Pat Bennett

"I Got My Life Back Thanks To The 2X Growth Program."

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“I Can Now Pick Up My Girls From School, Go And Ride Bikes And Know The Business Is Still Running.”
Patrick Bennett
Founder & CEO, Referral Engine

The Challenge

Life comes at you fast…
And since life and business are so intertwined for us entrepreneurs, the state of our business has a huge impact on our home life too.

Pat Bennett started the program knowing that he and his Referral Engine business had a lot of potential, but he needed to get his mojo back.

He needed the accountability and support, but he also needed the systems and business model necessary to get him out of the day-to-day and get his life back!

Before the program, Pat said: “I’m stuck on a treadmill of being busy without progressing… and cash flow is hurting.”

Pat Bennet - Growth Chart

The Results

Now he’s not only scaling faster than ever, but he has the time freedom, cash flow, and momentum to get his life back and make things fun again!

After The 2x Accelerator Program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth. After the 2X Accelerator Program, Pat’s business does just that:

Time Freedom

Pat Bennett - Time Freedom
With the right systems, strategy and team members in place, Pat now has the freedom to live the life he wants and be there for his kids!

“For the last 2 weeks, I haven’t done the 9-5 hours. I took the holiday off and I took my daughter’s birthday off. It’s just been day after day of not needing to work or do much, and yet, we’ve sold 5 campaigns that were all fulfilled without me being in it. Turns out I was the problem actually, who would have thought it?”

Great Money

Pat Bennett - Great Money
Pat started the 2X Accelerator Program in a major cash crunch, but with 2X, not only did he start making more money, he paid back some major debt and now has over 3 months of expenses in the bank so he can sleep like a baby at night! Let alone the cash flow Referral Engine is now producing!

Consistent And Fast Growth

With his new business model and approach, he is not only growing faster than ever, but this is only the foundation for their future growth!

“This program just changed my life! My state of mind has completely changed and it’s only the beginning.”

A Word From Pat On The 2X Accelerator Program

“Building a team and delegating has allowed me to reach my personal goal of no after-school care for the kids. I’m picking them up at 3pm every afternoon and we go ride bikes and do all sorts of stuff. That's what's changed me.”
Patrick Bennett
Founder & CEO, Referral Engine


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