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10 Key Lessons to Scale to 7-Figures

From 6-to-7 Figures v2 Launches In








To celebrate the release of V2 of “From 6-to-7 Figures” on June 1st, I’m sharing 10 key lessons to help you scale to 7-figures.

You’ll find each lesson covered in greater detail within the book. And the great news is you can grab a copy of your own completely free!

That’s right. Free Book + free shipping for this game-changing book.

In the book you’ll find the proven playbook to get more traction, free up 20 hours per week, and scale past $1M in revenue!

But be warned. We have limited copies available. The only way to ensure you get a free copy on release is to join the waitlist.

Lesson #1: Simplify

Lesson #2: Right Order

Lesson #3: Fire Yourself

Lesson #4: Know Your Numbers

Lesson #5: Business Model

Lesson #6: Lifetime Customer Value

Lesson #7: Ideal Target Audience

Lesson #8: Irresistible Offer

Lesson #9: Marketing Machine

Lesson #10: Sales Systems