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How Ulyses Osuna 2X’d his business in 12 days after joining the 2X Accelerator Program.

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Ulyses Osuna

Founder, Influencer Press

The Challenge

Ulyses was already pulling in multiple 6 figures, but his business was chaotic and driven by him. It lacked the structure, goals, and systems to scale to his goal for the previous two years, which was finally building a 7-figure business.

They had a proven way of generating revenue and results for their clients, but the business was too reliant on Ulyses’ individual skills and couldn’t fulfill past $60k/month.

He was on the rollercoaster that most entrepreneurs ride… Until he joined the 2X Growth Program.

“The #1 Win for us so far has been implementing the new client onboarding system. My team has everything they need and knows exactly where to go. It’s a game-changer because they don’t need to ask me anymore which frees up my time to grow the business.”

after the 2x Growth program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth.

After the 2X Accelerator Program, Ulyses' business does just that:

A great business should in fact generate:

A great business should in fact generate:

1. Time Freedom

With the right systems in place, Ulyses now can shut his mind off of his work and spend quality time with his girlfriend and friends knowing his team has the systems in place to work without needing him.

“My team and I can sleep at night knowing we’re impacting people, we’re making money, and we’re growing.”

2. Great Money

Before 2X, they struggled to generate much of any consistency. It was a series of peaks and valleys, a situation that’s not great for any business owner. Now, Influencer Press has surpassed their $60k/month benchmark and is set up to easily have their first 7-figure year.

“One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to have a million dollar business. With just two more clients we can hit our goal and we’re finally set up to easily handle the fulfillment.”

3. Consistent and Fast Growth

Before focusing on marketing, Ulyses solidified his fulfillment and hiring systems. Now he has the business that can actually handle $100,000/month (or more) without him having to do much of anything “in” the business. The machine is built, and now he’s scaling it.

“A lot of people focus on marketing, but if you can’t support the growth, you’re screwed.”

Change Your Business & You’ll Change Your Life

A Word From Ulyses On the 2X Growth Program

“2X is so immersive and intense that if you don't get results, it's on you. If I can 2X in the first 12 days, then the only thing holding you back from joining is your mindset. I highly recommend this program.”

Ulyses Osuna

Influencer Press

Ulyses Osuna

Influencer Press


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