers and business owners all across the world. And literally 100% of the time, we have changed their model in some way, shape or form. Maybe it’s the avatar, maybe it’s the way that it’s fulfilled, maybe it’s the offers that we have, maybe it’s all of the above, maybe it’s the whole Model ONE system, but we’ve changed it 100% of the time, but if you get that right, then you’re on a trajectory to be able to scale and you’ve seen that so keep it up, man. We’re excited to check back in after another 30-60 days to see where you’re at because you got some momentum now behind you…

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