“We were running around
like chickens
with our
heads cut off.”

How Todd & Suzi got out of the trenches in their business in 90 days

Our 12-month vision before 2X was to get out of the trenches.
We did it in 90 days.

Todd & Suzi Kelley

Suzi’s Lavender, LLC

The Challenge

Todd and Suzi came into 2X running a solid retail company with amazing products, but the business was chaotic and lacked a definitive plan regarding what direction to go.

Without the proper systems and strategies in place, they were stuck in the weeds being reactionary to try to survive and get Suzi’s Lavender where they knew it could go. They needed a way to get out of the shed and get ahead… and in a hurry!

“We feel much more confident in what we're doing and how to get it done. This is a huge breakthrough for us. Prior to 2X, we weren't directionless, but we didn't have the definitive plan that we do now. Now we know where we’re headed and how we’re going to get there.”

after the 2x Growth Program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth.

After the 90-Day Growth Program, Todd & Suzi's business does just that:

A great business should in fact generate:

A great business should in fact generate:

1. Time Freedom

The first thing Todd accomplished was hiring out low ROI tasks which sucked up his time. Todd & Suzi were able to free up their time in the business by adding a few key staff members, creating delegation systems, and dialing in on their fulfillment.

“One of the most challenging decisions for us was to let several people go…and replace them with more talented individuals who understand and convey our tone more successfully.”

2. Great Money

When they joined 2X, their one-year goal was to get out of the shed financially. Not only did they accomplish their goal in 90 days, but they’re also on pace to double again!

“Last month we more than doubled what we did this time last year.”

3. Consistent and Fast Growth

Now that they have the foundation in place, Todd and Suzi can start to build momentum towards by knocking out the next bottlenecks and accomplishing the highest ROI action steps.

Change Your Business & You’ll Change Your Life

A Word From Todd & Suzi On the 2X Growth Program

“Working with the professionals at 2X has helped us immensely as we prepare to scale and grow into a much larger company!”

Todd & Suzi Kelley

Suzi’s Lavender, LLC

Todd & Suzi Kelley

Suzi’s Lavender, LLC


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