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Client Feature: John Murphy

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?

At 2X, we’re about two things: growth and freedom.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs like you double your business… and double your freedom.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. We’ve done it many times.

One of those times is with a now 7-figure business owner, John Murphy, founder of eBike Generation.

John started in the 2X Accelerator Program at $67k/month on average…

And more than 100 hour work weeks!

Now after completing his first 90 days (the 2X Accelerator Program) and the first month of our Machine program, he has:

  • Scaled his revenue from $67k/month to over $503k/month
  • Dropped his time working from 100 hours/week to just 10 hours per week
  • Hit his target monthly profit (to be achieved in the next 90 days) in one single week in the first month of The Machine!
2X Client Feature John Murphy

And that’s what a business done right should do. It should be turned into a repeatable, scalable machine… so that when you get to another level that becomes the new standard. And you grow from there.

Then do it again and again as you continue to level up.

This is the sign of business done right, and the result is this explosive growth.

So, how did he do it?

I asked him the key levers and actions, and here’s what he said:

First of all, I used to work more than 100 hrs a week and I was burnt out and feeling overwhelmed all the time.

When you guys showed me how to build a team, I hired 3 full-time people. And not only did that free up more than half my time, but they were able to get more done than that I could do on my own.

So not only am I getting the same stuff done but also the stuff I knew should be done but never had the time to do.

I remember expressing it to my 2X Coach Joe like this: I came for help with getting sales and discovered I needed a team and systems.

It’s like hiring a contractor to put in a skylight and discovering the house is full of mold! We got rid of the mold and got to work on the sales and marketing with all that newfound time I have.

And his results speak for themselves!

Here Are John’s Five Tips For Business Owners:

1. Build A Team Around You

By having the team and taking myself out of the majority of the day to day tasks I am now able to find that mental clarity to think about bigger things. New ways to get traffic, and also find new avenues to explore to bring more customers knocking.

Everything we have implemented is not rocket science, it’s actually mostly stuff I already knew should be done. But on my own, I would never have gotten to it. But by having a business coach expecting to see weekly progress, spurs action. And the more action you take the easier it is to get results and double your business.

By having a team I can decide what should be done and decide if my team can handle it or not. A lot more gets done when you have people to delegate tasks to.

By being held accountable I stay consistent and the continuous action starts to compound and the results are noticeable.

Austin’s comments: You don’t need a huge team to build a big, successful company. John hired just three essential roles that became ROI-positive in a hurry! They were there to not only help him get more done, but most importantly to execute the administrative tasks and functions that were keeping him stuck in the weeds. Time is the constraint, and through systems, people, and delegation, you can get a lot more time to work on more strategic activities. That’s what John did.

In our new book, From 6 to 7 Figures, we go deep into how to build an elite team around you and get you free from the weeds. Get your copy here.

2. Attack The Numbers

Our plan was threefold:
  1. Improve Conversion Rate
  2. Increase Average Order Value
  3. Grow Number of Monthly Sales
By knowing which three metrics to target I was able to get granular on each one go after actions that would help each one. By improving all three, the results compound and we grew exponentially.

Austin’s comments: What are the key metrics that drive your business? And even more specifically, the ones that will drive your growth? Let’s focus on those, track, optimize, and scale those… and you’ll be gaining more traction than ever. Most are afraid of the numbers. You have to get through that and learn to love them as they are your guide.

3. Be Consistent

Stick to the plan and execute it.

Only by focusing on specific tasks and seeing them through are the results going to come to double your business. The accountability and support have helped, and the team too, but being consistent is crucial. I’ve been more productive in 30 days than I have in three years, and it’s already showing.

Austin’s comments: What would happen if you just executed on the plans you had at the beginning of a quarter or year? This is where most trip up; they have a great vision, then jump from idea to idea or get lost in the hamster-wheel and just go through the motions. Execution is the name of the game, and John has done a fantastic job staying consistent, trusting the process, and taking action. Are you doing the same?

4. Practice Deep Work In The Morning

By getting one big task completed before the day starts to get busy the day is already a success and productive. When you spend your days reacting to things and putting out fires you’re only fighting to not lose ground.

Austin’s comments: One key to a great day/week/month/year… is to start fast. We help 2X clients implement the strategic actions in the morning to get their day to be a big success before most people get much of anything done… and that has you in a whole new spot, with the magic of Momentum behind your back. Do deep work, do it often, and do it early. You’ll be proactive, way more productive, and less stressed. That’s best for everybody, including your team and your bottom line. 🙂

5. Delegate As Often As Possible

Always assess a task and ask if the task can be delegated or not. By delegating most tasks, you open your mind to other opportunities that would not recognize with your head down grinding on the daily stuff.

Austin’s comments: It’s easy to get lost in the overwhelm of activity, but the majority of tasks can be — and should be — delegated off your plate. By doing so, you can trade a $20/hour task for a $100/hour task, and grow your business in a hurry. There are only a few things you should be focusing on as CEO, and once you learn how to effectively delegate like as John has, then a whole new world opens up to you, and one where you step into being a true 7+ figure CEO.

Being able to double your business income is achievable! John is truly a testament to what’s possible, and shows what’s right within reach with just a few tweaks to the way you run your business.

Things in business don’t have to be crazy stressful.

They don’t have to be constant fire-fighting and reactivity.

They don’t have to feel like you’re constantly muscling it, week after week, month after month.

Something I learned years ago is that there is a simpler, better way to run a business… and that’s what we teach at 2X.

More growth. More time. More consistency… with less muscle.

If you’re ready to double your business efficiency to the next level, start by applying for our 90-day, one-on-one 2X Accelerator Program here.

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