How To Create An Affirmations Audio For Entrepreneurs

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?
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I’ve spoken with a lot of entrepreneurs that are making high 7, 8 and even 9 figures in revenue…

And they all say the same thing.

Your Mindset Dictates Your Level Of Success In Your Business And In Your Life.

In other words, you have to become the person worthy of the business you dream of before it becomes a reality.

The Importance Of Mindset

Your mindset dictates whether or not you believe you can do something…and consequently whether you’ll take ACTION on your goals.

Your mindset controls how you feel about something…
Which determines the actions you take…
Which ultimately leads to the results.

So if you want bigger and better results, it all starts with the mindset.

This is the first step in my new book, From 6 to 7 Figures for a reason. (Get your free copy here.)

Since the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between what’s “real” and what’s not, what we have to do is be intentional and instill ourselves with the right programming.

the book from 6 to 7 figures updated and expanded.

Here’s how…

Start With Your Morning Routine

There are only two things you can control:

  1. How you start your day
  2. How you end your day

What happens in between is often a blur (and specially if you’re stuck in the weeds of your business).

So, to get where you want to go, you’ll want to start your day with the right state of mind.

The best way to get in a peak state and have a great mindset is with a great morning routine.

You probably already have a morning routine, or have tried something in the past, but do you do it consistently? Or have you fallen off of it?

To help you, I want to share the most important thing I do every single day. This is something we recommend to ALL of our 2X Accelerator Program clients, and I encourage you to do as well.

It’s a key part of my own morning routine that I’ve done for years, and it’s changed my life in a big way. This is listening to an Affirmations Audio each morning that is customized for you and your goals.

Affirmations powerfully shape your mind because again, your subconscious can’t tell what is real and what’s not. So affirmations can have a big impact on your day, your business, and other crucial areas of your life.

It’s important to be aware and intentional about the thoughts, words, and images that you train your mind to believe…

And the best way to do that is by first strategically crafting the words, thoughts and feelings yourself… and then listening to it daily.

That repetition is what literally reprograms your mind.

How To Create The Affirmations Audio

It’s not about the Lamborghini or the big house (unless that’s your thing). It’s about the person you need to become.
  • The confidence…
  • The intention…
  • The focus…
  • The family life and balance that you’re looking for…

And all that you’re really in business to achieve. It’s about creating fulfillment in ALL areas of your life.

Some of this may feel weird or uncomfortable at first, but trust me, push through it and just do it. Here are the 6 steps to follow.

1. Create Your Vision

Start by asking yourself the following questions:
  1. Where do you want to be?
  2. WHO do you want to be?
  3. What does your life and business look like 3-5 years into the future?

Really dig deep and think hard about what you want out of life, and use your business as a powerful vehicle that it is to create that dream scenario.

Your vision is where it all starts.

Write these answers down so you can refer back to them in the next steps.

2. Create A Vision Board

Once you have that vision down, it’s time to make it real by adding elements to it to help your mind ground it in reality.

Put together a set of images of what you want your life to be… to help you see and feel the life you ideally want to be living.

For example, my vision board includes:

  • Images that give me the feeling of freedom.
  • Pictures of my family.
  • People I find inspirational.
  • Key elements of my dream home.
  • Examples of my dream relationship.

…And a few other things that give me the feelings of the life I want.

You’ll be looking at these images every day, so make sure that they are MEANINGFUL to you.

Does it evoke a powerful emotion in you when you look at your image board?
Do you feel energized and motivated?

You’ll know that you did this step correctly when you can FEEL those emotions rising up inside you that you want to go and tackle the day to your fullest potential to make it a reality.

3. Create Your Affirmations

This step is about creating a list of who you want to be. These are the qualities, results, feelings that describe your ideal life.

Here’s a list of examples from my own affirmations list to get you started:

I am:

  • A Multi-Millionaire
  • Living My Dream Life
  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Powerful
  • Fulfilled
  • And More Focused Than Ever
  • A World-Class Leader
  • An Authority On Helping Businesses Scale
Once you create your list, take a few days break, then go back to the list to clean it up and create a final draft.

4. Record An Audio Clip

Using your computer, a microphone, or phone, record your audio. I recommend a free tool called Audacity to do this.

Don’t have background noise; you want a clean sound if possible (because you’ll be listening to it every day!).

Right before you start, put yourself in a state where you can really feel the emotions of what you’re saying.

When you’re going through your list of affirmations, say them with PASSION. Don’t just read it off the page or it won’t do you any good.

My audio clip came out to about ~3 minutes long, but yours can be longer or shorter depending on how many affirmations you want to include.

5. Edit The Audio Clip And Add Background Music

This step is not required, but it can enhance the effectiveness of the audio.

A friend of mine helped me put binaural beats in the background as well as some meditation music to go along with my voice.

You can find free meditation music as well as binaural beats online.

Once you find the ones you like, download them and put them all into one track. You can do this with a simple music editor that comes preloaded on your computer or Audacity.

Then… do what few do, and use it!

6. Listen To It Daily

Each morning when you’re going through your morning routine, look at your vision board AND listen to the audio.

You should really FEEL what you felt when you first recorded your affirmations.

This will put you in a peak state so you can start your day…

With intention…
With focus…
And with clarity on what you want to achieve.

It’s A Daily Practice

It’s not going to happen in a day, a week, or even a month.

It’s a daily practice, and it does take TIME for this to sink in and create the results you’re looking for.

And that’s okay.

What I want you to do is COMMIT to the process… because in time, you’ll see the transformation happen bit by bit.

Remember, there’s two things that you can control:

  1. How you start your day.
  2. And how you end it.

Everything else in between is often a blur…and until we get you free from the weeds, it can be overwhelming.

But if you start and end your day with a powerful mentality, you’re going to change your feelings, actions, and results in a big way.

It starts with the mind, and this is one of the most important habits of all.

So start there, create those affirmations, create that vision board, get in the right state of mind, do it daily…

And you’ll soon be a new person scaling faster than ever.

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