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15 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Virtual assistants are the unsung heroes of more and more businesses these days. They make things easier and more manageable that many entrepreneurs hire them to grow their businesses significantly.

The range of tasks you can outsource is limitless. It can be as simple as running personal errands to managing daily business operations; VAs can do it for you. If you are looking for a sign to delegate your tasks and hire your first VA, this is it.

To save you time and keep things easy, we have compiled these 15 tasks that virtual assistants can do for you.

15 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

1. Email Management

Having to check every email that gets in your inbox daily can be a tedious task, especially if you are one of those people who receive hundreds of them every day. Delegating this task to a virtual assistant is a significant relief for a busy person like you.

Your VA can sort these emails, categorize them according to their urgency, notify you for ones that need an immediate response, and delete irrelevant emails. This enables you to focus on more important tasks every day and not worry about replying to every email you get.

2. Customer Support Service

Customer support is vital in building strong and lasting relationships with your clients. However, with the amount of work you need to do daily, there isn’t just enough time to tend to all f your clients’ needs.

That is why having a virtual assistant to assist your clients with their concerns and questions is a must. Many VAs specialize in customer service, which is an advantage for they can easily manage irate clients and prevent bad reviews. You can secure productivity by assigning this task to a VA.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of those admin tasks that are relatively easy to do but takes so much of your time. In some cases, many entrepreneurs fail to update their books and data because of the other things they have to prioritize.

Assign a trustworthy virtual assistant to manage bookkeeping tasks. It is beneficial for you’ll have someone to remind you of the bills you need to pay, update transactions, and keep note of other commitments which are essential for the business.

We still advise you to get an accountant to manage your taxes and analyze financial transactions for effective financial management.

4. Organizing your Schedule

Keeping track of your daily schedule is a must to stay on top of things. Have a virtual assistant to do this task for you. They will be able to act quickly on sudden changes and make necessary adjustments to your schedule.

You don’t have to contact each client to book an appointment or update them with schedule changes. Your virtual assistant will do it for you and will remind you of incoming meetings for you to prepare.

5. Social Media Management

Establishing your presence online is vital to connect with your clients. Social media plays a crucial role in marketing and customer engagement. It is also one of the best platforms where you can introduce and build your branding.

Your personal or business account should always be active and constantly updated, so you can attract clients and give them a good impression of your connectivity. The good thing is that many virtual assistants specialize in social media management and increasing customer engagement. Be strategic and outsource this task to an expert social media manager.

6. Website Maintenance

Aside from social media, you might also have a website for your business. Just like the former, your website also needs constant updates and should be able to respond to queries quickly. Outsourcing website maintenance is efficient, and you get to take this task off your plate to focus on more vital duties.

7. Content Creation

A part of effective branding is creating content for your audience or clients. The demand for great content is so high that it can get overwhelming. Several freelancers online accept content creating jobs such as video and writing content. You can delegate this task to a VA to ensure consistent and well-made outputs.

8. Responding to Client Feedback

When clients give reviews, regardless if it is bad or good, you have to recognize them to create a connection or resolve a problem. Have your VA respond to feedback from clients, so you would not have to single-handedly browse through comments and reply to each one of them.

9. Research

Research is vital everywhere, especially in the business industry. It prevents future mishaps and losses if appropriately utilized. Reports, forecasts, presentations, new products, trends, and competitions are some of the things that should be continually researched to achieve business success.

Delegate research tasks to support every business decision you make in the organization. Objectiveness and reliability must be observed in doing this task. You can also let your VA research specific topics for you to spark creativity within the organization.

10. Data Entry

Data entry is one of those dreadful repetitive tasks that need to be done daily. Although it is straightforward, it can take so much of your time that you’ll have less for priority tasks.

Assign this task easily to your virtual assistant and keep your data organized and updated. They can effortlessly handle collecting, inputting, and sorting hundreds of data for your business. With this, you are confident that every piece of information is stored on your database, and you would not miss any client name.

11. Personal Errands

As an entrepreneur, you can’t avoid times when business tasks get in the way of your personal errands. It is one of the things you need to sacrifice when you are building your empire. However, it is not impossible to do two tasks at once with a virtual assistant.

With VAs being multifaceted, it is best to let them handle your personal errands. They will do it with ease and efficiency, relieving you of the stress of juggling multiple tasks at once.

12. Itinerary Planning

Many entrepreneurs regard traveling as a great hobby to unwind and explore different cultures, and some need it to carry out business tasks effectively. One thing is sure for both scenarios, itinerary planning can be a hassle to do if you have a full and busy schedule.

Your VA most likely oversees your schedule, so this task is simple for them. Avoid stress and let your VA plan your itinerary for you, so you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting a client meeting or missing a flight. They can also extend the task by booking your flight and accommodation.

13. Transcription

With your demanding schedule, sometimes it is efficient to just audio record a meeting or an idea to keep notes. However, converting it to text documents can take time. Outsource this task and quickly generate a word file for your recordings. VAs can do this without the hassle and secure your productivity.

14. Creating Reports and Presentations

Reports are essential for many things. It is a must to pitch ideas, present company performance, and negotiate with a potential investor or client. That is why it is crucial to always produce comprehensive and eye-catching reports or presentations.

Delegate the creation of presentations and timely reports to your VA to be efficient. With someone doing the presentations for you, all you have to do is understand the data and effectively report it.

15. Recruitment

Your virtual assistant can also be your recruitment officer. Building a goal-getting team in the organization is a critical task. You do not want to fail on this part, for it will resonate with the whole business.

When you look for team members or a key person to do a specific task for you, you should let your VA double as a recruitment officer. With someone assisting with the hiring process, you can quickly sort out candidates according to their potential and viability to perform the role.


Virtual assistants give entrepreneurs and business owners so many benefits these days. They are affordable, accessible, and more convenient to work with.

However, it is still important to note that no VA can perfectly perform all these tasks in an instant. It is still your duty to lead, guide, and set them up for success.

This article is a good starting point in learning which tasks you can outsource and how virtual assistants can significantly change your daily life at work. If you want to know more, check out these outsourcing tips and courses online.

Connor Gillivan is currently an Owner of OutsourceSchool.com. He has been building businesses with virtual teams for the past 10 years and recently exited FreeUp.net in 2019. He regularly shares his advice on scaling companies online and has been featured on 200+ websites. He resides in Denver, CO.