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From $8,638 to $31,264 per month with 2X Accelerator!

Victor Fernandez & Brett Ratkowski
Optimized Real Estate

How do you more than triple a
6-figure business?

Join the 2X Growth Program.

That’s how Brett and Victor got it done.

They started Optimized Real Estate, their marketing company for real estate agents, in 2017 and came out of the gates fast.

In the first month, the revenue poured in.

But with no systems… no team… no strategy. The income quickly plummeted straight back down.

Things needed to level out and scale up or the extreme roller coaster ride they were on would have continued.

Then they invested in the 2X Growth Program
and things changed drastically…

Big Growth Moments on the 2X Growth Program:

1. Foundation

  • Focused their business model and identified what was going to generate the most revenue to get them to the next level…
  • Started out with $5,600 recurring revenue, and in 3 months with 2X that grew to well over $20,000 (recurring)!
  • Implemented automation and funnels and now have a consistent lead gen source that is ROI positive within 7 days!

“I feel like we actually have a business now…
It feels good.”

Brett Ratkowski

2. Momentum

After the 2X Growth Program, Optimized Real Estate IS a real business. There was nothing fancy to it. It didn’t happen with dramatic launches or a big marketing budget.

We simply helped Brett and Victor lay a solid and unshakable foundation in their business, have streamlined their operations and now they are growing strategically and consistently, month after month.

“I learned how to launch and scale a program the RIGHT way.”

Victor Fernandez

3. Scale

The right way? The 2X way:

  • Build the proper foundation…
  • Craft a business model that will get you to the end goal ASAP…
  • Map out the key systems needed to create a scalable machine…
  • Protect your time like gold, focusing on the right activities…
  • Create an irresistible offer and some success stories…
  • Become THE go-to authority in your niche…

…and scale faster than ever before!

Brett and Victor followed that process flawlessly, and now our goals next is to help them more than double yet again.

A 7-figure business was just a fantasy
Now it’s more real than ever, and is within sight.

What Brett had to say about the 2X Growth Program:

“Because of 2X Accelerator Program, we’ve been able to actually 3.6X our reoccurring revenue. We went from just having minimal customers, and no strategy… to having a set strategy and a business model to be able to scale.

100%, it is a game changer for your business
and I highly recommend it.”

Brett Ratkowski

Optimized Real Estate


It’s time to build a much more successful, sustainable, scalable business. We can help.

Day in and day out, we work with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs to help free them up as the bottleneck and start growing faster than ever.

Take the next steps and apply here for our proven hands-on 2X Growth Program designed to help you get your life back AND scale a wildly successful business.

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