The 2X Entrepreneur’s Guide To COVID-19

Are You Stuck Working “IN” Your Business?
a woman putting a face mask on another woman.

It’s unprecedented times all across the globe.

1/3rd of the world’s population is on lockdown. Many businesses have gone under. Jobs are being lost at 10x multiple to the 2008/2009 crash and recession!

So, as businesses, we have to adapt and adjust.

To help, we put together a full deep-dive entrepreneur’s guide to everything you need to know for COVID-19 and the U.S. stimulus efforts.

>> Check out the full Google doc ‘COVID-19 Guide’ which is updated daily here.

This guide is for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the U.S. that are being impacted by COVID-19 directly or indirectly… which is pretty much every single business.

These are wild and changing times, and you have to adjust and adapt to it to be able to survive at this time. But what we’re seeing is that so many businesses are THRIVING in this time.

How do you be one of them?

It’s all in this full deep-dive Google doc (no optin needed).

A key challenge overall is cash and finances, so the government has stepped in to support individuals, businesses, and organizations in a big way to help support due to this wild crisis.

This guide is to help lay out what you need to know and take action on to support your business, including information and resources about the Paycheck Protection Program, SBA loans, other stimulus, and tax benefits.

The contents are:

Regardless of your business’s positioning in this new market, as a CEO, it’s vital to be educated and aware of your options.

This document is your 80/20 on everything you need to know.

Check it out for free here (no optin needed), and please share this with other business owners who may benefit!

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