How Josh & Andrew 2.5X’ed their business…

And closed 100% of their leads in the 2X 90-Day Growth Program!

“It doesn’t have to be crazy complex to create a successful, systematic, fast-scaling business!”

Josh Bauerle & Andrew Davis

The Prestige Journal

The Challenge

One of our favorite words at 2X is this: Simplify.

Most business owners make things way too complex, and as a result make the path of scaling a business way harder than it needs to be.

But what we’ve found working with so many 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs is that one of the most important keys to success is to make things as simple as possible.

The way we do that is by starting with an outstanding Business Model that is differentiated, focused on cash flow, and set up to scale.

Josh Bauerle and Andrew Davis of The Prestige Journal came into the 2X Growth Program with some great experiences, but not a real strategy or business model.

But by getting their model and growth plan dialed in and focused, they were able to explode in just 90 days…

While only working part-time on the business! They 2.5X’ed while Josh was only able to work 5-10 hours per week max on this business.

That’s what’s possible with the right Strategy & Systems

after the 2x Growth Program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth.

After the 90-Day Growth Program, Joshua & Andrew's business does just that:

Big Growth Moments In the 2X Growth Program:

Step 1: Building a Rock-Solid Foundation

Getting your business model right is the first major key. That’s what we do in our first few strategy calls, and we helped Josh and Andrew really dial in how they were going to more than 2X and ultimately create a scalable business that could accomplish their ambitious 3-5 year goals.

From there, we were off to the races…

“We were really all over the place at the beginning. Then it just all came together for what our business actually was, how we should price, and we finally created something that could scale instead of us just figuring it out as we go.”
– Andrew Davis

Step 2: Igniting the Momentum

After dialing in an Irresistible Offer, ideal customer Avatar, and business model… it was time then to help them ignite some big sales to validate this offer.

To do so, we helped them create a “unique mechanism” that could be leveraged to lead into sales conversations with their ideal prospect.

So, they created this offering, tapped into their shortlist and got the validation they needed for who their perfect customer was, and what they were going to sell and deliver.

“The audit process alone was well worth the 2X program. That is key for us to grow, and has made sales easy.”
– Josh Bauerle

Step 3: Scale!

Even though they were only working part-time on this business, Josh and Andrew created their business model, Irresistible Offer, “unique mechanism” sales strategy, identified the perfect prospect… and were then ready to scale. From there, it was time to validate and Sell!

With the perfect combination of the above items, they went 5 for 5 on their new “irresistible offer” sales, batting 100% and making things way easier than they ever thought possible.

The right business doesn’t have to be complex. It doesn’t have to require 100 hour workweeks. There is a simpler, better path to more growth, and that’s what we teach at 2X.

Josh and Andrew followed it perfectly and more than 2.5X’ed in the program. And the cool thing is… this is only the Foundation to help them explode in the coming months and years.

Simplify + Strategy + Systems = SCALE

What Josh & Andrew Had To Say About The 2X Growth Program

“If you want to make your life easier and bring systems to your company that will allow you to spend less time in the day-to-day of your business, this is the program for you.”

Josh Bauerle

The Prestige Journal

Josh Bauerle and Andrew Davis

The Prestige Journal

Andrew Davis

The Prestige Journal

Want To See Similar Results In Your Business?

Are you ready to turn your business into a simplified, successful, fast-growing machine?

What we’ve learned working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners over the past few years is this:

There is a Formula to a successful business. There isn’t just one piece that changes everything.

It’s a combination of things…

And it’s not only important what things you focus on as an entrepreneur, but it’s what order that really matters.

Josh and Andrew worked through our 90-Day 1-on-1 Growth Program step-by-step and are the latest in a big list of massive 2X success stories.

Are you ready to systemize and scale your own business and get the traction that you know is possible?

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