How To 6X While Working Less ​

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

I LOVE when a client says:

“Who is your top success story? I want to beat them.”
Tom Kent
Founder & CEO, CareerNerds

I instantly know we’re going to do great things.

I’ve had only 4 clients say something like this to me in the past… and all 4 are in our top 15 success stories (out of hundreds).

If you’ve got the desire and a big vision, we’ll show you the way.

Two years ago, one of those guys was entrepreneur, Tom Kent.

Tom came to us with a big vision and mission… but he had an issue:

He had a low 6-figure business that was very much reliant on him, his brain and talents — and he hit a ceiling.

He was working 12 hour days, responsible for almost every area of his business, and only growing at 10% per year.

He knew he was capable of much bigger things, but didn’t know exactly what to do.

So he found 2X and invested in a hands-on coach to get unstuck and start scaling much faster.

Fast-forward 18 months later, and he’s humming at nearly $200k per month (with predictability!) — while working less.

Here are five key principles on how to 6X:

1: Know your damn numbers!

If you don’t know your key metrics, you are driving blind. These will change your life and business as you master exactly what’s going on.

This is a key 2X principle that you must master to scale efficiently and effectively. Tom did just that.

2: Fire yourself!

By freeing up time and stop working so much “in” the business, Tom was able to drive big growth to the next level as a true 7-figure CEO.

Are you stuck in the weeds?

Get started here if so

Get way more out of your team. Improve your operations… and get free!

The tipping point in business is when you get free from the weeds. From there, everything changes.

3: Dial and optimize your revenue-generating systems

This is one of our secrets: simplicity and focus, combined with turning your marketing and sales into consistent machines.

Systems are one of your secret weapons in business. Leverage them, especially for your marketing and sales, and you’ll set yourself up to scale big time.

4: Raise your value and prices

Another one of our key 2X principles is “Growth begins with fulfillment.”

By making raving fans, having dialed in fulfillment, you increase LTV, referrals, customer satisfaction… and the ability to raise your prices.

Tom focused on this and tapped into one of our many growth levers: raising prices.

Done right, like Tom did, it didn’t impact his close rate at all. In fact, his close rates have improved! And so has his LTV and customer satisfaction. That’s a huge win across the board.
So be strategic and do this, and you’re set to scale.

5: Stop trying to figure it out yourself!

When Tom was trying to figure it out himself, he said:

“In year 3 (of my business), we only grew by 10%. And I was working 12 hour days.”

Then he joined 2X… and he doubled. Then doubled again. Then is on path to nearly double AGAIN.

So if you have a big vision…

Get the strategy, proven growth systems and support to make it a reality — in a hurry.

It’s time.

If you’re a 6- or 7-figure business owner, we can help.

Learn more and apply now here for our elite 1-on-1 hands-on coaching program.

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