How Erin Built A Thriving 7-Figure Business Without The Stress

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

Want to run a business without stress? Sometimes the growth of your business can lead you into a false sense of security.

Because, on the face of it, things are going well. You have a great product that people love, and your revenue is steadily increasing.

But under the surface, things are getting increasingly unwell at scale. Because you cannot escape the #1 rule of scaling a business:

“You Cannot Scale What's Broken.”

If marketing and lead generation is your primary focus, then you’ll run into problems as you scale because you’ll soon discover:
  1. That your systems aren’t solid enough to cope with increased demand.
  2. And your team isn’t set up to thrive in a bigger business, so things get chaotic.
So what was once a positive situation soon becomes a nightmare, as hairline fractures turn into huge cracks that threaten to rip your business apart. This is the challenge that 2X superstar client, Erin, ran into as she scaled her business. From the outside, she had what anyone would describe as a successful business. Her business was doing incredible work with their clients, and she scaled to high-6-figures. And yet everything she was doing within her business was creating more stress. So while her clients saw incredible results, she was declining on a personal level because everything was built around her. And continued growth in the business meant she was working more and working harder to deliver better results. So Erin began working with us at 2X to unlock the vast potential in her business to drive continued results for her clients whilst also giving her what she wants in life. As Erin said,

“My company has transformed,”

“We’re continuing to get amazing results. But with the right people in the right roles, my stress levels have drastically declined.

I now have the team and the systems in place to grow without everything falling to me.

Last year we set a revenue goal, and with the help of 2X, we almost doubled it, which was absolutely phenomenal and completely unexpected. We’re now on pace to crush our revenue goals again this year.”

It has been an incredible journey and a success story that we’re incredibly proud of at 2X.

So I want to share with you 3 top tips for getting results like Erin to:

  • Build a business that’s ready to scale
  • Remove the stress from growth
  • And give you everything you wanted from your business when you started.

Tip #1: Work On The Right Things In The Right Order

“Let’s get more leads and clients” is the first instinct many business owners have as they try to drive growth.

But Erin’s story should be a cautionary tale. Because if your first action is to throw leads and clients at your business, it’ll magnify your existing problems. You’ll be saying goodbye to the idea of a business without stress.

So the first thing we showed Erin is:

“There Is A Very Important And Strategic Order To Things.”

And marketing is not what is most important for many businesses… at least not to start!

Marketing is the last primary focus when it comes to building a consistent, repeatable, fast-growing business without stress. It’s going to scale without your hours and grit.

I know this may be a shock, and it’s counterintuitive to everything you’ve learned to date, but we’ve proven it repeatedly.

Do you need marketing? Absolutely. No question about it.

Without leads, you wouldn’t have a business.

But to scale from six to seven figures and do so FAST, you need to work on the right things in the right order.

If even one piece is off, you won’t get the results you know are possible.

And this is precisely why most entrepreneurs are stuck and not growing even though they’re working hard and trying a lot.

When you focus on building a solid foundation, marketing then becomes so much easier and better. Trust me.

Let me put it this way: In the first 90-day sprint of our 2X Accelerator program, we directly talk about marketing less than 10% of the time.

Still, our average six-figure client has more than doubled their revenue.

That’s in just 90 days!

How is this? There is so much value in driving more growth by building a strong foundation.

It is not about tactics, as most teach.

If you don’t have a clear strategy, an irresistible offer, fulfillment and operations not ready to go, you are stuck in the weeds or aren’t clear on your numbers, then marketing tactics won’t work.

You’ll be burning a lot of money and time trying to force people to buy from you. 

Tip #2: To Run a Business Without Stress, Create Bullet-Proof Systems

If you want a business without stress and have it ready to scale and sets your team up for success, so you’re not dragged into the day-to-day like Erin was…

Then systems are the single greatest form of leverage in your business.

If you have the right systems in place for each part of your business, you have more repeatability, consistency, scalability, and, most importantly, you have a mechanism you can delegate to someone else.

Do this enough times, and your business won’t need you!

Adopting systems and getting you free from your business requires a mindset shift. In school, a job, or even when starting a business, we’re taught to make ourselves irreplaceable.

Our egos get a dopamine hit out of being needed. We feel special and important. We have a purpose! So subconsciously, whether we realize it or not, we teach ourselves to keep our business needing us. Our ego loves when we are the smartest, or our clients need us.

But the path to success and freedom in business means doing the opposite:

Creating the structures and systems for a company that doesn’t need you.

Once you’re in this position, you can work “on” the business, do the things that truly grow it, start earning more money than ever before, and…You can take as many vacations as you want (for as long as you want) and finally be able to 100% relax when you do!

This isn’t a fairytale. This is what’s possible.

We see it day in and day out with private clients. And frankly, it’s good for your business.

The uncapped upside and true time freedom to do what you want when you want is a big part of why you got into business, to begin with, so let’s get you free…and schedule that vacation!

Tip #3: Build A World-Class Team

One of the keys to Erin’s transformation is that she swapped out employees who were a bad fit for her team with some A-players who are an excellent fit for her culture.

But as the CEO, you must set your team up to WIN.

So it all starts with you, and this is the first major key to a world-class team.

You have to make the shift to take on responsibility. You are responsible for their success. You are responsible for ensuring they have the systems, training, support, feedback, and infrastructure to thrive.

It is your responsibility to make things so clear and easy that they cannot fail!

Most entrepreneurs are so busy doing, doing, doing that they don’t make much time for their team. But getting the right people set up for success is one of the best forms of leverage you can to create a business without stress.

To get to seven figures, you have to make this shift. Stop hoping for unicorns and make it your responsibility to help them succeed.

Think of McDonald’s. They have the training, systems, and processes to make it easy for any average Joe off the street to make a Big Mac just as well as anyone else! And they can do so with speed and accuracy.

McDonald’s has mastered making things turnkey, and it’s one of many reasons they are one of the top companies in the world.

You don’t have to be McDonald’s to use this mentality and take responsibility for your team’s success. Put the training, systems, and infrastructure in place so you can hire good people and make them great!

Want to have your team perform at a much higher level?

Make things so simple…so clear…so easy that your team cannot fail. It’s your responsibility.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Austin, I don’t have the time to do any of those things.”

That’s why in our program, we show you how to free up time first, because you do, in fact, have time! You’re just not using it properly.

Because imagine how much time you’d have if your team were properly trained.

Imagine if you helped them with the systems they need to do their job at a high level. What would that mean for your company long term?

It’s a priceless shift to make… and one that will keep you free from the weeds.

It’s easy to blame your team. It’s easy to be frustrated with them, knowing they’re not doing things as well or as fast as you can. But you can choose to feel special or choose to be successful.

The choice is yours.

We’ll Guide You To Work On The Right Things In The Right Order And Run Your Business Without Stress

We all need a helping hand in this lonely world of business. Gee, even Zuckerberg leaned on Steve Jobs for guidance.

And if you’re like most business owners, you’re either stuck and don’t know what to do next… or you’re just working on the wrong things.

Either way, we can show you how to claim back ownership of your business, by working on the things that will actually move the needle for you.

So if you’re looking for guidance to get on track and achieve everything you want from your business, we’ve got your back.

We’ve coached and mentored 100s of business owners just like you. So there isn’t a problem our team of world-class coaches can’t help you overcome with personal one-on-one guidance and the support of our proven growth methodology.

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