Could More Vacation Help Your Business?

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

Imagine if, right now, you took off on a two-week no-strings-attached vacation away from your business…

Where you are 100 percent off the grid, fully disconnected, with no:
  • Internet
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Connection to your email or team

What would happen to your business?

What would happen to your income? Your team and operations? Your clients and customers?

And most importantly, how would you feel?

Would you be on the beach, toes in the sand, without a care in the world? Or would your little vacation morph into two weeks of stress as you try to enjoy family time but can’t stop worrying about all that you aren’t doing for your business?

Most business owners would have to admit it looks more like the latter.

Well, I’m here to tell you: that is not OK! That is not why you started your business. That is not what success is.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, business success is a key part of your dream life. That’s OK. What’s not OK is when we get so consumed by our businesses that we lose track of what’s really important.

But the fact is:

If you can’t take two weeks off from your business, you don’t have a business. You have a self-employed job.

You have a trap that you’ve created for yourself, creating more work and stress with less of what you really want.

I’ve been there. And unfortunately, this is the reality for the vast majority of entrepreneurs—whether they realize it or not.

We have to fix this, and we will—one strategic step at a time.

The solution is to get your business ready for a two-week vacation where you are fully disconnected from your business. We call it “The 2-Week Vacation Test™”, and it will show you the true health of your company. 

Now, as you go on that extended break fully separated from your team, operations, and clients, one of four outcomes will happen. We break these down into four stages:

  • Stage 1: Your business fails quickly without you operating it.
  • Stage 2: Your business slowly fails and starts to fall apart without your direction and work.
  • Stage 3: Things are able to operate fine without you temporarily, but the business does not advance while you’re out.
  • Stage 4: Your business still thrives and grows without you!

Stage 4 is where you want to be.

The new book, The 2-Week Vacation Test is all about getting you to Stage 4—where things can run, thrive, and grow without you!

Once you’re a Stage 4 business:

  • Your team and operations are set and thriving (without you)
  • You can work as much or little as you want (and on the things you enjoy)
  • Your team has more autonomy and ownership, leading to more satisfaction and growth
  • You are recharged and energized, in control of your time
  • You can see your business so much more clearly and strategically, knowing exactly what you need to do to improve
  • You are exponentially more likely to scale, as your business is no longer dependent on your hours

Once you’re here, you can achieve the business success and life you dream of!

Plus, you then have optionality. Do you want to scale faster? Work less while you still produce strong profits? Exit for a high valuation? You get to choose because you have a much healthier and more scalable business along with the time freedom of where you want to focus.

Long story short, the path to everything you want to achieve in business is through The 2-Week Vacation Test™.

And the cool thing is, you aren’t as far away from this as you may think.

We have had so many private coaching clients go from being owned by their business to completely shifting their time and lifestyle forever in just a few short weeks—while also scaling fast to the next level.

Here are a few key shifts to help you make it happen:

1: Stop The Addiction To Your Business

It’s easy to get consumed by our work and business. There are so many moving pieces, fires to put out, clients to serve, marketing and sales to generate – it’s overwhelming.

And slowly over time, we get consumed and ultimately addicted to our work. Our lizard brain loves the dopamine hit of feeling smart and needed, getting tasks done (the easier the better), and ultimately helps keep us stuck in the weeds.

But we have to break that cycle. We have to stop the busyness – and take back control of our time.

This starts with awareness, and then separating yourself mentally from your business.

Can you turn work off? Can you mentally separate?

Here’s a video on how to do it:

Most entrepreneurs can’t, so this 2-Week Vacation Test process is priceless to create some separation and reduce the addiction to your business.

Once you stop some of the chaos and addiction you have to your business, then it’s time to…

2: Improve Your Team & Operations

Lack of operational excellence often becomes a business’ #1 limiting factor.

This is one of the top issues we see day-in and day-out with small businesses.

Without operational excellence, things are…

  • Chaotic
  • Reactive
  • Stressful
  • Inconsistent
  • And still mostly reliant on you as the key leader

That keeps you stuck working “in” the business, and ultimately holds back your growth.

But with operational excellence, things are streamlined, consistent, efficient, and your team is set up for success…

Which of course leads to the two things you’re after:

  1. A lot more time freedom (and getting removed from working “in” the business)
  2. And more growth and success (without the chaos and overwhelm)

So, what does it mean to have true operational excellence?

At 2X, we break it down into three core things: systems, numbers, and team.

Systems are the key to consistency, repeatability, scalability, and getting free from the weeds.

The numbers are your guide. They show you the facts and are a top leadership tool.

And these two things help your team thrive… because with the clarity of the numbers and defining what success is, along with using systems to make things clearer, more consistent, and repeatable, you set your team up for success. From there, they can run the operations without you.

This sets the tone for you to take the next step and go from an operator stuck “in” the business… to elite CEO working “on” the business… to then flying “above” your business as you step away for vacation.

And then once you have improved operations and team humming, then it’s officially time to…

3: Fire Yourself! (and go take a vacation)

Delegate. Let go. And fully escape being stuck “in” the business once and for all.

And by taking more and more time off, you’ll start to do exactly that.

The goal is to temporarily (two weeks is a great period of time) escape working in your business and letting go of all tasks.

Then from there, you can make it permanent – and get to your true role as CEO, not wearing all of the hats.

But it all starts with small milestones to build up to true time freedom. The way we do that is is through a series of seven steps mapped out in the #1 best seller on the path to the ultimate test: two weeks, fully detached from your business.

But the key is to start small. Stop the addiction, then start being able to do deep work on the right tasks, and then taking work time away from the business while your team runs without you more and more.

This allows them to produce more while you are able to work on what actually matters AND also have more personal time. This is a win-win all around.

By following the suggestions I’ve outlined in this book, you’re creating a much healthier company that isn’t reliant on you.

So… are you overworked and overwhelmed?

It’s time to:

  • Take back control of your time…
  • Improve your team and operations…
  • And scale a wildly successful 7+ figure business – without the chaos and overwhelm.
This book will help! You can get a copy by clicking the button below here:

The Playbook To 7+ Figures

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