How Robby Ratcliffe Exploded To His First 7-Figure Year

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Have you ever felt like you’re just a few tweaks away from exploding?

But much like a carrot on the stick…

You can never quite reach it.

You end up always on the cusp but doing more of the same…

And can’t quite get ahead.

That is until someone comes along and shows you the way.

At 2X, we work with business owners one-on-one to show them this path…

And help them tap into their true potential.

That’s what Robby Ratcliffe has done in a short period of time.

He exploded his Central Florida Trimlight business from $361k in revenue…

All the way up to join the 4% of business owners who reach $1 Million+.

So what did he do? What were those tweaks?

And he did it in 12 months with 2X.

Listen in as he shares his top tips for business owners here:

Not only did Robby grow his revenue…

He grew his:

  • Free time (and escaped the weeds)
  • Team size, capacity, skillset and performance
  • Mentality and confidence, transforming who he is as a leader and CEO
  • And his further potential to scale (now having the systems, structure and team set up to scale)

He’s able to take time off while the business can grow and thrive without him. A place few entrepreneurs ever get to.

Here’s a breakdown of how he did it…

Steps to Take to Become a CEO aRobby’s 4 Tips To 3X And Reach 7-Figure Revenue In 12 Months:

Tip #1 – Join 2X.

“It was about linking up with people who have been down that road, having that proven method. That was the biggest lever.“

Take the fast-track, stop trying to guess and figure it out yourself…

And get the proven path and 1-on-1 support to make it happen.

We can help. Learn more about our elite 2X coaching program here.

Tip #2 – Systems

They’re the key to everything… and will change your life, just like they have Robby’s.

“Systems are everything. It all boils down to having the right systems in place. From team to marketing, they all matter. Not only did 2X have so many of the systems in place, but it also helped me become systems-minded. That really changed my life.”

Everything you do in business is a system. Everything.

From hiring to marketing to sales to financials… it’s all Systems.

Robby has shifted his mentality, adopted systems as a way of doing business, and the results are impressive.

Plus, he has the freedom to then do more of what he wants!

Tip #3 – Delegate And Empower Others

Leveraging the great power of systems and dramatically improved operations, Robby then had the foundation to start to delegate more and more.

He set his team up for success, giving new managers the opportunity to shine, and that they have.

Systems are key, but then you have to let go and delegate and let your team run the show.

“It’s crazy to look at the stuff I was doing last year. It was more technician minded.

Now today, I went to a wedding and had only a few calls while the business was still turning. There’s no way that would have been possible a year ago.”

Systems, team, proper delegation: lead to a whole new reality.

And last but not least…

Tip #4 – Get Real & Get Clear

When you do, you can see the right strategy to take.

As Robby said, “you have the time.” It’s just on you to get the right strategy in place and realize when things can get done better/faster/easier.

With the right plan, you can do a lot more. Now, with 2X, Robby knows and believes in that…

And now he’s headed for $5 Million in the 12 months ahead.

Build the right foundation.
Get free from the weeds.
Turn your business into a consistent, fast-growing machine…

And explode past your goals to new heights.

We can help.

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