Simplify your business,
get out of the weeds
and build systems
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How Joe Thompson started setting new records week after week!

I don’t know how I survived without this stuff.

Joseph Thompson

Founder, VisuTour

The Challenge

Just because your business is bringing in good revenue, doesn’t mean it’s sustainable.

Many entrepreneurs, like Joseph, are used to handling all of the responsibilities in their businesses. They end each day feeling exhausted, chasing what needs to get done.

Joe worked his butt off, but because of a loose vision, lack of delegation, and a few mindset barriers he was stuck on the same cycle as most entrepreneurs, hitting a ceiling in his income and on the path to burning out.

Now? Joe is having record weeks back-to-back-to-back and now has more clarity and confidence than ever on what’s truly possible for him and his business.

Free Up Your Time
Master The Numbers & Systems
… And Start Scaling Faster Than Ever

After the 2x Growth Program

The way we see it here at 2X is, a great business should in fact generate Time Freedom, A Lot More Money, and Consistent Growth.

After the 90-Day Growth Program, Joe’s business does just that:

1. Time Freedom

Before 2X, Joe was ready to fold not because of a lack of profit but because he was on the fast-path to burn out. We helped him set up a hiring process to bring on team members that give him more capacity throughout the week, and this gave him the confidence to let go.

“Before 2X I was burning myself out, now I actually have time to go out and meet clients.”

2. Great Money

One of the toughest parts of running a business is dealing with cash flow issues and slow months. Although January is usually a slow month for Joseph, he was still able to pull in huge numbers.

“I’ve been setting record weeks week after week for the first time.”

3. Consistent Growth

Because of a lack of systems, delegation, and tracking, Joe felt like he was spinning his wheels. By tracking his schedule and delegating, he now has time to meet clients and drive the business forward. And he now sees the path to even higher levels that were previously unreachable.

Change Your Business & You’ll Change Your Life

A Word From Joe On the 2X Growth Program

“Before working with 2X, I was stuck on the hamster wheel of doing a lot of the admin stuff, doing a lot of the things that I thought were successful for the business to keep running, but I hated doing, and were really low-level tasks… but I felt like that was my responsibility as the owner, to work 80 hours a week. Fortunately with 2X I found another way.”

Joe Thompson

Founder, VisuTour

Joe Thompson

Founder, VisuTour


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